Daria Encyclopedia 0.0

Friday, August 13, 2004

Daria Encyclopedia 0.0

April 1, 2007: According to Jane, the day that all inanimate objects plan to take over civilization. This is part of a tale she tells Jesse to determine if he is listening to her - he obviously isn’t. (205)

1984: Novel written by George Orwell, English novelist (1903-50). Science fiction novel about a man who longs for escape from life in a totalitarian society. At the end of the novel, his discontent is discovered and he is not only tortured into obeying the government, but is forced to give up his free will and love the totalitarian state as well.

1984 is one of the novels offered as part of Mr. O’Neill’s reading assignment in (213). Also in (408) when Daria learns that the purpose of the family's visit to Quiet Ivy is for a family evaluation, Daria says, "Gee, look at the time. 1984 already."

24 Hour Photo: Photo shop seen in background on parade route during (406). The Coffee Snob is to the right of it if one is facing the store.

420: Shop on Dega Street. Named after its mailing address. A guitar store is next to it at 424 Dega Street. (212)

911: The generalized emergency response phone number. Daria calls 911 to have a helicopter evacuate her family in (112). Jake also asks “what’s the number for 911?!” after tasting his own horrible kitchen stew in (213)

AAAA Restaurant Rentals: Supplier of equipment for the new coffeehouse in Lawndale. Their equipment is stolen at the end of (104)

Aaron: Quinn mistakenly calls Zachary “Aaron” in (206).

“Academic Imprisonment”: Essay written by Quinn that turns around her grade in Mr. O’Neill’s Language Arts Class. (203)

Accessory Committee: Tiffany gives the report of the “accessory committee” in (303). It is unknown who is on the committee - Tiffany merely gives the report but it is not made clear if she is on the committee.

Adam: Contemporary of Quinn Morgendorffer. Mentioned in (212). When Trent calls looking for Daria, Jake doesn’t quite catch Trent’s name. Quinn hopes that the caller is not Adam, because she was going to cancel with Adam to go out with Simon.

Adopt-A-Highway: Name for a anti-litter program. Each of the fifty states of the United States has an "Adopt-A-Highway" program, which involves local groups agreeing to clean litter from both sides of a strech of highway a certain number of times a year in exchange for recognition.

The Lawndale Girls' Soccer Team takes part in the Adopt-A-Highway program. Quinn suggests that the Fashion Club take part in some charitable program like Adopt-A-Highway, but the others find picking up litter as too unfashionable. Furthermore, Sandi asks Quinn rhetorically, "I haven't been convicted of anything...have you?", referring to the fact that in the United States, prisoners are also put to work cleaning litter from the sides of highways. (505)

Adrian: Son of Summer Lane. First mentioned in (308). It is not known if Adrian’s last name is “Lane”. Two children appear at the Lane household in (308) who are Summer’s kids and are likely Adrian and Courtney.

“The Adventures of Ratboy”: Comic Kevin Thompson reads to the seniors in the retirement home. (302)

"Affirmations for Nighttime": Inspirational book Mr. O'Neill reads while staying at the Hopright Inn with Mr. DeMartino during the statewide teacher's convention in (405).

“A History of Boston”: Resource for Nathaniel Hawthorne when writing “The Scarlet Letter” (1850). Written by Caleb H. Snow in 1825. “A History of Boston” is written on Mr. O’Neill’s blackboard in (201), along with other facts concerning Nathaniel Hawthorne.

a la Lawndale: Business seen on the Homecoming parade route in (406). It is located between "Spa" and a real estate agency.

Albers, Josef: German born artist and designer (1888-1976). One of the founders of the Bauhaus movement in art, Albers worked in glass and glass design. Emigrated to the United States and taught design after the Bauhaus was forced to close in 1933.

In the background when Jane meets her fellow students in (414), a book with the name "Albers" on the spine can be seen in the background.

"Alien": American 1979 science-fiction movie. The Nostromo, manned by only a few crew members, answers what they believe to be a call for help from another planet and mistakenly bring a strange and deadly creature on board. Quinn mistakes Helen's comment about illegal immigrants -- "aliens" -- with outer-space aliens and makes a strange comment about chest-popping aliens which references this movie in (311).

Alfred Joyce Kilmer Library: See entry found in “K” section.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson: British poet laureate (1809-92). Wrote “In Memoriam” in 1850:

I hold it true, whate'er befall;

I feel it, when I sorrow most;

'Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.

Mr. O’Neill has material from Tennyson on the blackboard in (113)

Alison: Artist and resident of Ashfield during the time that Jane Lane visits in (414). Young woman, tall, long dark hair, striking good looks, tattoos. First seen in (414)

Bets Jane dinner that fellow artists at Ashfield will warm up to Jane if they get a chance to know her (this bet

may have an attempt by Alison to set up a quiet dinner between Jane and herself) (414)

While eating with Jane, tells her that she wishes she had Jane's talent and focus when she was younger (414)

Alison is trying to make it on her own as an artist (414)

Does pastel works -- Jane thinks Alison's pastels are "great", Alison wishes the galleries agreed (414)

Makes a pass at Jane -- Alison: "I promise not to kick you out of bed in the morning. Well, unless you're snoring."


States that she is bisexual (414)

States that she doesn't think that Jane is straight-- intimates that Jane is nervous because it's her "first time with a girl" -- states that Jane just isn't ready to admit she's gay (414)

Alison: "I never hit on straight chicks" (414)

Still wishes to be friends with Jane, admits to Jane that she might have made a mistake about Jane's sexuality.


Begins "seeing" Daniel Dotson -- "he's not so bad once you get to know him". When Jane protests that Daniel

couldn't possibly care about Alison, Alison says she just wants to have a little fun -- Alison: "God, high

school. It's all such a big deal with you guys! You take everything so seriously."

Accused by Jane of sleeping with Dotson so Dotson can introduce her to gallery owners. (414)

Accused by Jane of falsely claiming that Jane "(gave) off gay vives" so that she could get Jane in bed (414)

Allen, Steve: American comedian and writer (1921-2000). Steve Allen was primarily known as a talk show host, as the first host of the American institution "The Tonight Show" (from 1954 to 1957) and hosting "The Steve Allen Show" (from 1956 to 1960). He is consider a pioneer of the late night talk show format.

During the "The House of Bad Grades" story in (410), the father of the family in question seals the family bomb shelter in concrete, saying he got the idea by watching Pete Seeger on Steve Allen.

Alligator Alley: Proposed chain restaurant by Terry Perry Barlow, described as "New Orleans cuisine, live alligator wrestling". Andrew Landon tells Barlow that conventional wisdom states that theme restaurants have peaked. Barlow replies that "that's why the call it conventional wisdom." (407)

Altamont: Concert held in Altamont, California at the Altamont Speedway. Several popular 1960s acts performed there, headlined by the Rolling Stones. The decision to use members of the notorious motorcycle gang Hell’s Angels as security resulted in a concert dominated by violence and also resulted in the stabbing death of a black concertgoer by whites.

Jake attended Altamont. The concert was free to the public, but Jake states that he demanded his money back, and got it. (111)

Alterna-Palooza: Weekend rock festival held in Swedesville. Daria, Jane, Trent and Jesse plan a trip there in 111.

* Estimated crowd of 10,000

alt.lawndale.com: Internet Cafe located in Lawndale. The cafe suffers a break-in at the beginning of 104.

1 Street location is “101”. (104)

Amazon Models: Modeling agency that conducts a “national talent search”. Known to offer modeling contracts to promising high school students. Lawndale High School was paid for its cooperation; it is unknown if this is Amazon policy. Talent scouts Claude and Romanica (DiGregory) conduct a voluntary class for prospective models at LHS.

2 Romanica gives name of “New York Amazon Fashion Agency” when

when speaking to Helen (106)

3 Name given as “Amazon Modeling” in Lawndale Sun-Herald (106)

Amelia: First seen in (504). Befreckled, glasses, an outcast. Amelia sees herself and Daria having a lot in common, but Daria dislikes Amelia.

* Tells Daria that she hoped that she would come to the reunion, else there'd be no point in coming and that she'd not

have Daria to talk to. (504)

* When Jane sarcastically refers to Amelia as "Daria having a secret fan club", Amelia believes that Daria has a fan

club. (504)

* When Daria tells Amelia that she doesn't have to hike and can do what she wants, Amelia wants to stay with Daria.


* Imagines Daria as a rebel, when Daria's "rebellious" acts have explanations relating either to unluck or Daria's social

isolation (see "Camp Grizzly" entries) (504)

* When Amelia states that both she and Daria are examples of "not following the crowd", Daria points out to

Amelia that she's done nothing but follow Daria since her arrival at Camp Grizzly. She says that she

not only doesn't want to follow a crowd, she doesn't want her own crowd either. She tells Amelia

to find a quiet corner someplace and practice being an individual. (504)

* Amelia states that she thought she and Daria were friends and that she looked forward to seeing Daria at Camp Grizzly. The truth, according to Amelia, is that Daria just doesn't like anybody. Daria has a

pained expression on her face when Amelia angrily leaves. (504)

* Sitting alone and dejected while Skip gives his final speech. When Daria tries to sit at Amelia's table and

make a sarcastic joke about Skip's speech, Amelia says nothing, but gets up and makes a speech of her own.

* Gives an angry speech at Camp Grizzly. Interrupts Skip Steven's speech, and when he says that he's talking,

Amelia keeps the mike and says that that's all Skip ever does. She points out that that she had just been

following Skip's directions against her wishes and that she would just "follow the herd" and "lead a life of

quiet desperation" (lines deliberately taken from Daria's rant to Amelia about why she hates Camp Grizzly).

The only reason she came back is to see her "role model" and "inspiration", Daria. She emphasizes that Daria

is an unpleasant person -- her revised opinion about Daria clearly hasn't changed -- but that she respects Daria's need to march to her own drummer and will do the same from now on, even if Amelia ends up with

"no friends", just like Daria. She says that she has no intention of ever returning to Camp Grizzly, and

turns in her Camp Grizzly T-shirt, which leads to the crowd pelting Skip with their own Camp Grizzly

T-shirts. (504)

* Is talking with Daria at the end of the reunion again. Amelia states that she hopes she didn't hurt Daria's feelings.

Daria says that words can't hurt her, unless they're truthful and exceptionally observant words -- like

Amelia's. (504)

* Skip Stevens, on his ride home, refers to Amelia as the "worst camper ever" who "doesn't even try to sing" and

"never won anything". (504)

American Access: Credit card company. Upchuck uses a gold card from American Access which belongs to his father. (105) This may be a nod to American Express, which uses a colored card system. In (211), Helen has platinum, gold, and green cards, which imply that Helen carries American Express, or American Access in the Dariaverse.

American Express: See American Access.

The Ammo Hole: Company which advertises on the back page of "Weapons World" in (312). Part of the advertisement we can read reads "Guns -- Ammo -- Bombs -- Gear".

Amy: Sister of Helen, aunt of Daria and Quinn. First seen in (204). Rather sharp and sarcastic, not unlike Daria.

4 “Years of bitterness and resentment” between Amy and her sisters. (204)

5 Thinks that Daria is in college when they meet in (204).

6 Complaint: “My sisters are so busy competing with each other that I don’t register on their radar.” (204)

7 States that her primary role was to provide color commentary for Helen and Rita’s arguments. When she grew up, she had her own points of view and no obligation “to listen to anyone else’s B. S. - ever” (204)

8 Prefers that Daria call her just “Amy” (204)

9 Helen states that Amy is “as twisted as a corkscrew” (301)

10 Thinks Ralph Fiennes is attractive. (301)

“America’s Future Leaders”: Prospective idea for a poster by Daria and Jane. The poster would simply be an enlarged picture of Kevin and Brittany. Jane says that the idea is too depressing. (201)

"Anatomical Abnormalities Catalog": Mail-order catalog from which Daria orders a hydrocephalic skull model in (405). Helen tells Daria that she can accompany Quinn to the teen fashion extravaganza as a way to pay off the bill. (Daria manages to get Mr. O'Neill to substitute for her.)

Anais: One of Jane's housemates at Ashfield. First seen with Caroline, Jett, and Paris in (414). She is not named explicitly.

Andre: A creation of Brittany's imagination. Brittany suggests to Jane that they plan a wedding as part of Mrs. Bennett's economics project. In Brittany's projected fantasy, she doesn't marry her immature high school boyfriend, goes to the Bahamas, and marries a sensitive stablehand named Andre. "...anyone who knows that much about horses would certainly know a lot about women!" (401)

Andrea: Resident Goth at Lawndale High School.

1 first appearance (unnamed) in (101), in Mr. DeMartino’s History Class.

2 reads angry poem at coffeehouse in (104), named by Mr. O’Neill as “Andrea”.

3 discussion with Quinn in bathroom in (109)

4 watches Faculty/DJ hockey game in (110), implied that she wins betting pool

5 Attends Medieval Fair (210)

6 Locker is a few lockers to the left of Daria’s in Season Two. (211) Contents of locker: skull and crossbones poster, triangular biohazard poster, books, brown jacket.

7 Wears crucifix about neck (211)

8 Works at Payday -- tells Daria and Jane that her parents make her work there -- avoided Daria and Jane because she thought that they would "cut her up" verbally and make fun of her. After Daria and Jane tell Andrea that as far as the two of them are concerned, they never saw her at all, she smiles after they leave. (409)

angelhair: A type of pasta (? elaboration). Helen states that there is some angelhair in the freezer. (before 302-caught that episode # had not been entered beforehand)

"The Angel in My Life": Book read by Quinn in (411) while at the dinner table. The book is about people's "real-life" experiences with angels.

One of the stories deals with a cat saving a couple from a house fire. Helen reads part of the book and tells Daria that she believes that some of the stories are a little "farfetched".

Angie: Lawndale High School cheerleader. Blonde or platinum-blonde. Seen with several other cheerleaders in (304). First named by Kevin, when Angie declines going to the dance with him - her excuse is that she plans to...um...read a newspaper!

Angie later rats Kevin out to Brittany in (306). Brittany tells the story that Angie saw Kevin working at “It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World” and Kevin “smiling (his) head off” at a lady purchasing nuts.

Was on the football float during the Lawndale Homecoming parade in (406). She is wearing a sash that reads "FOOTBALL SWEETHEART". She states that she's unhappy with how "friendly" Kevin is getting with her, and that Brittany is her friend and that she's right behind them.

When Jane asks Brittany what she would hypothetically do if Angie went on a date with Kevin, Brittany answers that Angie would never do that: "She's my friend!" (503)

angioplasty: Procedure where a balloon tipped catheter is guided to a blocked coronary artery vessel. X-Rays are used to guide the procedure. The balloon is then inflated and the plaque is pushed to the side, allowing blood to circulate through the arteries. Mr. DeMartino had an emergency angioplasty the year before Season One after he suffered chest pains during the Faculty/DJ Roller Hockey game. (110)

"Animal Farm": Book written by British author George Orwell (1903-50) in 1945. The animals at Manor Farm revolt against their human oppressors, but in their quest for a more just society substitute one set of oppressors for another. The events at the new Animal Farm deliberately mirror the events of the Russian Revolution.

Daria is reading this book on the way to Camp Grizzly in (504), but Helen confiscates it from her before camp.

“Animal Maulings”: Home video where one assumes animals maul the unwary. Daria mentions the video in (302) after she reads the story of the mouse pulling the thorn from the lion’s paw to Mr. Gross.

"Antisocial Climbers": Episode forty-one of the series. (402). Daria and Jane go on a disastrous high school field trip to the mountains.

Arbor Day: 1) American holiday founded in 1872 to celebrated the planning of trees. It is not a “red letter” holiday, meaning that neither the Federal government nor individuals employers observe it. National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, but different states have different Arbor Days depending on tree-planting season in each state.

2) One of the holidays living on Holiday Island. Arbor Day is a male holiday with American Indian features. President’s Day jumps on Arbor Day for wearing sandals at Holiday Island High (303).

"The Aristocats": 1970 Disney animated movie, voiced by Phil Harris and Eva Gabor. A woman leaves her fortune to her pampered cat and her three kittens, but the mother cat may need help from an alley cat and his friends to keep an evil butler from getting the fortune.

In (405), Kevin identifies the three branches of government as "Republican, Dominican, and Aristocat". While Mack tries to teach Kevin the three branches of government as a special project for Mr. O'Neill's "find a project to fail" assignment, Kevin asks Mack how the cats were taught to play the piano.

Arno: Terry Perry Barlow's ballooning "assistant". Speaks with an accent. Aghast at Barlow's choice of "crew", calling Daria and Jake, "a teenager and a confused man". Given the unexperienced crew and ominous cumulus clouds, Arno tries to call off the balloon ride in (407) scheduled by Barlow.

Arno calls himself a "world-class balloonist" and when Barlow tries to order Arno to make the trip, Arno responds, "I am not a hoppy thing!" Arno states that Barlow did not save his crew by tearing the balloon with his teeth -- Arlo did, and Arlo has the dental records to prove it. (The camera closes in on a suspicious looking uneven gap between Arlo's front teeth.)

He bewails that fact that while he was coddling a "whiny billionaire", someone else sailed around the world first. "Oh, Denmark! How I have failed you!", is Arlo's lament.

Artie: Worker at Pizza King and supposed alien abductee. He has bad acne and is prone to rattle on regarding his supposed abduction experiences.

first appearance in (101)

stated he was brought to convention by aliens who stripped him, examined him,

and pressed his pants - they did a nice job (101)

seen delivering pizza in (311)

states that he was experimented on by aliens -- they replaced his skin with synthetic skin that "stretches real tight

on your head in the summer" (311)

Artie: "That's why they come out at night -- it's makes them easier to steal your dreams. They got this big, big

suction device that...." (311)

Artie: "...anyd anyone who tells you aliens are taking over their body is nuts. All they want is your skin, 'cause your

skin remembers what it feels." (311)

Fired from pizza delivery in (311), undoubted because he spent too much time telling Daria and Jane his

abduction experiences.

Interivewed by British SSW reporter in (311)

Works for pizza parlor where Daria and Jane hang out in (403)

“Arts ‘N Crass”: Fourteenth episode of the series (201). Daria and Jane enter a poster contest at Lawndale High.

7 contest is statewide, entries to be displayed to school board before entering


8 Brittany’s entry won some stage of the competition. We don’t know if this is the Lawndale contest or the statewide competition.

(Good job, Brittany! - JRB)

Asian-American Women in Education's Caucus: Unknown organization dedicated to Asian-American women in education. Ms. Li states during (501) that she had received fourth runner-up for "Principal of the Year" by the tri-country chapter.

Astro-Pop: Type of ice cream or frozen treat. Some kid asks for an "Astro-Pop" from Mack's ice cream truck in (414).

Audrey: In (304), Quinn uses the excuse that her Great-Aunt Audrey died “two days ago” as an excuse to try to get out of planning the school dance. Quinn, however, admits to Mr. O’Neill that there is no Great-Aunt Audrey.

Ashfield: "A community for the arts", as the sign says. First seen in (414). Jane spends time at Ashfield while escaping the Daria/Tom/Jane disaster. It is run by an old commune-mate of Amanda Lane's, and is described by Jane as being located in

"a college town in the middle of nowhere".

* Has open dinner area. (414)

* Artist must submit a portfolio to be admitted to Ashfield (414)

"The Avengers": British detective/spy drama from 1961 to 1969. A debonair British detective fights crime to save the British empire from varied, strange threats with the help of his companions.

The show underwent various changes, but all were anchored by Patrick Macnee who played the debonair, but modest John Steed. He had one male and three female partners during the run on the show, the most noteworthy being Diana Rigg who played Emma Peel from 1965 to 1967.

While Quinn is talking to the detectives in (412), she states that the best detective fashions were in the 1960s and mentions "that Avenger lady" as an example of excellence in fashion.

Axl: Proprietor of Axl’s Piercing Parlor on Dega Street. Seen in (212). Speaks with a lower-class British accent.

Axl’s Piercing Parlor: Store on Dega Street seen in (212). The “A” in the window logo is the anarchist “A”, an encircled capital “A” where the A extends beyond the bounds of the circle.

In (212), the store was running a two-for-one special. “1 Hole for $22, Your Friend’s Hole Free”. There is a piercing menu. Daria mentions that “that’s not you spell uvula” on the menu. Axl replies that the word Daria is reading is not “uvula”.

Axl states that his premises are run by the “letter of the law” and that anyone under 18 needs their parents’ permission. Trent replies that Daria is 18, and that’s good enough for Axl. However, Axl’s premises seem to be lacking in cleanliness. Monique arrives to get antiseptic for her nose piercing, Axl warns Daria not to be scared when mucus starts “pouring out” of her belly piercing, and tells her to take 50 milligrams of “some metal or other - zinc, aluminum, I forget”)

(Hint: Five letter word, begins with a “v”. Not volvo. - JRB)

Baby Sock It To Me: Store at Lawndale Mall, see in background in (405) as Quinn and Mr. O'Neill are walking by. It sells socks. A sign in the window reads "Socks for Everyone!!!"

“Bachelor Confidential”: Magazine that Upchuck locates for Mr. DiMartino at the Yard Sale in (205). More than likely, it is a girly magazine along the lines of Eyeful.

“Backlash”: Book Ms. Barch reads on way to Jim’s Paintball Jungle in (202). Most likely, “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women” by Susan Faludi.

The book discusses how a false picture of career-minded women has been painted by anti-feminist conservative forces. Written in 1991.

Backyard Boys: One of the many boy bands that Quinn likes. (407)

banner blindness: The tendency of Internet user to ignore pop-up banners, even when the banners might be relevant to the user's needs. In (502) Nora states that Buzzdome.com's new protocols will mean "bye-bye" to netlag, cornea gumbo, and dancing baloney -- which are all annoyances -- but will also mean "bye-bye" to banner blindness.

Bannon’s Bridal Boutique: Store in Lawndale where Daria is fitted for her bridesmaid’s dress in (204).

Barbie: Name of a popular doll created by Ruth and Elliot Handler for their daughter, Barbara ("Barbie") in 1959 by Mattel.

Barbie is an adult female figurine, the quintessential American blonde bombshell. Her dimensions and fashions have changed to reflect current trends over the last 50 years, but with her fashions, townhouses, and other toy accessories, Barbie remains perpetually popular.

In (505), Jane points out two stains on the pizza shop wall -- one which looks like Barbie's corvette and the other like Eleanor Roosevelt. She points this out to Daria because she doesn't want to comment on Daria's short story.

Barch, Janet: Science teacher at Lawndale High School. A man-hater due to her awful past marriage, she takes it out on her male students.

9 first appearance in 107, named by Daria later in episode

10 was married for 22 years, husband left her without notice (107, 402)

11 hostile towards Mack without reason (107)

12 calls Charles “Upchuck” (107)

13 tells Kevin “you put that (the makeup) back until I’ve crushed your ego! I mean - “ (109)

14 plays in Facutly/DJ Roller Hockey game, first punching of victim - Rock ‘n’ Roll Randy (110)

15 refers to marriage as “legal slavery” (202)

16 states husband threw it all away for “a halter top and a pair of pumps” (202)

17 has corns on feet and a “big red rash” (202)

18 makes out with Mr. O’Neill in Jim’s Paintballing Jungle (202)

19 beats up Mr. DeMartino in (207)

20 faculty advisor for Lawndale Science club (207)

21 sponsors the “Take Back the Night” Lawndale High School women’s self-defense club (207)

22 makes Mack write “boys will not chew gum in class” (208)

23 put husband through school - in Barch’s telling, then spent 20 years begging him to stop watching the Broncos and get “a real job”. (210)

24 runs fortune-telling booth at Medieval Fair - charges $2 for girls’ fortunes and $20 for boys’ fortunes. (210)

25 makes out with Mr. O’Neill in fortune-telling booth (210)

26 claims to immigration officials that Mr. DeMartino is an illegal immigrant (Mr. DeMartino is removed forcibly from school) (311)

27 states that she was left with "eight bags of dirty laundry and a pyramid of 'Beers of the World' empties!" (402) when her husband left

28 Quote: "As God is my witness, I will never pull a man's weight again!" (402)

29 Barch compares O'Neill abandoning her to retrieve his inhaler in (402) to other men abandoning her. "Men...I hate their stinking guts!"

30 Picked lock to housekeeping closet at Hoprite Inn to find a place for her romantic rendesvous with Mr. O'Neill -- states "we've only got four hours". (405)

31 Stands up for Mr. O'Neill after Mr. Thompson attempts to throw O'Neill off his property for not passing his son, Kevin Thompson. When Mrs. Barch tells Thompson to leave O'Neill alone, Thompson calls O'Neill a "wuss" for having a womn stand up for him. Mrs. Barch promptly judo throws Mr. Thompson to the ground, leaps on him, and the crowd scatters as the two fight, several bystanders leaping into the grey cloud which symbolizes violent combat in cartoons. (409)

32 Has banned use of cellphones in Study Hall by (411)

33 Had trip planned to planetarium, but cancelled due to lack of funds (501)

34 Board topic: "no planetarium...constellation...space flight...walks on" (501)

35 Barch: "...our planetarium trip has been cancelled due to lack of funds, so your assignment tonight is to locate Orion the Hunter in the sky, then write an essay on why you think he needs to carry a weapon to feel like a man" (501)

36 Threatens to have Upchuck spend the period in "independent study". Upchuck: "No -- not the closet...." (501)

37 Disgusted with Ultra Cola's intrusion in her lesson planning. (501)

38 In the midst of an argument: O'Neill (sobbing) -- "If you can't figure it out, I'm not going to tell you." Barch -- "Everytime we have a little argument, there you go, turning on the waterworks." (502)

Seating, season 1: Daria, Jodie, Mack, Upchuck , Kevin, Brittany, Andrea

Daria and Jodie sit together at lab table

Seating, season 2: (Study Hall)

Daria, Mack, Brittany, Jane, Kevin, and only two other students (!!)

Season 4 (Study Hall)

Sandi (411)

Season 5: Daria, Jane, Shaggy, Burn-Out Chick, Mack, Jodie, Dawn, Upchuck (501). Mack and Jodie sit at the same table together. Furthermore, Kevin and Brittany are NOT in

Barch's class, since Daria and Jane meet Kevin and Brittany as they leave Barch's class (501).

Bark: Puppy sold at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. Bark seems to belong to a litter of puppies. (306) A young boy wants to buy Bark, but Quinn wants the boy to take another puppy instead as Bark is her favorite.

Barkman, Noah: The bleeding edge young president of the bleeding edge company Buzzdome.com.

* Is 24 years old as of (502)

* Meets Jake at a microbiotic restaurant that serves Kombucha. (502)

* Hires Jake as newest employee in (502)

* Expects 80-hour a week work weeks (502)

* "You know, Jake, you remind me of how excited I was starting this place up. I'd code for weeks straight,

fueled by chocolate-covered coffee beans, sleeping under the desk. If you look closely you can still see

the coffee fibers embedded in my cheek." (502)

* Jake is fired by Barkman after Jake relies on a buzzword-laden presentation to obscure the fact -- which came out

in the presentation -- that Jake had a graphics-intensive presentation prepared which was lost when the

computer went down. Barkman liked the insight of a frustrated computer-user, but does not fail to note that

Jake wasn't joking. (502)

* Immediately rehires Jake as a consultant in (502) due to his "angry and confused" perspective. When Jake asks

Noah what kind of job Buzzdome.com does, Noah answeres, "do you want to, or not?"

Barlow, Terry Perry: Businessman first seen in (407). Barlow is the keynote speaker at the "eatertainment" conference Jake attends. Jake calls him a "franchising genius" and states that he made $40 million off the Pizza Forest franchise.

* Wrote the book, "I Did It, Why Can't You"

* Is into ballooning -- states that his quick action rescued his crew -- according to Jake, "he climbed up the ropes and opened the rip panel with his teeth"

* Has assistant named Arlo, who tells Daria and Jake that it was Arlo, not Barlow, who saved the crew by opening

the panel with his teeth

* States that he has a pair of newborn children, had to pay their mother "a large settlement".

* Refers to Daria as "the little four-eyed girl".

* Has plans for new theme restaurant chain, "Alligator Alley".

* Disdains market research and consulting -- states that he can learn more in a conversation than a "50 page"

consulting report.

* Calls Jake "Jack" and Daria "Darlene" -- when he finds that Daria is not "Darlene", he shrugs it off without comment

or apology.

* Finally calls Jake and Daria, "Jake and Daria Mogendavid".

* Arlo calls him a "whiny billionaire".

* States that he got to where he was today by "pure guts", facing "Bengal tigers, Himalayan snow squalls, strange kids calling me 'Daddy'!"

(A few notes: 1) The name is pronounced "Terry Berry Barlow" but the closed captioning has his name as "Terry Perry Barlow". 2) My wife states that Barlow might be loosely based on Richard Branson, the hot-air ballooning founder of Virgin Atlantic airways -- it is unknown if they have any other similarities, but Branson did write in the book "Losing My Virginia" a tale of hot-air ballooning danger. -- JRB)

Barry, Ken: When Quinn finds out that “The Knight’s Tale” will be performed at the Medieval Fair dinner theater, Quinn twists it into a play by “this guy, Ken Barry”. “The Knight’s Tale” is a story in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” and she has misinterpreted “Canterbury” for “Ken Barry”.

Bauhaus: British rock band with its heyday between 1979 and 1983. Their most famous song was "Bela Lugosi's Dead". Bauhaus might have been the first goth band with its gloomy yet energetic song.

During Daria's dream, a poster of Bauhaus can be seen on Trent's wall. There is a high probability that Trent might be a fan of Bauhaus, but dreams have been known to vary from reality in the strangest ways -- in any event, Daria is familiar with the band if in name only. (404)

“B. C.”: American comic strip drawn by Johnny Hart (1931-present). The strip is the story of the wacky adventures of cavemen. At least as early as 1996 Hart began inserting blatantly Christian messages in his strip in an attempt to subtly evangelize.

The Lawndale Sun-Herald carries “B. C”. Jake asks how a caveman can celebrate Ash Wednesday in (308).

“Beauty is Only Skin Deep”: Jane’s idea for an poster for the project in (201). It would involve attaching the skin of an actual student. Daria volunteers Quinn’s skin.

beechwood aged: Process where chips of beechwood are used to carbonate beer in its fermentation stage. "Beechwood-Aged" is a familiar slogan of the Anheiser-Busch corporation and is usually applied to its signature beer, Budweiser.

When Daria refuses a Lincoln Cheese-Flavored Log on the grounds that she doesn't care for artificial foodstuffs, Jane asks if the phrase "beechwood aged" means anything to her. (409)

Beef N Cake Triple Patty Burger: Brand of fast food hamburger, first seen in (503). Jake, in his search for a place that will serve "rare" meat finally finds the Beef N Cake Triple Patty Burger, which is served medium-rare "just like Jakey ordered!"

Daria wonders if Beef N Cake finally solved their refrigeration problems. Jake, fearing a "gastroenterological disorder" from eating improperly preared meat, abandons his burger in disgust. After Jake leaves the room, Daria calmly eats the burger, having fooled Jake. (503).

"Before They Were Supermodels": Television special that Quinn plans to watch when the Fashion Club visit in (407). Quinn calls it a "Waif special", implying that the magazine sponsors or produces the show.

"The Bell Jar": Book by American author Sylvia Plath (1932-1963). A young girl serving an internship with a magazine undergoes a nervous breakdown. Dawn is seen reading this book in Mr. O'Neill's class after the aftermath of his failed "failure" experiment in (405).

Benjy: Camper at Camp Grizzly. First seen in (504). He is seen fighting with Bobby and Benjy over the greased watermelon for the right to give it to Quinn and her friends. Billy, Bobby, and Benjy undoubtedly serve as a Camp Grizzly version of "The Three Js".

Bennett, Diane: Economics teacher at Lawndale High School. Known for her positive good-nature and incomprehensible blackboard diagrams.

first appearance in (105), named by Daria in classroom

husband’s name is Herbert, both husband and wife collect Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits

the appearance of the shop at the Mall of the Millenium sends her into

a joyous rapture

? Figure who might be Mrs. Bennett is playing in Faculty/DJ Roller Hockey

Game (109)

responsible for budgeting for school expenditures (210)

Witch in Witch Dunk at Medieval Fair in (210)

at Lawndale Football barbecue in (409) -- clearly has varicose veins in both legs

Season One: Shaggy, Burn-Out Chick, Jane, Kevin, Daria, Brittany, Upchuck,

Mack (105)

Season Four: Brittany, Burn-Out Chick, Kevin, Daria, Jane, Upchuck, Mack (401)

Jodie (401) -- she is not seen in the classroom, but clearly is in Bennett's class -- she might be sitting in the far back,

with Mack.

beer bong: Device consisting of a funnel, a short length of hose, and a beer bottle. When one "takes a hit" from the beer bong, one puts the short length of hose in one's mouth and is expected to drink rapidly when the beer is poured into the funnel end.

When Kevin is told that he and Mack will form a search party in (402), Kevin asks "where's the funnel?"

Better Days Retirement Home: Nursing home where Daria, Kevin, and Brittany read to the seniors in (302).

Bikini Island: Store at Mall of the Millenium. Upchuck wishes to stop there during the class field trip to the mall in his doomed quest to purchase bikinis for some unlucky female to model. (105)

Big Ben: Brand of tea buscuit seen in background during Sick Sad World clip. (405)

Biggy: Unknown product sold at Payday. Cases of it can be seen in the background. (409)

“The Big House”: Episode ten of the series (110). Daria is grounded by Family Court.

26 Part of “guidelines” (on two Moses-Like Tablets) There are at least 26 of these rules, we get to see 11 through 20 on the tablets.

27 1. “Persistent questioning of parental judgment is punishable. Occasional questioning of parental judgment indicates healthy skepticism and...be permitted at the pleasure of mother and father (hereafter referred to as the “Ruling Council”).

28 2. “No pimple pads in the toilet.” (becomes Rule 9 in later shot.)

29 11. “The Ruling Council shall determine when occasional questioning becomes persistent questioning and shall not be required to....”

30 18. “The Ruling Council does not allow dates on school nights.”

31 19. “Interdependent behavior shall be considered preferable to independent behavior.”

32 20. “Curfew shall be considered to be 10 PM on school nights.”

33 Somewhere between rules 21 and 26 involves signing in when one comes back home.

34 The words “Family Court” are written at the bottom of one tablet, in large letters.

35 Jake played judge and Helen played prosecuting attorney during the travesty of Family Court.

36 Morgendorffers have great verbal skills - words played at Scrabble are “warden”, “captive”, “torture”, “eat”, “brat” and “rate” (transformed into “incarcerate” by Daria) (110)

"Big Jake": American 1971 movie starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. A ruthless gang attempt to take over a

ranch by kidnapping an eight-year old child, but the child's grandfather, 'Big Jake" (John Wayne) decides to hunt down the

badmen himself.

Jake, while lost in his thoughts of John Wayne after receiving a "Rio Bravo" commemorative coin, reminds his family that John Wayne made a movie called "Big Jake". He does a poor imitation of the American film legend. (504)

The Big Pulps: Booth at the Yard Sale from (205). Sells pulp and girlie magazines from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The place where Upchuck locates a copy of Bachelor Confidential for Mr DiMartino.

Big River Cabins: Jake and Helen rent a cabin from Big River Cabins for some intimacy time together. The site is located just a few miles away from the campsite the LHS students will be camping at in (402).

Bijoux Watches: Store in Lawndale, seen in (302).

Big Marge: Unknown item sold in the freezer section of Payday in (409).

Billy: Camper at Camp Grizzly. First seen in (504). He is seen fighting with Bobby and Benjy over the greased watermelon for the right to give it to Quinn and her friends. Billy, Bobby, and Benji undoubtedly serve as a Camp Grizzly version of "The Three Js".

Bing: Deejay for Z-93’s “Mental in the Morning” radio show. His co-host is the Spatula Man. Bing wears a rainbow-colored afro wig and sunglasses. He is wafer-thin in contrast to his overweight co-host.

Bing and the Spatula man visit LHS in (309). Daria refers to them collectively as “brainless and talentless” in her speech at the end of (309).

Mrs. Blaine: Resident of the Better Days Retirement Home. Daria reads to her in (302), then discovers that the nurse chose Daria to read to her because Mrs. Blaine is deaf. Daria ends up reading Mrs. Blaine one of her Melody Powers stories.

Blast Me!: Helen pulls a can of Blast Me! out of the refrigerator in lieu of breakfast in (413).

“The Bleakness that Lies Ahead”: Original work by Daria Morgendorffer. Daria

decides not to read it at the opening of the coffeehouse (104).

“Blue”: Brittany was thinking of changing her name to “Blue” if she became a model. (106)

Blue Bee Lines: Charter bus line which transports the LHS students to the mountain campsite in (402).

Blum-Deckler, Tiffany: Lawndale student invited to Brittany’s party in (102). Her name is visible on the guest list held by the guard at the Crewe Neck gate.

(Note: this is very likely to be the Tiffany of the Fashion Club. While MTV had a website, the names of the Fashion Club were listed in one of the entries on the Daria website. The names given for Stacy and Tiffany were Stacy Rowe and Tiffany Blum-Deckler, even though neither Stacy or Tiffany were ever explicitly identified by last name during the run of the series. The mention of Tiffany Blum-Deckler on the list gives credence to the theory that this is indeed Tiffany’s last name. For further information, see “Tiffany”. - JB)

B.O.B: “boy on bike”. Quinn has B.O.B. entered for a date in her planner - she didn’t quite catch his name. (108)

Booster Society: Unknown social group related to Lawndale High School. The group phones an annoyed Quinn while she is at home. (101)

(Ed. Note: Most likely, the Booster Society raises money for Lawndale sports or academic activities - probably sports, given Ms. Li.)

Bobby (I): A bellboy at Le Grand Hotel. First seen in (412).

* Mentions to Quinn that his uncle is manager of the hotel. (412)

* Upgrades Quinn to the presidential suite, when Quinn wants to know how she can thank him, he asks her

out and Quinn accepts. (412)

* Sandi compares Bobby to a stalker, saying that he always seems to know where Quinn in (412)

* Revealed that Bobby was able to provide Quinn and her friends with suite upgrades and other perks by

charging the perks to Jake and Helen, then entering the computer at off-hours and deleting the

charges -- Quinn is horrified that she almost dated "a computer geek!" (412)

Bobby (II): Camper at Camp Grizzly. First seen in (504). He is seen fighting with Bobby and Benjy over the greased watermelon for the right to give it to Quinn and her friends. Billy, Bobby, and Benjy undoubtedly serve as a Camp Grizzly version of "The Three Js".

“Bobby Bighead”: One of two unnamed students attending Brittany’s party in 102. They make passes at Daria and Jane. Jane goes into the laundry room/make-out room with “Bobby”, and sets off the machine, causing soap bubbles to leak out from under the floor (the bubbles ruin Quinn’s shoes). When asked by Daria about what happened with Jane and “Bobby Bighead”, Jane states that “Bobby” thought her head was a lollipop.

Boleyn, Anne: Queen of England, born c. 1500, Queen of England from 1533 until her execution in 1536 for adultery. Jane has a few facts wrong about Anne Boleyn - even though Boleyn did have six fingers on her left hand, she probably did not have a big mole on her neck - most of the descriptions of Anne from that era are from Catholic enemies of the Protestants and opponents of Henry VIII.

Jane says not to ask her about what was “going on” below Anne Boleyn’s neck. Most of the anti-Henry sources also claimed that Boleyn had three breasts. Historians believed it was claimed that Boleyn had three breasts in order to serve as “proof” that Boleyn was a witch who had charmed Henry away from his good Catholic first wife, Catherine of Aragon - witches were believed to have an extra breast from which to suckle their animal familiars. More than likely, Boleyn was a dark haired woman with striking good looks - save for the sixth finger on her left hand, of course.

Books by the Ton: “The country’s biggest bookstore”, according to the discount coupons from the Mall of the Millenium. (105)

Bootsie: Store at Lawndale Mall, see in background in (405) as Quinn and Mr. O'Neill are walking by. It apparently sells shoes.

Bop-A-Bunny: One of the many games offered at Pizza Forest. (101)

Boss Hog: Thrash/grunge/blues band (c.1995-present). Jane has a poster of Boss Hog on her wall in (311) -- we do not know if she likes the band, or just the poster.

Boston: American progressive rock band, c.1975-present, with many incarnations. The group’s debut album, “Boston” was released in 1976 and at one time was the biggest-selling debut album of all time. (Whitney Houston’s “Whitney Houston” now holds the record). Trent and Jesse manage to recover three copies of “Boston” after their album booth at the Yard Sale is plundered after Upchuck forgets to keep an eye on the booth. (205)

“boy on bike”: See B. O. B.

Boys Are Guys: Band that Quinn likes. First mentioned by Joey in (407). All Three Js buy Quinn tickets for the "Boys Are Guys" concert, but since Quinn's parents are going to be out of town on Saturday, Quinn isn't able to go.

"boysencranstraw": Flavor of scented candle purchased by Jesse in (409). Jesse claims that "chicks like 'em", but Trent mentions that the candles stink and when the Fashion Club passes by, they "Ew!" and make their disgust known from at least fifteen feet away.

(Undoubtedly a boysenberry, cranberry, strawberry mix. I haven't tried it. -- JRB)

"Boys-in-Suits": Another boy band that Quinn likes. (407)

"Boys-from-the-Street": Yet another boy band that Quinn likes. (407)

Bradley: Student at Lawndale High School, mentioned in (411). Quinn is telling the Fashion Club a story about Bradley. Bradley asked Quinn for a date, but Quinn claimed she was too busy. Bradley then asked Quinn that if they wouldn't go on a real date, how about a "cyber date"? Quinn told Bradley that until they invent cyber French restaurants, he could forget it. (411)

brain fever: Imaginary malady created by Jane Lane. When Brittany finds out that Daria is in the hospital, Jane states that it’s because of “brain fever”, a disease that brains get. Jane says it can be cured by reading a best seller. (209)

Brains and Beauty Butt-Buster: Exercising device sold on TV. Daria sees a commercial for it in (404). It appears to be a large ball, and one appears to use it by compressing it against one's buttocks with one's lower legs.

“Breakfast of Champions”: Book written by American novelist Kurt Vonnegut (1922-present). A used car dealer begins to take the writings of a science fiction writer as absolute truth and suffers a mental breakdown.

Mr. O’Neill offers this book for his assignment in (213).

Brenda: Student at Lawndale High. Her cousin works in the emergency room. (109)

Brent: Sandi's date for Casino Night on the Princess Fairy in (312). Quinn admits that she has "wait-listed" Brent -- in other words, if something happens to Rex, Quinn's current date, then Brent will be allowed to take Quinn to Casino Night. Sandi counters that Brent was simply using Quinn as his "safety date" while he waited for Sandi to get back to him.

Brent dumps Sandi at the end of (312).

The Bridal Party: Booth at Bridal Expo at LHS in (204). “Horse drawn weddings, and light plowing.”

Bridgett: Model in magazine Quinn is reading at Stacy’s house in (208). “God! Look at Bridgett in that slip dress!”

"Brink of Bankruptcy, Incorporated": Name Daria proposes for Daria and Jodie's business enterprise in (401).

Brooke: Student at Lawndale High School who gets a nose job from Dr. Shar. (109) General consensus at Lawndale High is that Brooke’s new Michael Jackson size nose was “cute, but not too cute”. Quinn says that Brooke’s old nose “had an extra bone in it” and it was not cute. Daria promises Brooke that her nose will grow back out.

Later in (109), Brooke has liposuction and collagen implanted into her lips, making her look “supercute”. Brooke asks Sandi if she can join the Fashion Club. However, Brooke has a nasal relapse and supposedly, the collagen from her lips all slid to the bottom lip.

37 Comes to school in “crushed velour that can’t be uncrushed” in (302), according to Quinn and Sandi. Quinn implies that Brooke dresses like a tramp.

38 Wears "stone-washed jeans" to a party, tries to pass them off as "retro" (408)

39 Seen (briefly) standing next to Stacy in (503)

Brooks, Garth: American country music singer (1962-present). An extremely popular performer and the best selling artist in country music. His most well known albums are probably “Garth Brooks”, “No Fences” and “Ropin’ The Wind”.

Ms. Li asks Val what Garth Brooks is really like in (305).

“Brutal Mercenary”: Magazine published by Buck Conroy (General, probably retired).

Bryan, William Jennings: American politician (1860-1925). Bryan was the Democratic candidate for President in 1896, 1900 and 1908. He lost each time. He was also the attorney for the anti-evolution forces in the infamous "Scopes Monkey Trial" in 1925 which supported the banning of teaching evolutionary theory in Tennessee schools. Scopes, accused of teaching evolution, was defended by American trial lawyer and progressive Charles Darrow. Bryan won the case, but the exhausting effort of the trial probably contributed to Bryan's death five days after the trial.

In his famous "Cross of Gold" speech to the Democratic Convention in 1896, an issue was whether the free coinage of silver should be added to the current gold standard. If silver coinage were added, the amount of money in circulation would be added, the general value of currency would drop, and the debts that burdened American farmers would have been easier to pay. Bryan came out with a powerful speech criticising the gold standard, saying "You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!" It is probably one of the greatest American speeches.

During the "The House of Bad Grades" tale, one of the teens who comes to live in the house has his answer to a question about the meaning of Bryan's "cross of gold" expression malicious altered by the spirit of the girl entombed in the backyard. (410)

Bryce: Contemporary of Quinn’s. First mentioned in (212). Quinn thinks that it might be Bryce calling, in which case she would probably cancel her date with Adam and go out with Bryce.

Buddy’s Ice Cream: Ice cream store in Lawndale. First seen in (204).

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: American television series from 1997 to 2003. The series deals with the troubles of a popular American high school girl named Buffy who discovers that she is the “slayer”, a vampire-destroying defender of humanity who is born once per generation.

Quinn mentions to Daria after collecting money at Mad Dawg’s bar that they can get Jane, Trent, and Mystik Spiral out of jail and get back home in time for “Buffy”. (310)

Burn-Out Chick: Incidental background. Thin, long blond hair over face, depressed look. She does not have any lines.

in Mr. O’Neill’s self-esteem class, first appearance (101)

is probably named “Jennifer” (from seating chart in 104)

in lunchroom (106)

bouncing on trampoline in (207)

fell off uneven bars not long after trampoline fall in (207)

attends Medieval Fair (210)

seen sitting on walk-up near Axl’s Piercing Parlor in (212)

bursar: The treasurer of a college. Middleton College, Jake and Helen’s alma mater, has a Bursar’s Office. (103)

Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup: Maple syrup product, produced by Kellogg's in 1961 and still in production. The shape of the syrup bottle is that of a friendly elderly woman. There appears to be a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's next to Jake when he is talking about the waffles in (414).

The Butt Hut: Medical office at RxPlex (109).

Buxton Ridge Military Academy: Military school attended by Jake Morgendorffer. Motto: “Reading, writing, and regimentation”. The name of the school is not mentioned during the series, the name comes from The Daria Diaries by Anne D. Bernstein.

38 Served “kitchen sink” stew. (213)

39 Has munitions hut (309)

Buzzdome.com: Bleeding edge "web presence" Internet company first mentioned in (502).

* President is Noah Barkman (age 24) (502)

* Stock offering was over by (502) -- offering ran up 800 percent on the first day of trading (502)

* Has an open office plan, with employees divided up into "work nodes" (502)

* Employees: Nora, the information architect, Zhengdong, the interactive strategist, Saneer, the "brain trust",

and Jackleene, who "interfaces with clients" -- these are also members of Jake's "work node" (502)

* Sameer says that Buzzdome.com's purpose is "to help other Internet start-ups maximize their potential". When

Jake doesn't understand, Sameer says he's basically paid to daydream and doesn't want to rock the boat.


Byron, Lord Gordon George: British poet (1788-1824). Wrote “Childe Harold’s Pilgramage” and “Don Juan”, among other works. Daria offers to read Byron to Mrs. Blaine in (302).

B.Y.O.B: Stands for “bring your own bottle”. Policy in some restaurants that do not serve liquor, but allow patrons to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Kevin’s answer to DeMartino’s question regarding what lessons could be learned from Jonestown.

C. C.'s Boutique: Jake gets a $230 bill from C. C.'s Boutique in (405). It is undoubtedly a place where Quinn shops.

“The Cadbury Tales”: What Brittany mistakenly calls “The Canterbury Tales”. (210)

"Cadet Guys Ho!": Name of the song Jake wrote for the Buxton Ridge Military Academy musical. Corporal Ellenbogen told Jake that it stank. (505)

Caesar's Palace: American casino located in Las Vegas, built in 1966. At one time, Caesar's Palace represented all that was wrong with Las Vegas casinos -- find an interesting theme and beat it to death with doormen dressed as centurions, waitresses in short-skirted Roman garb, and every embarrassing variation in naming or theme imaginable. With the construction of new luxury casinos that strive for "class", Caesar's Palace is in the process of recreating itself, once again.

During O'Neill's discussion of "Julius Caesar" in (411), there are several topics very loosely related to the Shakespeare play. This is one of them.

“Cafe Disaffecto”: Episode four of the series (104). Daria is compelled to help open a new coffee house in Lawndale.

Cafe Lawndale: The replacement young-adult coffee house for the internet cafe alt.lawndale.com. After Daria reads her story “Where the Future Takes Us” there, it is closed until further notice, and at the end of (104), Cafe Lawndale suffers a break-in, probably from the same people or person that broke into alt.lawndale.com.

"Cagney and Lacey": American CBS crime drama from 1982 to 1988. Two female detectives work together in their personal and professional lives. The popular series stared Sharon Gless as Christine Cagney and Tyne Daly as Mary Beth Lacey.

Quinn mentions "The Mod Squad" and "The Avengers" as examples of great detective fashions in (412). However, she can't figure out what they were thinking with "Cagney and Lacey".

Calco: Helen has a big Calco meeting in (209), which is why she can’t immediately meet Daria at the hospital for her rash.

California Raisins: Animated figures created by the California Raisin industry in 1987. The California Raisins were clay figurines hand-animated by Will Vinton for a commercial for the California raisin industry. The concept became quite popular and a fad of the late 1980s, appearing in cartoons and on T-shirts.

Upchuck searches for “a complete 1985 California Raisins posable eraser set”, which must be a very rare collectible, indeed!

"The Call of the Wild": Story written by Jack London, American author (1876-1916). Published in 1903. A house dog finds himself forced to serve as part of a dog-sled in the Arctic and faces the call of his untamed nature.

Mr. O'Neill discusses the book with his class in (402).

Calvin: Contemporary of Quinn in (211). Calvin arrives at the Library to pick up his little brother and meets Quinn reading to some kids.

"Camp Fear": Fifty-seventh episode of the series (504). Daria decides to attend a reunion of her summer camp -- the alternate option being cleaning the garage.

* "Camp Fear" is the only episode of Daria to have real people drawn into the background as cartoon characters.

Daria fans Michelle Klein-Hass and Erin Mills won a Daria Website Trivia Contest sponsored by MTV and were

rewarded by being drawn into the cast as campers at Camp Grizzly. (Klein-Hass is a glasses-wearing heavy-set

figure with frizzy hair and white shorts standing to the left of Angela; Mills is a foreground figure, blond and with glasses,

who takes up much of the space of the right side of the screen in the shot where they both appear.)

(It is quite lamentable that as a reward for their many labors on behalf of Daria fandom that the two were

drawn as background figures in one of the worst of the Season Five episodes. My hope is that when

the DVDs come out, they will be moved to a better episode like "I Loathe a Parade", or, at the very least,

"Fair Enough". -- JRB)

* Camp Grizzly is having its fifth year reunion -- this might be another indication of where Lawndale might be. We

know that the Morgendorffers moved from Highland to Lawndale. Highland -- the home of Beavis and Butt-head --

is believed to be in Texas. It was never explicitly stated that Highland is in Texas, but in Loaded Magazine (1997),

Mike Judge stated "I always think of Highland as West Texas or East New Mexico". If you agree with the theory

that the Morgendorffers ONLY lived in Highland before moving to Lawndale, then Lawndale and Highland must be

fairly close to each other, since if Lawndale was far removed from Highland, a reunion trip to Camp Grizzly would be

difficult. This limits Lawndale's location to somewhere close to Highland's.

* Episode takes place over at least seven days time. The Morgendorffers refer to the Camp Grizzly reunion as

happening "next weeked".

* Earl's wife is not named in the episode.

Camp Grizzly: In (504), Daria and Quinn visit Camp Grizzy for the fifth-year reunion of their attendance at the camp. It is not known if they attended the camp at any other times.

* Daria was "flatteringly" referred to as 'the weird kid" while at Camp Grizzly. (504)

* Daria states that her counselors made her hop "a mile" in a burlap sack. (504)

* Daria made to sing camp song, which she still remembers:

"We'll never forget you,

Dear old Camp Grizzly,

Your with us in sunshine,

Or weather more drizzly." (504)

* Quinn notices sheep on the drive to Camp Grizzly and states that there must not be an outlet store for "a hundred

miles" (504)

* Drive from Lawndale to Camp Grizzly takes at least two hours (504)

* Large arch reading "Welcome to Camp Grizzly" at open entrance (504)

* Attending Camp Grizzly five years before (504) : Daria, Quinn, Cindy, Tracy, Tatjiana, Amelia, Skip Stevens,

Alex Kroger (504)

* Campers called "Grizzlies" (504)

* Senior staff member at camp as of (504) is Mr. Potts

* According to Amelia, Daria boycotted the "end of summer" campfire by the lake. Daria corrects Amelia, saying that

she wasn't invited (504)

*According to Amelia, Daria rode off ahead of the others on her horse, abandoning them. Daria corrects Amelia,

saying that the horse ran off with her on it, and she had to have nine stiches. (504)

* One of the games played at Camp Grizzly -- a watermelon is greased and floats in the lake. The camper who

brings the watermelon back gets to eat it. (504)

* Winners would inevitably bring back greased watermelon to Quinn and her friends (504).

* Horses at present-day Camp Grizzly (504)

* Had arts and crafts and a square dance, at least when Daria and Quinn were going. (504)

* Had a color war as a yearly event, at least in the past -- Stevens brings up his "never losing" a color war in

seven years. (504)

Camp Puma: Rival camp to Camp Grizzly. First mentioned in (504). When Skip Stevens tries to pass out Grizzly T-shirts to Jane and Trent, Amelia angrily interjects that they don't go there. Skip Stevens then accuses Jane and Trent of being "pussycats" from Camp Puma trying to crash the reunion.

The Candy Shack: Candy store seen at the Lawndale Mall in (303). It looks like they have some trouble moving their Halloween merchandise.

Cannibal Frag Fest: CD-ROM video game Daria hopes to own. She hopes to get it by exchanging the web page software her parents promised to buy her in exchange for working for the yearbook staff at Lawndale. (207)

“The Canterbury Tales”: Series of tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer, English author. (c. 1342-c.1400). Chaucer wrote the tales sometime between around 1387 and 1400. While on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket, a group of travelers to the shrine amuse themselves by telling tales. The travelers are representative of almost every class in medieval society, but Chaucer never had the chance to finish the tales.

Lawndale High School decides to perform “The Knight’s Tale” at the Medieval Fair in (210). “The Knight’s Tale” tells of the love of the love of Arcite and Palomon for the sister of Queen Hippolyta, Emily. It is a complex tale of the motives behind love and whether or not there is such a thing as predestination. Quinn, Sandi and Brittany try out for the role of Emily, the hyperidealized version of medieval femininity, and Quinn wins the role. Upchuck and Kevin try out for the role of Palomon, a suitor to Emily, and Kevin wins.

When Kevin fails to show, O’Neill enlists Jeffy to play the part of Palomon. Unfortunately, Jeffy didn’t quite hear correctly and with the help of the Three Js, assumes that he is the “Pardoner” from “The Pardoner’s Tale”, a completely different story in “The Canterbury Tales”, and the entire play is wrecked. Jeffy is reading from the Pardoner’s “sermon” about drunken youths and their sinful follies. (Quite apropos. - JRB)

Captain Cutlass: Unknown figure of menace mentioned by Jake while under the influence of “glitterberries”. According to Jake, his men skin you alive and throw you to the sharks. (112)

Carlyle: Helen goes to the Carlyle in (209). “It’s briefs and bagels day at the Carlyle!”

Caroline: One of Jane's housemates at Ashfield. First seen with Jett, Anais, and Paris in (414). She is not named explicitly.

“Carrie”: Book written by Stephen King, American horror writer (1947-present). The book was writtne in 1973, and was made into a successful movie directed by Brian De Palma and starring Sissy Spacek in 1976. Carrie is an abused girl with telekinetic powers who unleashes her powers against her classmates when a bucket filled with pig’s blood is dumped on her during prom night.

Ms. Li informs Ms. Defoe’s art class in (304) that security will be tight at the school dance and that anyone planning to rig a bucket of pig’s blood in the rafters can just forget it.

Car Thingy: Video game seen at Mr. Fun’s in (207).

Mr. Cartwright: Superintendent of Schools. His jurisdiction includes Lawndale High School, and it is implied that he also has authority over the rest of the county schools.

He agrees to hear Daria's argument about Ultra Cola advertising at Lawndale High School in (501). He first implies that since Daria doesn't have many extracurricular activities in her academic record that she must be protesting as a way to put an extracurricular activity of some sort on her college education. He tells Daria that LHS is the only school in the country running a surplus and that he's thinking of having Leonard Lamm draw up cola advertising contracts for all of the county's schools.

Daria's rebuttal? If he thinks that cola advertising is such a wonderful thing, he should come to Lawndale High School and see for himself. He declines the offer, and it appears that Daria has reached a dead end. However, Superintendent Cartwright DOES show up just as Ms. Li goes on a caffeine-fueled rampage, and the contract with Ultra Cola is rewritten to ban advertising inside the school.

Cashman’s Department Store: Upscale department store at a mall somewhere in Lawndale. It is at the far opposite end from the less favored (by Brittany, anyway) J. J. Jeeters. (102)

40 Exterior of store first seen in (212).

Cassidy: Student at Grove Hills in (208). Drawn in the “horizontal eye lines”style traditionally used to indicate someone of Asian descent. “You only have to put up with shrill recruiters at phony functions like this.”

41 Cannot hang out with David anymore due to his low SAT scores. “He’s too

...banal!” (208)

42 Stated that she was “an intellectual outcast” before coming to Grove Hills --

“They made fun of me for quoting Ayn Rand!”

"Cats": Musical composed by British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1981. It was based on a work by T. S. Eliot, "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats", first published in 1939. The musical deals with the secret lives and hopes of cats living in a junkyard. "Cats" holds the records for longest running musical both in New York and London.

In (505), Jake says that he could write songs for cats. And he could write songs for dogs, too.

“Catch-22”: American book written about the insanity of war by Joseph Heller (1923-1999). The Catch-22 is where the books protagonist, Yossarian, tries to get out of his combat aircraft role in World War II by claiming that he is insane. However, since no sane man would fly in such a role, the fact that he would not want to fly proves that he is sane. Daria is reading this book in (203).

Cece: One of the students helping Ms. Defoe paint a sports mural in (406). She and Gary get into a paint fight.

Cedars of Lawndale: Hospital located in Lawndale. First seen in (209)

43 Daria checks into the Cedars of Lawndale Hospital due to her skin condition in (209)

44 In (304), Daria mentions that C of L has a Head Injury ward.

45 Jake taken to C of L in (309).

“Cemetary”: Babysitting game that Jane suggests to Daria while she is babysitting Tad and Tricia Gupty. The players have to remain perfectly still and quiet. The first one who moves loses. (108)

C'est La Veal: French restaurant Bobby plans to take Quinn to in (412). Stacy mentions that it overlooks the lake and that it's "so romantic!" Sandi mentions a big cliff nearby, and mentions that it would be the perfect place to dump a body -- Sandi wants to plant in Quinn's head that Bobby is a stalker.

Chambers, Erin: Daughter of Rita, Helen’s sister. Cousin of Daria and Quinn. (204)

46 Implied that Erin is 21 years old in Season Two. (204)

47 Married Brian Danielson in (204).

48 Is either Southern, or went to school in the South as all of her bridesmaids have Southern accents. (204)

49 Mother Rita tells Helen over the phone that Erin did not love Brian when she married him, but married him because Brian had given her herpes and she thought that no one else would want her (505)

"Charade": Movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. When Hepburn's husband dies after converting the family's assets to money -- which has gone missing -- Grant takes on several identities to find out where the money is...but what are his motives?

There is a broad scene in the movie where the dead man's "associates" pass by the corpse. One sneezes in the corpse's face, one holds a mirror up to the corpse's mouth, and one sticks a pin in the corpse, all in obvious attempts to determine if the figure in the casket is really dead.

During Daria's dream in (403), the Three Js subject Kevin's corpse to the same set of tests.

"Charlie's Angels": American television crime drama running on ABC television from 1976 to 1981. Beautiful women serve as detectives, answering only to a mysterious man named "Charlie".

During Daria's dream in (404), the Fashion Club serve as a group exactly like Charlie's Angels -- their hair and clothes reflect fashions from the shows heyday in the late 1970s. Charlie would speak to his Angels through an office intercom, and Upchuck's voice can be heard through the intercom. Tiffany shows up with a poster and asks the other three if any of them would be leaving the group to go into movies so that she can be "the new Angel". Farrah Fawcett-Majors was the most popular of the original three-person Charlie's Angels, became famous from a pin-up poster exactly like the one Tiffany holds, and left the series after the first year to begin a (failed) movie career. (Cheryl Ladd replaced Farrah Fawcett-Majors as the blonde angel).

As "Upchuck's Angels" appear on the scene, a stylized silhouette logo appears which mimics the one from the show.

Chase: Last name of school nurse at Lawndale High School. The door outsider her office reads “Nurse Chase”. (209)

“The Cheerleader’s Manual”: Book owned by Brittany Taylor. Daria reads from the book while visiting Brittany in (302) in order to make her voice sound more perky.

Excerpt: “Cheerleader Tip Number 12: “If you lose your place during a routine, don’t worry. No one’s paying attention to you, anyway! They’re all watching the game!”

(It sounds better when delivered with a squeak! - JRB)

“The Chess Garden”: Book written by Brooks Hansen. A professor sends a collection stories overseas to his family; the book swings between imaginary tales by the professor of the mysterious island known as the Antipodes and the professor’s own philosophical struggles. Daria is reading “The Chess Garden” in (301).

Chez Pierre: Popular date spot for Quinn Morgendorffer. First mentioned in 107. Quinn: “The food is really good, and the waiters are really foreign!” Has blue menus with white cursive lettering on front. Uses candles for dating couples and lamps at other tables.

49 Dinner at Chez Pierre for Skylar and Quinn costs $86.75 (108)

50 Jodie describes the place as "really expensive" (414)

Channel Four: Local news station somewhere near Lawndale. Meg Rosato from Channel Four news arrives with a team to interview Val on her way to Lawndale High School. (305)

Charlie Brown: Comic strip character created by American artist Charles Schulz (1922-2000). Charlie Brown was one of the main characters of “Peanuts”, a strip about young elementary school children with adult concerns which debuted in 1950. Charlie Brown was the neurotic of the strip, with a knack for failure and self-defeating statements.

Beginning with 1965’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, several prime-time cartoons came to American television screens. Among the many titles were “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”, and the unfortunate, “It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown” (1984).

Jane refers to this method of titling Charlie Brown cartoon specials in her comment when Bing and the Spatula Man show up at Lawndale High School, commenting, “It’s Lame Deejays, Charlie Brown!” (308)

Chechnya: Region bordering the south-western portion of Russia, formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, the Chechens declared their independence, but Russia continued to claim that Chechnya was part of Russia. Since then, the Russian-Chechen war has claimed over 150,000 lives.

Jodie gives a report on Chechnya in (501). Unfortunately, she is unable to show where Chechnya is on the map in Mr. DeMartino's office, which DeMartino claims dates back to V-E Day.

The Cheese Guy: Store at the same mall where Daria works in (306). It might sell cheese.

Chenille Gorp: Manufacture of a special "Titanic" edition purse that Quinn gives to Sandi in (402).

Chicago Bulls: National Basketball Association team, founded in 1966. American basketball star player Michael Jordan played there. Chicago won six NBA championships during the 1990s while Jordan was on the team. Mack’s father attended a Bulls playoff game while Mack was 12, which resulted in Mack’s middle name getting changed from “James” to “Jordan”. (113)

the "Chicken Soup" books: Series of books edited by motivational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Canfield and Hansen often used stories to punctuate their speechs and the speakers were asked to collect those motivational nuggets in a book. The result was the first book, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" in 1993.

Since the spectacular success of the first book, a series of "Chicken Soup" books were released: "Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul", "Chicken Soup for the Single Parent", etc.

When Quinn in (411) states that she's reading a book about people's real-life experiences with angels, Daria states that she's familiar with the book: "Chicken Soup for the Stupid".

"Chim-Chim Cheree": Song written by Richard and Robert Sherman. The song won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1965 from the movie Mary Poppins. The Sherman brothers also won an Oscar for Best Musical Score for the same movie.

The lyrics go:



Chim chim cher-ee!

A sweep is as lucky

As lucky can be



Chim chim cher-oo!

Good luck will rub off when

I shake 'ands with you!"

The song is sung by Bert the chimney sweep, played by Dick Van Dyke. The song refers to the superstition that it was lucky to shake hands with chimney sweeps.

When Daria replies "It's a small world after all" to Jane's tale of the Jane-Cam (and it's lack of Internet hits), Jane answers, "Chim-chiminee, chim-chiminee", countering Daria's use of a Disney song with lines from another Disney song in reply. (408)

"CHiPs": American NBC police drama from 1977 to 1983. A Calfornian cop, John, partners with a Latino cop, Ponch, as motorcycle cops belonging to the California Highway Patrol.

When Kevin is about to "pop a wheelie", i.e. shift his weight while on his moped so the front wheel comes off the pavement while remaining in control of the moped, he believes he can do it because he saw Ponch do something similar on CHiPs. (403)

Chiquito: Parrot owned by Penny Lane. First seen in (308). According to Penny, Chiquito is very possessive.

Chloris: One of the canaries at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. (306)

Christmas: 1) Traditional Christian holiday, celebrated on December 25th. The holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Gifts are traditionally exchanged at Christmas.

2) Living embodiment of Christmas. Christmas is a surly blond young man with a red short-sleeved shirt and who wears the traditional red hat trimmed with white fur associated with Santa Claus. He plays guitar in a band he hopes to form with Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day in Lawndale. (303)

Christmas prefers to be called “X”, short for “Xmas”. “Xmas” is an abbreviated sometimes used for “Christmas”. Christmas is unhappy about Holiday Island because he says he’s forced to spread good will and cheer 24 hours a day.

50 Described as a “burnout” by The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun.

51 Likes sugar-coated cookies and gingerbread cottages.

52 Calls Halloween and Guy Fawkes “freeloaders” in inclusive sense.

53 Bickers with Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

54 According to Cupid, Christmas and Halloween are the two coolest kids at Holiday High School.

“A Christmas Carol”: Christmas story written by Charles Dickens, British writer (1812-70). Miser Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts the night before Christmas and learns to change his ways. Daria ends (303) with “God bless us, everyone one!”, a quote from Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol” which also ends the story.

chutney shrimp: Dish involving chutney, curry paste, shrimp, and rice. Jake says he’s thinking about trying out making chutney shrimp in (308).

Cindy: One of Quinn's friends at Camp Grizzly. First seen in (504). She formed a three person unit with Tracy and Tatijiana

when she first attended Camp Grizzly. Quinn's relationship with Tracy, Cindy, and Tatijiana parallels her relationship with the Fashion Club, and the similarities are obvious.

* Appears to sound and behave like Sandi (504)

* Quinn notices that Cindy is wearing a backpack like hers and that Cindy has nice hair. (504)

* Never participated in Camp Grizzy Hikes, along with the rest of her friends (including Quinn) (504)

* Sunned self at lakeside in swimsuits when campers chased the greased watermelon. (504)

* Tells Skip "We don't do greasy". (504)

* Refers to Skip Stevens as a "geek" (504) ('Geek' is one of Sandi's favorite expressions -- JRB)

* Refuses to go out in a boat because it would mean she'd have to wear one of those "orange-colored things" (504)

* Had a date with Alex Kroger the night of the square dance, but he never showed up because Quinn skipped the

dance with Kroger and they both went to the lakeside. Cindy waited the entire night, and when she finds

out what happened from Quinn five years later, she withdraws the offer to take Quinn home from Camp Grizzly and leads Tracy and Tatjiana in leaving the table where Quinn is sitting. (504)

Cinplex: Lawndale movie theatre, seen along Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). The facade of Cinplex is a huge movie marquee sign. A street divides Cinplex from Home Furbishing, which is to the right if one is facing the theatre. "MMM Sub" is to the left of Cinplex.

* The movies playing at Cinplex on the day of the Lawndale Homecoming parade are "Wacky Summer", "Too Much Ado" and "Weepy Mr. B 3". (406).

* Movies playing in (505): "Weepy Mr. B 4", "Us Heroes Never Die!" and "I Saw You This Summer" (505)

* Daria and Jane talk about the movie they just saw in (505), showing among other things, that alien intelligence is no match for our "can-do spunk" and that 20-year old astrophysicists are looking for middle-aged street cops to fall in love with.

* Jane states that Daria and Jane could have been watching a "comedy from Croatia" instead of "It Came From Planet Stupid". (505)

A sign outside of the Cineplex reads "air conditioned", perhaps giving another clue to Lawndale's location.

Claude: Talent scout for Amazon Models, appears in (106). As catty and insincere as his partner, Ramonica. Blonde and thin.

Claudia: Ex-wife of Wind Lane, first mentioned by Penny Lane in (308). When Penny sees Wind, she states “Claudia threw you out” and Wind mentions that that was several years earlier. Furthermore, Wind is paying two alimony payments a month.

Cliff (or Clint): Person who might be a student at LHS. Quinn states that she is “in love” with either Cliff or Clint. (109)

Clint: See Cliff. Helen asks Quinn if she is talking to “that Clint person again”. (110)

Clinton, Grant: Father of Ted Dewitt-Clinton. First seen in (207).

55 Objects to both alcohol AND coffee.

"Close to You": Song written by American musician Burt Bacharach (1928-present). It was originally written for the debut album of American singer Dionne Warwick in 1964. It was popularized by the American duo The Carpenters in 1970. It was originally written for Herb Alpert, but Alpert wanted nothing to do with lines like:

"On the day that you were born

The angels got together

and decided to create a dream come true

So they sprinked moondust in your hair

and starlight in your eyes of blue."

When Trent announces at Club Glamour in (414) that he's going to perform a song for Daria and Jane, Jane says (sarcastically (?)), "Oh please, make it 'Close to You!'"

Clovis: One of the canaries at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. (306)

Club Glamour: Mystik Spiral hold a gig here in (414). It is a seedy dump. Our first sight of Club Glamor is the sight of a man being ejected from the premises and thrown into the street.

Cluster Burger: Burger place Jane and Daria plan to go to with Trent and the band in (209).

Coffee Cafe: Lawndale business which obstensibly sells coffee. Halloween gets a job there in (303). Christmas and Guy Fawkes Day are mad at her because she wouldn’t share her paycheck.

(So, how did Halloween fill out her job application at Coffee Cafe, much less get a paycheck? Perhaps Halloween, like Cupid, has some sort of mind-altering ability. - JRB)

The Coffee Snob: Coffee store seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). If one is facing the store, 24 Hour Photo is to the left of it, and Spa isto the right of it.

colon: Unit of Costa Rican currency. Pronounced like "cologne". Penny mentions that she ran out of colones in (308).

color war: Popular camp activity where campers break up into color-based teams and compete in a series of events. The winning color generally earns some sort of prize.

In (504), Skip Stevens tells the "alumni" of Camp Grizzly that he attended Camp Grizzly for seven years and "never lost a color war".

“College Bored”: Episode three of the series. (103) Daria and Jane visit Jake and Helen’s alma mater.

"Columbo": Crime drama which ran on NBC intermittently between 1971 and 1998. Peter Falk played Lieutenant Columbo, a nebbishy detective in a beaten-up raincoat who interrogation of suspects seemed more like mindless prattling about his wife and about unimportant trivia associated with the case. Columbo would convince the suspects that they were smarter than he was, which led them to make statements that proved to be their undoing.

In a scene from (404), Daria pulls up to the Morgendorffer house in a beat up car not unlike Columbo's.

“Come as You Are”: Song by Nirvana, off Nevermind album. Jane mentions that “her brother” has been practicing the opening to this song. (102)

Conroy, Buck: Publisher of “Brutal Mercenary” magazine and most likely, retired general. It is unknown if Buck is Army or Marine Corps, or what rank of general (brigadier, major, lieutenant) he claims to be.

“Cops”: Reality series running on FOX TV in America since 1989. Overweight real cops chase real life stupid criminals, and the results are caught on camera. Blamed for racist undertones as many of the criminals are minorities. Brittany wonders if the real-life arrival of police to break up her party in (102) means that they’re on TV.

Corey: Obnoxious follower of Quinn seen in Assembly. Has creepy high pitched laugh. (101). Has date with Quinn in (203), but Quinn is stuck writing an essay.

He finally gets to take Quinn to a dance in (304), but is chased away by the Three Js who are looking for a fight after Quinn off-handedly comments that Robert and Kevin must like Brittany a lot because they’re fighting over her.

* Quinn and Corey have class with Mr. DeMartino (411)

* Corey at Brittany Taylor's party (not seen) (411)

“Coriander My Love”: Film shown at the “Food in Film Festival” in (206). A coriander is a parsley-like herb.

cornea gumbo: The result of a poorly designed web page -- visual clutter and distraction. Nora states in her presentation to Buzzdome.com that Buzzdome.com's new protocols will mean bye-bye to cornea gumbo. (502)

Courtney: Daughter of Summer Lane. First mentioned in (308). It is not known if “Lane” is Courtney’s last name. Two children appear at the Lane household in (308) who are Summer’s kids and are likely Adrian and Courtney.

Cowardly Lion: Character in "The Wizard of Oz" (q. v.) Bert Lahr played the Cowardly Lion in the 1939 movie and sang a song called "If I Only Had the Nerve":

"Life is sad, believe me missy,

When you're born to be a sissy

Without the vim and verve

But I could change my habits

Nevermore be scared of rabbits

If I only had the nerve"

Mr. O'Neill refers to the Cowardly Lion's song while teaching "The Red Badge of Courage" in (412).

Craznee, Jerry : Production coordinator of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Crewe Neck: Private community in Lawndale where Brittany Taylor lives. (102) There is a sign near the gate reading “Private and Proud”. There is a mechanical drop gate as well as a 24-hour guard on duty to identify visitors.

Cruise, Tom: American actor, 1962-present. Heartthrob who appeared in such films as “All the Right Moves”, “Rain Man”, and “Jerry McGwire”. Daria informs the Gupty children that Mr. Cruise is 5 feet 4 inches tall. (108)

Cumberland High: School attended by Brad and Brett Ruttheimer. Brett characterizes Cumberland High as “screwed up” during his brief conversation with Daria and Jane. (304)

Cupid: 1) The ancient Roman god of love, the son of Venus and Mars. He is generally portrayed as a winged cherub carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows. A victim of Cupid’s arrow will fall in love with someone nearby.

2) More than likely, the living embodiment of St. Valentine’s Day. Cupid is a tall, chubby adolescent with a slow drawl. He is winged, and wears only a robe and a quivers of arrows, not unlike the typical presentation of Cupid. (A pair of red tennis shoes and a wrist watch are the only modern touches.) He is first seen in (303), accompanying The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun on his “secret mission” to return Halloween, Christmas, and Guy Fawkes Day back to Holiday Island.

Cupid appears to possess a wide range of abnormal abilities:

56 Hypnotism: He grasps Daria’s hand and tells her to relax. While using this ability, his voice becomes not unlike that of sensual soul singer Barry White. Romantic music can be audibly heard from no visible source. He tells Daria that the next word out of her mouth will be the name of Daria’s “special someone” that Daria likes. Cupid describes it as a “cool trick”. It is unknown if this power has other applications.

He can also use the voice and create the music without hypnotizing a target.

57 Flight: Cupid’s wings actually lift him off the ground. He is only seen hovering about twenty feet from the ground, at the Morgendorffers.

58 Love gun: Cupid does not use his quiver of arrows in (303). Instead, he carries what looks like a modified taser or stun gun with two prongs. He carries the gun in the quiver. The “gun” fires twin beans of cartoonish red hearts and can hit multiple targets. Cupid uses the device on Helen and Jake to distract them from hearing Daria’s explanation of her encounter with the holidays in (303). When targets are struck, it glows briefly with energy and has a shimmering X-ray effect allowing one to see the targets’ skeletons. The targeted individuals immediately desire each other and become temporarily oblivious to the presence of others. Helen and Jake start kissing, but we do not know if the gun amplies a natural inclination or if it automatically causes targets to kiss and embrace.

It is also not known how long the effect lasts. It is implied that the effect lasts for several days, minimum, as Cupid implies the effect will wear off later in the episode. Helen and Jake seem to be oblivious to the presence of cobwebs and living holidays in their home while under the influence, undoubtedly the romantic fog is quite powerful at first and diminishes slowly over time.

59 Strength: Is able to easily support the weight of The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun while flying. It is not known if The Leprechaun is abnormally light. However, Cupid complains that The Leprechaun is “getting heavy” after a few moments.

Curious George: Character from children’s books by German writers and illustratiors H. A. (Hans Augusto) Rey (1898-1977) and Margarete Rey (1906-96). The stories are about a monkey called Curious George and his many adventures. Curious George’s caretaker is The Man in the Yellow Hat. Kevin confuses Charles Darwin with The Man in the Yellow Hat in (302).

Curtis: Young camper at the "Okay to Cry" Corral. First seen in (414). Curtis asks O'Neill if the campers can go outside and play instead of doing activities indoors all day.

Cuties: Store at the Lawndale Mall. Sandi is seen carrying a "Cuties" back in (410)

(Undoubtedly pronounced, kyoo-tees. -- JRB)

Dada: “Anti-art” movement of the early 20th century. The purpose of Dada was to challenge conventional thinking in art, almost to the point of nonsense. Jane states that the mouse Daria trains in (107) should choose neither path, like Dada.

Dahmer, Jeffrey: American mass murderer (1960-94). Killed at least fifteen young homosexual black men before being caught by authorities in 1991. Was killed in prison. Brad Ruttheimer mentions that he had been reading a book about Jeffrey Dahmer in (304)

Dallas Cowboys: American National Football League team. Doug Thompson, the Three Js, and Mr. O'Neill (uneasily) talk about the Dallas Cowboys "kicking butt" in the game last Sunday in (409)

Damon, Matt: American actor (1970-present) Among his many films are "Chasing Amy", "Good Will Hunting" and "The Bourne Identity".

Stacy points out to Tiffany during a post-Sandi Fashion Club meeting that one of the girls in the magazine went out with Matt Damon. Tiffany asks Stacy "Do you think I'd look good with Matt Damon?" (503)

dancing baloney: A name given to web pages full of animated images and other "bell and whistle" type applications which detract from the overall purpose of the page. In (502), Nora says that the adaptation of new protocols at Buzzdome.com will mean an end to "dancing baloney".

Danielson, Brian: Married Erin Chambers, Daria’s cousin, in (204). Tends to make joking and somewhat sexist remarks.

60 Is either Southern or went to school in the South as all of the “escorts”

(groomsmen) have Southern accents, except for Lerman. (204)

61 Works for the government, in intelligence, according to Erin. (204)

62 Rita calls Brian a “prehistoric imbecile”. (204)

63 Mother Rita tells Helen over the phone that Erin did not love Brian when she married him, but married him because Brian had given her herpes and she thought that no one else would want her (505)

64 Quinn considers him short (505)

Danny: Hapless schlub who is target of Quinn’s sales techniques in (104). Quinn tries to sell Danny a phonecard to raise money for a new coffeehouse, and convinces Danny to roleplay a call to Quinn after some flattery. Quinn invites Danny over for the weekend, and Danny agrees, but Quinn takes Danny’s answer as a no due to hypothetical poor phone service. She states that she will ask Pete over instead, leaving Danny to wonder who Pete is.

Daphne: Bridesmaid at Erin’s wedding. Is surprised that Daria is not on the Pep Squad - “to be honest with you, Daphne, I just can’t find the time” (204)

Darcy: What Robert persists in calling Daria. (207)

Dar: What Val starts calling Daria in (305).

“Daria!”: Thirty-third episode of the series (307). The only “musical” episode of the series. A severe rainstorm threatens Lawndale.

63 The only episode of the series to have a slightly different opening trailer, aside

from the movie-length episodes - the visuals are the same, but the vocal track from Splendora’s “You’re Standing on My Neck” is backed with piano and other instruments.

64 Takes place during “Pep Rally Day” at LHS.

65 Another clue to Lawndale’s location, in that a hurricane is threatening Lawndale, and hurricanes are generally limited to the Eastern and Gulf coasts of the United States.

“Daria Dance Party”: Thirtieth episode of the series (304). Quinn volunteers to host a dance at Lawndale High.

66 Dance takes place on Saturday - Sandi says her party is being held on Saturday, which is the same night as the dance.

67 Gap between time Jane accepts assignment and actual dance is at least three days - while meeting with Mr. O’Neill, Jane mentions that she hasn’t slept for two days and falls asleep at the desk.

68 Another clue to Lawndale’s possible location, as it begins to snow at the end of (304) - earlier in (304) it was mentioned that the Denver Broncos were also snowed in at their airport in Denver. Combine that with Barch’s reference about all that time her husband spent watching the Broncos, and....

“The Daria Hunter”: Fifteenth episode of the series (202). Daria and her class go on a field trip to a paintball range.

69 Faculty attending trip: O’Neill, DeMartin, Barch, Li

70 Students attending trip: Daria, Jane, Dawn, Jodie, Mack, Kevin, Brittany, Shaggy, The Fashion Club, The Three Js.

71 Team Blue: DeMartino, Jake, Quinn, Stacy,Tiffany, Daria

72 Team Red: O’Neill, Barch, Brittany, Jane, Helen, Sandi

"Das Kapital": Work by German economist and philosopher Karl Marx (1818-83). The first volume was written by Marx in 1867, two other volumes were written after his death from Marx's notes by his collaborater, Friederich Engels (1820-95).

The premise of "Das Kapital" -- "Capital" -- is that the capitalist economy contains the seeds of its own distruction. Capital will become concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people, creating a shrinking class of the wealthy and an expanding class of the impoverished. However, the forces that allow the wealthy to concentrate capital will be the forces that give the impoverished class the power to rise up and overthrow the wealty, leading to a classless state.

In (502), Helen flashes back to one year after Jake and Helen's commitment ceremony. Helen gets Jake a leather-bound copy of "Das Kapital". Jake says, "Long live the proletariat! I'll bet you this thing will appreciate like crazy!"

David: Student at Grove Hills. Considered an “idiot” and outcast by Lara, Graham and Cassidy because he only got in the 90th percentile of his SATs. (208)

73 Graham stated that David “used to be so interesting” before Graham found out

about David’s “low” score. (208)

Dr. Davidson: Doctor Helen has Marianne call for Daria’s skin condition in (209). He is unable to diagnose the cause of her condition, but Daria’s slight fever has him concerned. He has Daria check into the hospital.

“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”: American television show which ran on CBS from 1993 to 1998. The show was the story of a female doctor (played by Jane Seymour) and her struggles with a practice in the 19th century American frontier.

When Quinn announces after Jake’s heart attack that she will become a doctor, Daria comments, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Moron”. (309)

Davinica, Lilia: The Lilia Davinica Day Spa and Beauty Treatment Center (q. v.) is named after her. (212)

Dawn: Overweight female student at Lawndale High School. She is usually seen wearing a beige jacket and a walkman. She does not have any lines.

first appearance (in hallway) (101)

in “Push Comes to Love” class (103)

in auditorium of modeling class (106)

watching Faculty/DJ Roller Hockey Game (110)

at Yard Sale in (205)

attends Medieval Fair (210)

exiting Cinplex movie theatre (505)

Dean, James: American movie actor (1931-1955). Made only three films, “Rebel Without a Cause”, “East of Eden” and “Giant” before dying in a car crash at age 24. Mr. O’Neill asks the young actors of Drama Horizons to remember James Dean in (210).

Jane sarcastically comments to Brittany that "that cricket in your mouth is very James Dean" after Brittany pulls up to LHS riding on the back of Kevin's moped in (403).

"Death of a Salesman": Written by American playwright Arthur Miller (1915-present). A salesman, Willy Loman, buys into a philosophy of optimism and success around the corner to hide from the truth of his failure in buisness and family.

While Helen is on the phone with Rita, Daria makes a snappy comeback that Rita overhears. Helen passes it off as Daria practicing lines for a play. Daria replies, "A salesman's gotta dream, boy", a line from this play. (403)

"Death Valley Days": Serial-based western having its origins in American radio in the 1930s, ran intermittently on American television between 1952 and 1975. Future US President Ronald Reagan was one of the hosts. "Death Valley Days" is a topic on Mr. O'Neill's board in (313).

Decker, Deena: Time-management consultant, seen in (108). Believes in total honesty in time management planning. Gives Quinn a “teen life runner” - “just like mom’s” which has a Proud Moments Summary Page. (Customized styles are available for an extra charge.)

DeeDee: Owner of the Princess Fairy, along with her husband, Lee. First seen in (312).

Has been married to DeeDee for approximately 30 years. (312)

Refers to her husband, Lee as "a bozo" (312)

Comes on to Jake (312).

Denver Broncos: American National Football League team. Mrs. Barch states that husband watched the Denver Broncos - apparently, it was an item of dispute during their 22 year marriage. (210)

Sandi’s party guests in (304) apparently had plans to watch a Denver Broncos game, but the Broncos were snowed in outside of Denver International Airport; thus, no game. Sandi’s guests must make do with Fifty Years of Off-Broadway Choreography.

Deer View Court: Area of Crewe Neck where Brittany Taylor’s house is located. (102)

Defoe, Clare: Art teacher at Lawndale High School. Red haired, soft, pleasant wearing

large jewelry

74 first appearance in 102, name on blackboard, as “Ms. Defoe”

75 Season One art class: Daria Morgendorffer, Brittany Taylor (102).

76 Season Two art class: Daria, Brittany, Jane, Kevin, Upchuck (201)

o Assignment (201): Landscape Drawing, Study Same Subject Three

Different Times

77 Season Three art class: Daria, Jane, Kevin, Brittany, Andrea (304)

o Takes place around 10:25 AM (304)

Season Four art class: Jane, Brittany, Jodie (412)

Season Five art class: Daria, Jane, Kevin, Brittany (501)

Dega Street: Street in Lawndale. When Daria and Trent can’t decide on a birthday present for Jane in (212), Trent suggests they go to Dega Street. He’s sure they’ll find something there.

Shops on Dega Street: Puppet Theatre, Dega St. Comiks, Hair for Freaks, 420, Retro Duds, Funky Doodle, Axl’s Piercing Parlor.

There is also a guitar store at 424 Dega Street.

Dega St. Comiks: Comic store on Dega Street (212).

“Le Dejeuner sur L’Herbe”: Painting by Edouard Manet, French impressionist painter (1832-83). Jane is busy sketching Le Dejeuner on the cell wall in (310).

Delano, Curtis: Contemporary of Trent and Jesse. Graduated with Trent and Jesse, seen as toll booth collector in (111).

DeMartino, Anthony: History teacher at Lawndale High School. When he gets angry, his right eyeball bulges.

first intro - only as “Mr. DeMartino” (101)

1 Andrea, Jane Lane, Daria Morgendorffer, Kevin Thompson, Brittany Taylor all in history class (101)

2 Dawn, Shaggy in class (107)

Season Two: Kevin, Brittany, Shaggy, Daria, Andrea, Dawn in class (202)

Season Three: Kevin, Brittany, Jane, Andrea, Shaggy in class (302)

Season Four: Kevin, Brittany, Daria, Jane, Andrea (403)

Mack, Robert (404)

this class is NOT the last class of the day (404)

Jodie, Burn-Out Chick (414)

Season Four alternate class: Quinn, Corey (411)

Season Four/Five alternate class("first day of class scene" at end of (414)): Quinn, Sandi, Staci, Tiffany, Jeffy, Jamie (Note: since this class has DeMartino begin the discussion with a question on Manifest

Destiny, it is undoubtedly the same class Daria had with Mr. DeMartino in (101). -- JRB)

Season Five: Jodie (501)

Daria, Jane, Brittany (503)

Board topics: Alamo, Manifest Destiny, Columbus (1492), “Test on Wed!”, Homework pages 162-250. - probably Western Expansion Unit (101)

Likes to ask question, “can you precisely and unemotionally sum up the doctrine of Manifest Destiny?” (101)

Board topics: Jonestown, Mind Control, Leo Ryan (crossed out), Guyana, Soviets, a drawing of a cup with the words “cyanide” and “kool ade” pointing to it, and a swastika with a question mark following, and “CIA” with arrows pointing to “Dwyer” and “Layton” (108)

Board topics: “Guerilla Warfare” - Boer War - South Africa, Che Guevara -- Cuba, Ho Chi Minh -- Vietnam, John Wayne - The Duke - Marion Morrison!!! , Hit and Run, Insurgency (202)

Board topics: Welfare/Social Assistance, Financial Education, Drawbacks

Board topics: "The United Nations: Portents and Precursors" -- > "Justice League of America" --> "A League of their

Own" --> Stupid Tearjerker (403)

Kevin's assigned topic for report in (403) was "The League of Nations" (403)

DeMartino, Anthony

Board topics: "Corruption and Scandal in American History", "Teapot Dome", "The Tweed Ring" (404)

Board topics: Generalized rules for taking a test -- to use a #2 pencil, that you may not go to the bathroom, and that

you put YOUR name on the test and not the person you're copying from.

Board topics: All regarding "Suggested Summer Projects": include prison, hospital, cemetary, and what appears to

be "read a book" -- although "freaking book!!!" can be seen at the end of the board, meaning that DeMartino

believes that reading is fundamental. (413)

Board topics: (from first day of class): "Anthony DeMartino" "...do not call me..." "...better you not speak..." (414)

Board topics: "Great Depression"..."Crash of '29"..."Brother, would you like to buy"..."former"..."who spit on you"


Poster of Martin Luther King ("MLK") in class (503)

Was teaching the New Deal in Quinn's class in (411)

Wheezing audibly during Faculty/DJ Roller Rockey Game (110)

Suffered chest pains during Faculty/DJ Roller Hockey Game - had emergency

angioplasty and “almost died” (110)

Rather physically fit in Season One- able to do 400 sit-ups while suspended upside down. (110)

Smokes (110).

Not averse to gulping down Jake’s hooch (202)

Went to military school (202).

Mother didn’t want “dates” to know she had a son - was sent over to the neighbors - “strange, twisted people!” (202)

Implied that DeMartino is head of yearbook staff. (207)

Participates as the Black Knight in the “Joust with the Black Knight” attraction at

the Medieval Fair (210)

Gets Jamie’s name right (210)

Implied by Ms. Li that he has tried before to resign in the middle of a school year. (302)

Dreamed of a life at sea (306)

Helen: "He's a bit high-strung, but he's a fixture at that school...." (311)

Admits to O'Neill that he has a gambling problem: "once I start, I can't stop!" (312)

Implied that he once lost his car to "some yokel with beginner's luck" during a gambling spree (312)

Likes Daria -- wants to give his chips in (312) to Daria, "as a thank you for making me want to kill myself a little less than the processed sausages who call themselves your classmates!"

Knows how to play poker (312)

During losing streak at poker, calls himself "a born loser" and states "nothing in my miserable life has ever worked out"


Appears to be wearing same gear in (402) as he did in (202)

States that he has a "slipped disk" -- did this happen between (110) and (402)?

"I had a buddy once...until I came home one night and he married my mother!" (402)

Accuses football team of cheating on tests after members earn multiple 100s on a test he gives and that the lock to

his filing cabinet was jimmied open. He accuses Kevin of taking part since Kevin needed an "A" to get off

academic probation. (404)

Chokes Kevin when Kevin enters room with fake arrow through his head (404)

Snores while sleeping (405)

Has been banned from eating at all Lawndale High School functions -- caused by abysmal behavior the year before

at bake sale, when caught loading his trunk with left-over bundt cake -- DeMartino claims that his food budget

was stretched tight by having to survive on a "shoeshine boy's salary". When DeMartino grabs for the chips

and dip, Ms. Li shouts "Restraining order!", forcing DeMartino to back off and implying that DeMartino has

been served some kind of court order (409)

Attempt taking multiple cheese log samples -- tells clerk that he sees no sign limiting him to one sample per customer

-- tells Mrs. Johanssen that the samples aren't free, when they are (409)

Gets into a physical struggle with Mrs. Johanssen over a cheese log. (409)

Fools Kevin and Brittany into getting him samples of cheese logs. (409)

Escorted out of Payday by security guard, undoubtedly for abusing the "free sample" policy. (409)

Sneaks back in to steal the last cheese log, but burns his hand on hot grease -- reaches for log with his left hand (409)

Serves at the "Okay to Cry" Corral as a counselor, known as "Uncle Anthony" (414)

DeMartino states his actual goal as a counselor during (414) is to rediscover the "joy and satisfaction" of teaching. He

knows he needs to reexamine why he became a teacher, because his doctor has warned him that his health

is in danger if he doesn't -- the doctor said that he might have a stroke in the future.

During lanyard exercise in (414) refers to his feelings of failure with "each wasted year" as a teach. States that he's

developing an ulcer due to the frustration and indignities he suffers as a teacher.

One of the girls at the "Okay to Cry" Corral tells him that he's a "great counselor". (414)

Goes nuts when he gets peanut butter on his hands, aggravated with indoor crafts activites, becomes wild man --

rips sink from the foundation of the floor (!!), hurls sink out window. When he shouts, "I'm going on a

hike!", other campers (except Link) gleefully follow (414)

Other campers overrule O'Neill giving the closing speech at the "Okay to Cry" Corral -- they want DeMartino to do

it (414)

DeMartino's speech: "Remember, if you feel yourself getting mad, go ahead! If someone's doing something to

irritate you, tell them about it in detail! And hike...whenever you feel like it!!" (414)

Thanks O'Neill for giving him the spirit to teach again (414)

DeMille, Cecil B.: American movie producer, 1881-1959. In the movie “Sunset Boulevard” (1950), deranged silent movie star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) says “All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up”. Daria says a similar line in (111).

“The Depths of Shallowness: A True Story”: The final title of Daria and Jane’s film project about Quinn. (206)

“Depth Takes a Holiday”: Twenty-ninth episode of the series (303). Daria encounters the living embodiments of holidays.

78 The band that Halloween, Christmas, and Guy Fawkes Day wish to start is described by a “hiphop-punk-electronica vibe” by Cupid.

79 The holidays are described as “holiday spirits” by Daria.

80 The backgrounds for Lawndale High School have clearly been reused for Holiday Island High. The locker design is the same except that the lockers are blue and not yellow, and murals of ocean waves have been added to the formerly bare walls.

81 Note that Trent says that Christmas and Guy Fawkes Day are “pissed off” because Halloween got a job at Coffee Cafe and didn’t want to share her paycheck -- however, it seems that Christmas is the one getting pummeled by the other two!

Deuce Hardware: Hardware store somewhere in Lawndale. They make keys, they sell paint. Mack and Kevin walk by the store in (401).

"Deuce Hardware" is undoubtedly inspired by "Ace Hardware", a chain hardware store in the United States.

Deuce Hardware is close to the pizza place where Daria, Jane, and other cast members hang out. The list of stores, viewing left to right facing, is as follows:

unnamed Florist shop (414)

pizza place

Lackluster Video (401)

Deuce Hardware (401)

As Daria and Tom walk away from the Pizza Place, the order of these stores is reconfirmed in (414).

Devon: Handsome young fellow, probably famous. Sandi has a large poster of him on her wall in (208). The poster is seen again in (412).

Devonhevonshire: The estate of Mr. Lane in Daria’s imaginary story set in England at the beginning of the 19th century in “Write Where it Hurts”. (213).

82 Dewitt, Leslie: Mother of Ted Dewitt-Clinton. First seen in (207).

Believes that Greenpeace are “corporate puppets”.

83 Dewitt-Clinton, Ted: Photo editor of the Lawndale yearbook staff in (207). Son of Grant Clinton and Leslie Dewitt. Daria’s first real “date”. Until the year Season Two took place, Ted had been home-schooled by his parents.

84 Had to talk his parents into letting him go to a “normal” school. (207)

85 Wishes that volunteer work or charity fundraising got as much yearbook space as sports and clubs. (207)

86 Family has corn growing in front yard (207) - squash and beans are grown in the back.

87 Has made phonograph with his father - also made a couch from Georgia pine.

88 Listens to period music on phonograph (207).

89 Implied that he has never watched television (207).

90 Had never tasted chewing gum before, or pizza (207).

91 Given a tape of The Beatles by Daria. (207).

92 Daria thought he was “sweet”. (207)

93 Jane characterizes him jokingly as a “kook”. (207)

94 Made Daria a necklace - by HAND. (207)

95 Described by Daria as “honest, ethical and smart”. (207)

96 Has strong grip - has been doing isometric exercises since age ten (207)

97 Taught self swordplay from century manuscript. (207)

98 Still taking pictures for the yearbook staff in (406) -- captures picture of Daria and Tom on the parade route.

“The Dharma Bums”: Book written by American author Jack Kerouac (q. v.) It is offered as part of Mr. O’Neill’s class writing assignment in (213)

dimensional wormhole: A wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge, is a feature of the construction of the universe which would allow faster than light travel between one area of the universe and another. It is unknown whether such “wormholes” exist.

Cupid refers to Holiday Island as being accessible through a “dimensional wormhole” in (303). More than likely, he is implying that Holiday Island exists on a separate plane of reality not accessible in this universe only accessed through a special portal. If not, then Holiday Island exists somewhere in the natural universe, but undoubtedly several thousand light years away from Earth.

Dinesen, Isak: Born Karen Blixen (1885-1962). Also wrote under other pseudonyms. Writer of supernatural and erotic works based in aristocratic settings, a more “aesthetic” writer. In 102, Upchuck states that the Taylor family den was inspired by the novels of Isak Dinesen. (http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/blixen.htm)

Ding-Dongs: Chocolate snack cake with cream filling mentioned by Daria in (207). Made by the Hostess company.

Disneyland: Amusement park opened by Walt Disney (American graphic artist, 1901-66). The park is in Anaheim, CA and sits on over 160 acres of property. Also known as the “Magic Kingdom”. Robert is visiting Disneyland with his parents in the events before (304).

"The Divine Comedy": Trilogy of works written by Florentine writer Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) between 1307 and 1321. The narrator relates his travels through hell, purgatory, and heaven.

When David Sorenson arrives at the Morgendorffers to meet Quinn, Daria answers the door. When David asks if he is speaking to Quinn, Daria answers "I don't know. Is this the ninth circle of hell?" (In the first section of the "Divine Comedy" -- "the Inferno" -- it is revealed that hell is divided into layers -- the lower the layer, the greater the punishment. The ninth circle is the lowest layer, where Satan is trapped.) David immediately recognizes the reference. (414)

D. M. C. : Name of a character in Trent's telling of the "Metal Mouth" legend in (410). The character wears a black track suit, high-top fade, large gold medallion, and looks suspiciously like a 1980s version of Mack.

D. M. C. undoubtedly derives his name from the 1980s hip hop group "Run-D.M.C." "D. M. C." stands for Darryl McDaniels, a member of the three-man group. "Run" is Joseph Simmons and the third member of the group is the late Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay).

"Doctor Faustus": Play written by English playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593). The play is based on an earlier German work and the earliest editions with Marlowe's name are from 1604. A scholar sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for unearly power, but comes to fear the time of reckoning when payment is due.

Mr. O'Neill is teaching "Doctor Faustus" in (501), most likely from the Marlowe version, assigning Scenes 1 through 5 for further reading.

Do Me A Donut: Donut store frequented by Daria and Jane in (206).

Donna: Woman on unknown show Quinn watches at the beginning of (411). A roadside mechanic fixes her tire on a snowy Christmas Eve, but the authorities have no record of him. Donna believes that the mechanic was actually a supernatural "guardian angel".

Donner Party: Group of Americans famous for being trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains while attempting to travel from Illinois to California. The large group wished to relocate in California by wagon train. The 87 emigrants were comprised primarily of the Donner and Reed families, and their hired hands.

To survive while trapped in the Sierras, members of the party resorted to cannibalism. Only 46 of the 87 survived, and many of the survivors took part in the eating of corpses.

When Ms. Li assures Daria and Jane that their mountain excursion will not be problematic, Daria replies, "Thank you, Principal Donner." (402)

“Don’t Call Him a Cowboy”: Country music song written by Conway Twitty (q. v.), American country music singer (1933-93). The song was written in the mid 1980s and reached Number 1 on the charts. There is a line in the song that says “don’t call him a cowboy/unless you’ve seen him ride/ Cause a Stetson hat and those fancy boots/don’t tell you what’s inside”. Twitty is making sport of “drugstore cowboys”, men who might not really be as rugged as the way they’re dressed.

Daria quotes these lines when the patrons of Mad Dawg’s doubt Daria and Quinn’s country credentials in (310).

“Don’t Drink or Take Drugs”: Brittany’s entry in the poster college in (201). Its message is “don’t drink or take drugs”.

“Don’t Join a Gang”: Brittany’s second entry in the poster contest in (201). Its message is “don’t join a gang”.

Doo Dad Shop, The: Store at the Mall of the Millenium (105). Down Under is located to its left, facing. Seller of items like magnets and other things termed as “useless junk” by Daria. Apparently has its own theme song, which is sung to Daria by staff when she becomes their 10,000th customer.

Jake gets a bill for $50 from the "Doo Dad Store" in (405).

Dot Com Dot Com Convention: Convention Jake attended the Valentine's Day before the events in (504). While cleaning the garage together -- and complaining that Helen is always working on weekends and never has time for him -- he finds a black negligee in one of the boxes and angry asks Helen what kind of work the negligee was for. Helen responds that she bought the negligee for Valentine's Day, but Jake was attending the Dot Com Dot Com convention and had to cancel. Jake realizes that Helen isn't always the one at fault in their inability to find time together.

Dotson, Daniel: A visiting artist at Ashfield. First seen in (414). A noteworthy work of his is "Paper Plate Genocide". Jane clearly doesn't think much of him as an artist.

* Tends to describe himself in the most glowing of terms (414)

* Example: " I don't sit around and wait for inspiration -- I grab it. In the glint of the sun on a frozen peak...." (414)

* Alison thinks his inspiration comes from his alimony bills, implying that Dotson has been married and divorced (414)

* Clearly flirting with Paris when he gives his speech about his inspiration (414)

* Jane: "Well, he certainly doesn't let substance get in the way of self-congratulatory yap." (414)

* Alison: "At least we'll never have to worry about him intimidating us with his talent" (414)

* Referred to as "brilliant" by another student. (414)

* Jane calls him "Toulouse le Dreck" (414)

* Alison said in past that he goes through students like tubes of paint (414)

* Begins seeing Alison. Pats Alison on the bottom in front of Jane as he leaves (414)

Down Under: One of the many fine stores of Mall of the Millenium. An upscale lingerie store. The Doo Dad Shop is located to its right, facing. (105)

Doubletree: American upscale hotel chain.

Jake mistakenly thought that he and Helen were going to attend the “First Aid for the Heart” seminar at the Doubletree over the weekend in (310)

Doug: Friend of Jake and Helen. His wife is Susan and his daughter is Ramona. (103)

Doug (II): Student at Lawndale High. Mentioned in passing during the “nasal relapse” story in 109.

Drama Horizons: Drama club at Lawndale High Schools. They hold auditions for “The Canterbury Tales” being performed at the Medieval Fair. (210).

Drake: Character in a “love” book Daria reads to Mrs. Blaine in (302).

Drew: Friend of Val’s, according to Val, in (305). Val drops Nonie’s name while eating with the Morgendorffers. Drew and Nonie suggested to Val that she start Val Magazine so that everyone could know Val as well as they did.

Later on, Val mentions that she goes out clubbing with Drew.

Drew is likely American actress Drew Barrymore (1975-present).

(There is an outside chance that Drew could be American comedian Drew Carey (1958-present). “The Drew Carey Show” first went on the air in 1995. I doubt, however, that this is the Drew of whom Val is speaking. - JRB)

Drugs 'N' Stuff: Drug/convenience store. Jake asks Daria to go to Drugs 'N' Stuff in (406) to pick up some toilet paper. To the left of Drugs 'N' Stuff is an unnamed bookstore. There is apparently a second pharmacy along the Lawndale Homecoming parade route near Drugs 'N' Stuff, as Jane expected Tom to meet her at Drugs 'N' Stuff, but Jane only told Tom to meet her at the pharmacy, so he assumed it was the other one.

Jake offers Daria 20 bucks if she can get to Drugs 'N' Stuff and back with the toilet paper in 15 minutes. Daria takes the bribe.

“Duke, Tiffany”: Phony name given by the guard at Crewe Neck as a challenge when Jane identifies herself as “Tiffany”. The guard gives her the choice of Tiffany Hodge, Tiffany Duke, Tiffany Fairchild or Tiffany Blum-Deckler. Unfortunately, Jane chooses the phony name and is identified as a party-crasher. (102)

Duty: Product sold at Payday in (409). It appears to be washing machine powder, as Kevin notes that the XL (extra large) Duty box must mean that it's for "big machines".

Dutchman Inn: Local Lawndale hotel. The Morgendorffer insurance adjustor mentions it in (412), and states that the Dutchman Inn would be within the per-diem of the relocation policy, since the Morgendorffers will have to be out of their house for two weeks.

Quinn is aghast. "That place with the giant clog?!?" (412)

"Dye! Dye! My Darling!" : Fifty-second episode of the series (413). Jane and Daria are headed for a break-up, Jane and Tom are headed for a breakup...so where does this leave Daria and Tom?

* Implied that Jane's "lady or the tiger?" project was going to be revealed to Lawndale students on Monday, as there are no school basckground anywhere during the hair-dyeing scenes and the project is first discussed again by Jodie when she meets Daria.

Earl: Proprietor of a general store on the way back from Camp Grizzly. Jane and Trent stop on the way back home in (504). The man is selling cookies for $2, which leads to a discussion with Trent on the value of thecookies. Trent and the man agree that the important thing is not the price of the cookies, but how much of yourself you put into them. This leads Trent to think that listening to Earl's wisdom will give him insight as to why Mystik Spiral is at each other's throats.

* Earl's wife makes cheese sandwiches and doesn't take the cellophane off the cheese (504)

* Neither Earl nor his wife thaw out the bread when make cheese sandwiches (504)

* Earl and his wife enlist Trent's help in a blindfolded taste test of their potato chips. They ask Trent if he can figure

out the flavor, but he gives up. Jane also detects no flavor. Earl and his wife are happy that they've reached

their goal in creating a flavorless potato chip that doesn't add its own taste to any dip. "It's like having a piece

of paper in your mouth!" (504)

* Created "home-bottled water" from the tap in their rusty kitchen sink (504)

* Earl and his wife's stupidity serve as the inspiration for a new song by Trent, resparking his fire for Mystik Spiral. (504)

Edouard: Melody Powers plans to rendezvous with the “intriguing” Edouard in the story Daria reads to Mrs. Blaine in (302).

Edward II: Born in England in 1284, king of England between 1307 until his death in 1327. He inherited none of the military or diplomatic skills of his father, Edward I, known as the “Hammer of the Scots”, instead preferring the company of court favorites. Most historians believe that Edward II was homosexual. Daria and Jane make a reference to King Edward making Robin Hood his “special friend” in (210)

Elegante: Jake proposes to DeeDee that the Princess Fairy be repainted, have new carpet installed, and change its name to something edgy, like "Elegante" (el-lay-GAN-tay). (312)

"The Elephant Man": Play written by Bernard Pomerance, first performed in 1979 and later made into a movie directed by David Lynch. In 19th century England, a misshapen sideshow freak attempts to resume his place in the mundane world, assisted by a kindly Victorian doctor. The play is based on the real life of "Elephant Man" John Merrick.

Merrick says at one point in the play, "sometimes I think my head is so big because it is so full of dreams". When Mr. O'Neill, in the Lawndale Lion costume, begins to tilt over claiming that his head is too big, Daria replies, "that's 'cause it's so full of dreams". (406)

Ellenbogen: Staff member of Buxton Ridge Military Academy. Jake refers to him as “Corporal Ellenbogen” in (309)

97 Taught Jake how to shave “behind the munitions hut” (309)

98 According to Ruth, Cpl. Ellenbogen has only one thumb (309)

When Jake wakes up from a nightmare in (502), Helen comforts him by telling him, "Your father's dead and

Corporal Ellenbogen's far, far away."

Jake rhetorically asks why CPL Ellenbogen's expertise in digging a foxhole makes him an expert on show tunes (505)

Told Jake that the song he wrote for the Buxton Ridge Military Academy school musical stank. (505)

Jake: "I should have sung (the song) for someone who didn't think that musical comedy began and ended with

Gilbert and Sullivan!" (505)

Elvis: One of the canaries at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. (306)

Emily: Medieval beauty of “The Knight’s Tale”. Quinn wins the role in the version of “The Canterbury Tales” adopted for the LHS Medieval Fair. (210)

"The Emotional Trauma of a Lawndale High School Student": The name of Daria and Jane's multimedia project in (313).

Entepreneurfest 3000: Conference attended by both Terry Perry Barlow and Andrew Landon. (407)

Eric: Possible student at Lawndale High. In 108, Quinn has a date with him inked into her planner. Best friend of Skylar Feldman.

Escher, M. C. : Born Maurits Cornelius Escher. Dutch artist (1898-1972). Most of his works deal with the recreation of infinite perspectives and patterns on the finite surface. Jane has a book about M. C. Escher in her locker in (209)

“Esmerelda”: The phony name Daria answers when Charles “Upchuck” Ruttheimer first introduces himself. (102)

“Esteemsters”: Episode One (101). Daria Morgendorffer arrives at Lawndale High School and is forced to attend a self-esteem class.

101Established that Morgendorffers have moved from other town.

"Ethan Frome": Novel of American writer Edith Wharton (1862-1937) in 1912. Ethan Frome falls in love with his new housekeeper, the cousin of his cantakerous wife. When Ethan and his wife's cousin attempt to elope, tragic consequences follow.

This novel is often required reading in high school. It is mentioned in (414) when David Sorenson asks Quinn if she has read "Ethan Frome" or "Silas Marner". Quinn wants to know "what did they write?"

Evan: Member of the LHS Track Team. First seen in (211). Jane thought he was intriguing.

102Blows off Sandi’s comment about if he’s asking if he can hang out with them.

“I prefer a more enlightened attitude toward fitness.”

103“Women can excel at any sport they put their minds to.”’

104Characterizes Daria as a “loser” - Jane drops him immediately after.

“Everybody Hurts”: Song by R. E. M., released in 1993. The video for the song shows commuters waiting in a traffic jam silently. Subtitles reveal the strange thoughts each commuter is thinking. A scene from (111) slyly parodies “Everybody Hurts”.

exacto knife: A small straight-bladed knife used for cutting with detail. Generally used by hobbyists. Jane laments that she left her exacto knives behind at the pediatrics ward of the hospital in (302).

"Exploding Kiln Number One": Possible name for a "sculpture" designed by Jane. It consists of shards of pottery which have been glued to the wall of her room. (502)

Extreme Sportz Mania Worldwide Inc.: Ms. Li hopes to have this company sponsor the "Lawndale High School Wilderness Adventure Club" that she forms in (402). Clearly, Ms. Li hopes to get her hands on some cash. The slogan of Extreme Sportz appears to be "hanging ten on the edge of the Apocalypse!"

Eyeful: American magazine, c.1943-55. Pinup magazine of scantily dressed females. Bettie Page often appeared as the centerfold. Upchuck’s find of a 1962 version read by a patron walking by the Yard Sale booth in (205) makes it a rare find indeed.

"E-Z Home Electrical Projects": Jake is seen reading this book at the table in (411).

E-Z Waffle: Brand of waffle sold at Payday. (409)

"The F Word": Episode forty-four of the series (405). Mr. O'Neill gives his class a bizarre assignment, and Daria and Jane must find something that they can fail at.

School is closed on Thursday and Friday for the Statewide Teacher's convention attended by Ms. Li, Mr. DeMartino,

Mrs Bennett, Ms. Defoe, Ms. Barch and Mr. O'Neill.

Teachers receive $50 per diem for meals at the convention, but Ms. Li has told her teachers that they are receiving

$20 per diem -- she is obviously pocketing the rest.

On the day that Mr. O'Neill gives his failure assignment, Sandi states that it is "five days, two hours and twenty-three

minutes" until the teen fashion extravaganza at the mall.

After the week "The F Word" takes place, Cashman's is holding its "Cashmere-acle Week", which starts Monday.

The teen fashion extravaganza takes place the weekend before that Monday.

"Face/Off": American 1997 movie starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. A technique which allows faces to be transplated allows a lawman to "become" a terrorist to go undercover, but the terrorist "becomes" the lawman and the conflict begins.

At a dinner table at Quiet Ivy, a counselor suggests to the Morgendorffers that they need to "wear each other's faces" for an exercise. Quinn says, "Ew! Like that movie with that guy and that other guy?" (408)

Faculty/DJ Roller Hockey Game: Event held at Lawndale High School in (110).

Fairchild, Tiffany: Lawndale student invited to Brittany’s party in 102. Her name is visible on the guest list held by the guard at the Crewe Neck gate.(102)

“Fair Enough”: Episode twenty-three of the series (210). Lawndale High has a medieval fair.

Attractions at the fair include a ferris wheel, a “dinner theatre” (turkey drumsticks) by LHS Drama Horizons of “The Canterbury Tales” which takes place in an auditorium (possibly the auditorium on the school grounds), “Blackbird Pies”, a “witch dunk”, a “learn heraldry” booth, a “joust with the Black Knight” attraction with Mr. DeMartino as the Black Knight, a “ye leather”shop, cake booth attended by Sandi and Tiffany, an information booth attended by Jodie, a “slay the dragon” attraction where Mack is the dragon, an archery range.

Fallon, Gilit : One of four background designers of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. Her name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Falstaff’s Kidney Pies: A cart labeled “Falstaff’s Kidney Pies” is seen at the Lawndale Mall in (303). It is marked with a sign that reads “Going Out of Business”.

“A Farewell to Arms”: Novel written by Ernest Hemingway (q. v.) in 1929, drawing heavily on his experiences in World War I. The novel is the story of the love of an American ambulance driver for an English nurse and the harsh reality of being at war. The book is listed on O’Neill’s blackboard in (304)

Farmer’s Market: Store selling fresh produce in Lawndale.

105Seen in 109, but I don’t think this is the first appearance.

Fashion Club: Social group at Lawndale High School. Its members are Sandi Griffin (president), Quinn Morgendorffer (vice-president), Stacy (secretary) and Tiffany (treasurer).

2 first mentioned in 101

3 Quinn joins Fashion Club in 101

4 emergency meeting mentioned in 104

5 first time seen as intact foursome: in 105, at food concession of the Mall of the Millenium.

6 each member of the Fashion Club is among the five students chosen for on-stage instruction in (106) - the fifth overweight student is a “decoy” according to Claude and Romanica

7 Brook wishes to join (109)

8 Fashion Club bylaws state that “skin care crises transcend personality conflicts”. (209)

9 Sandi does not believe in Fashion Club members trying out for Drama, believing that Fashion Club members should not “surrender wardrobe autonomy” (210)

10 While collecting clothes for the homeless, the Fashion Club walk right over a beggar (!) as he asks for spare change. (302) And Sandi chides Stacy on her lack of compassion for claiming that her feet hurt!

11 Sandi clearly alpha female - intimidates Fashion Club members into not helping Quinn with dance (304)

12 Daria jokingly tells Jane that “no one can survive an assault by the Fashion Club”. (305)

13 Sandi calls a vote on Quinn's Fashion Club standing by claiming that she violated the Fashion Club Oath in (402) -- "To promote a healthy glow by never allowing the other members to be deprived of skin-enhancing water reserves." Neither Stacy nor Tiffany can remember this "oath".

14 Quinn temporarily voted out of Fashion Club in (402)

15 Sandi states that emergency meeting might have to be held to reevaluate desirability of dating football team members due to football team losing in (403)

Fashion Club

12 Have float in the Lawndale Homecoming parade: banner reads "Look at Us!", the float is pulled by the Three Js. (406)

13 Had headshots to hand out to spectators in (406), but Stacy handed them out too quickly -- Stacy laments that she should have paced herself better.

14 Implied by Tiffany that the Fashion Club does charity work of some kind (even if it might just be limited to helping the "less fortunate" look better. (406)


16 Sandi attempts to have Quinn relieved of her Fashion Club duties when Quinn admits that she doesn't have a date on Saturday. (407)

17 Quinn's assignment in (409) was to supply the sunscreen for the entire Fashion Club at the Lawndale Football barbecue.

18 President (Sandi) apparently has power to call emergency meetings of Fashion Club, any time, any place. (409)

19 When Sandi calls emergency meeting of the Fashion Club, Stacy panicks and assures Sandi that her shirt is 100 percent cotton, it just looks like a blend, implying that blends are a no-no as of (409)

20 After Quinn asks if the Fashion Club should help the "moving fashion violations" at Payday, Sandi states that "some people are beyond help" at Payday, indication that there is a limit to Fashion Club assistance. (409)

21 The Fashion Club members generally have guys drive them to the mall, then make them wait in the car while they shop. (410)

22 Fashion Club to hold "round-table discussion" at Quinn's house on "blush strategy and philosophy" (413)

Fashion Club

During the final phase of the "blush-a-thon" at Quinn's house in (413), Quinn warns Daria that "things could get heated". (413)

Rough ranking of intelligence levels among Fashion Club members: Quinn, Stacy, Sandi, Tiffany. (414)

Implied that Fashion Club intended to go to Pepperhill University as a group after high school (414)

Among Fashion Club membership qualifications discussed in (503) -- fingertips (no stubby fingertips), weight, and

eyelash density (503)

Sandi makes a motion to scale the maximum acceptable weight back by 3 pounds -- Quinn points out that that would

make it hard to find any new members -- Sandi overrules everyone's objection (503)

Sandi from the presidency of the Fashion Club (and implied, leaves the club completely) "out of respect to the

Fashion Club's stringent obesity policy" (503)

When Quinn tells Sandi that she could never replace her (as president), Sandi breaks down in tears, believing that

Quinn is resigning the presidency out of respect for their friendship together. Quinn is unable to accept the

Fashion Club presidency, not wanting to injure Sandi's feelings (503)

Quinn says there's "no way" there could be a Fashion Club without her and Sandi (503)

Quinn names Tiffany president of Fashion Club and Stacy vice-president after she resigns her membership (503)

Departure speech from Quinn to Tiffany and Stacy: "You're going to carry on the Fashion Club mission! You'll

stop the vertically-challenged from wearing really fat stripes, point out icky fibers to icky fiber wearers, and

fight frosted shadows wherever you go. Unless it's at a costume party. You'll hold yourselves up to the highest

standards possible. No ankle boot too pointy, no chartreuse too chartreuse-y, and no mock turtleneck too

mocky. And finally...you will never, every date anyone less attractive than you are -- although equally

attractive is okay!" (503)

Stacy and Tiffany conclude that there aren't any girls at Lawndale who could meet the Fashion Club's standards (503)

Attempt to spark Fashion Club by inviting the Three Js as prospective members (503)

Stacy angrily leaves the Fashion Club claiming that she was forced to do all the work keeping the club together while trying her best, while all Tiffany did was sit and talk about herself (she imitates Tiffany's slow drawl to Tiffany's face for emphasis. When Tiffany says she's leaving the Fashion Club too, Stacy shrieks in frustration. (503)

Configuration of Fashion Club returns to normal when Sandi returns to pre-fracture weight (503)

Agreed by Fashion Club that "applicants can't have stubby fingertips or nails shorter than one-quarter of an inch" (503)

Sandi states that Fashion Club protocol only allows the president to switch topics when it comes to membership

requirements (503)

Sandi attempts to add a rule that "no one with a low eyelash count should be admitted -- no exceptions". Quinn

then brings up that thickeners could simply be used to help eyelash-deficient applicants appear to have an

more "normal" eyelash count. Sandi accuses Quinn of proposing "artifice" but Stacy and Tiffany agree with

Quinn, and Sandi backs down. Sandi then states that the "eyelash-deficient" must wear mascara at all times.


After watching the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards, the Fashion Club decides to take part in a charity project.

They conclude they will donate a mirror to the girls' bathroom, since the current mirror "adds two pounds"


Fashion Club

While deciding how to pay for the new mirror, Quinn decides that the FC should do what they do best -- "tell people

what's wrong with their outfits". Tiffany says, "But, we do that all day for free. That's why everyone likes us."(505)

Quinn suggests that the Fashion Club start a newsletter for "fashion victims". The newsletter would give general

advice, predict fashion trends, and tell people what they should and shouldn't buy. (505)

Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards: Show seen by the Fashion Club in (505). The program has pledged to donate a tenth of a cent to charity for everyone viewing. (at 100,000 viewers, or one-tenth of a ratings point, that's...a hundred dollars! -- JRB)

"Fat Like Me": Fifty-sixth episode of the series (503). When Sandi gains weight after breaking a leg, could the weight

gain spell the end of the Fashion Club -- and Sandi's self-esteem?

* Episode takes place over an extended time, since Quinn says that the doctor tells Sandi that she has to be in a cast

"for at least a month", and states that she has missed Sandi "these past few weeks". The episode covers the

period of time from the time Sandi breaks her leg to the time where Sandi loses the weight and has the cast


* A scene in DeMartino's classroom might obliquely refer to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Daria has bet that

DeMartino will use the word "morons" to refer to his students; Jane bets that the word will be "imbeciles".

The scene goes:

DeMartino: "I see. Perhaps it's my own STUPIDITY that allows me to think that I could impart

wisdom to a bunch of -- "

Jane: (quietly) Say it!

Daria: (quietly) Starts with an "m" -- !

A similar scene occurs in RHPS, when Brad is talking to Janet. He says "I really love the....skillful way..."

and his speech is so loaded with pauses (like most of the movie) that the rowdy audiences are

encouraged to shout out lines in the spaces. Fans have been known to shout "say it!" and "starts with

an '"s"" during this part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Therefore, this scene with Daria, Jane,

and DeMartino might be a homage to Rocky Horror!

* Sandi's swim time goes from 16:43 to 15:07 under Quinn's tutelage. There is a grid marked with six days of the

week, Monday through Saturday, and decreasing times over the course of the week. We see Quinn and

Sandi together at the pool on Thursday.

Fauvism: Brief artistic movement of the first decade of the 20th century. The movement used non-naturalistic colors to paint natural scenes, for example a pink sky or a blue sun. Color was the dominant means of emotional expresion, and Derain, Marquet, and Roualt were members of the Fauvist movement, which was succeeded by more avant-garde movements in art by 1908-10.

When Jane arrives at Ashfield, her new housemates are debating Fauvism. Paris argues with one of the others. One housemate states that Fauvism was a product of its time and now looks like "black-velvet junk". Paris counters that you can't evaluate the work outside of the context of its time, the first counters "you can if it's good".

(It is ironic that while the artists at Ashfield mock the Fauvists for throwing color around "like a dog marking its territory", most of them have their hair dyed in rather unnatural colors.)

F. D. R.: See Roosevelt, Franklin.

Feldman, Skylar: Classmate of Quinn Morgendorffer. Quinn is interested in him because his family has a boat. States that “plenty of girls want to go out with me”(108)

However, Quinn had planned to break up with Skylar in September of that year in her planner.

106Has credit card to pay for dinner at Chez Pierre.

107Best friend is Eric.

108Might be a bit possessive - “I thought you were my girlfriend, now!”

Fellini, Frederico: Italian film director (1920-93). Most of his film deal with memory, sexuality, and fantasy and are highly symbolic. Among his most notable films are "La Strata", "La Dolce Vita", "8 1/2", "The Satryicon", and "Ginger and Fred".

Tom suggests a Fellini film festival to Jane in (412).

fettuccine bolognese: Recipe involving fettuccine (a type of pasta), ground meat, tomatoes, celery, onions and spices. The Morgendorffers are having fettucine bolognese when Trent arrives to let Jane know he’ll be sleeping in The Tank in (308).

Fielding: Name of Tom Sloane's "preparatory academy". It was revealed that Tom Sloane went to private school in (401).

* Referred to as "ivy-choked prep school" by Daria (406)

* Mentioned by name in (414), when Katherine Sloane is talking to Tom. (414)

* Implied that a) this is the school Tom attends and b) Fielding is co-ed. When Tom says that Daria made the

honor roll "all three trimesters", Katherine Sloane replies that Fielding doesn't have trimesters. (414)

Fiennes, Ralph: English actor (1962-present). Name is pronounced “rafe fines”. Appeared in such films as “Schindler’s List”, “The Avengers” and “Maid in Manhattan”. Amy tells Daria that she can either send Daria a picture of Daria in her new contact lenses, or a picture of Ralph Fiennes. (301)

Fifi: Puppy sold at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. Fifi seems to belong to a litter of puppies. (306)

"Fifth Business": Novel by Canadian writer Robertson Davies (1913-95), written in 1970. A study in realism and shades of mysticism as the intertwining events of two lives are examined from childhood -- that of a quiet scholar returned from World War I and the other a ruthless politician. But which of the two has the most power and influence? The first book of the "Deptford Trilogy".

Daria is reading "Fifth Business" in between her stints helping with activities in (414).

“Fifty Years of Off-Broadway Choreography”: Programming shown in place of the Denver Broncos game during (304) - the Broncos are trapped at Denver International Airport, thus no game and a lot of disappointed party guests at Sandi’s house.

Fiona: Friend of Val’s, according to Val, in (305). Val drops Fiona’s name while she eats with the Morgendorffers. Val supposedly gave Fiona some lyrics and Fiona commented about how wise Val was.

Fiona might be a reference to Fiona Apple (1977-present), a popular American singer.

"Fire!": Fifty-first episode of the series (412). The Morgendorffers move into a hotel after a house fire, while Jane and Tom's relationship is on the rocks.

* Art goof: Helen is sleeping in her earrings at 1 AM during the scene where Eric calls her.

* Engine 9 is the number of the fire truck from Lawndale Fire that arrives to put out the Morgendorffer kitchen fire.

* Insurance assessment reveals only smoke damage, which requires painting of downstairs and upstairs areas -- estimated time

of job: two weeks.

“First Aid for the Heart”: Jake mentions the “First Aid for the Heart” seminar at the Doubletree in (310). He thought that he and Helen were going there for the weekend instead of to the “Making Marriage Magic” seminar at the Ramada.

Fishback, Carly: Candidate for library board elections in (108). Helen wants to “beat the pants off her”.

Fitzgerald, Zelda: American author (“Save Me the Waltz”, 1932) and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their tumultuous relationship is a matter of literary history. Zelda was mentally ill and had her first nervous breakdown in 1930. She would die during a fire at the Highland (!) Mental Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina in 1948.

Daria rationalizes the holidays in (303) as some kind of nervous breakdown. She resolves to ride it out, “Zelda Fitzgerald-style”.

"Fizz Ed": Fifty-fourth episode of the series (501). When the school's budget runs short, Ms. Li makes a deal with a soda company where the company can advertise at Lawndale High.

Takes place sometime after November, as headline of Lawndale Sun-Herald reveals that voters reject property

tax -- general voting time for tax propositions is early November

Verified during the discussion of "the 30th" as Super Bowl Sunday. The Superbowl is invariably held in January

and the closest Super Bowl held on January 30th was the Super Bowl held on January 30, 2000. This

contradicts "Is It Fall Yet?" since it is implied that the imaginary retreat claimed by Helen would take place

on a Sept 8th weekend...which would fall on Sept 8, 2000 and begin on Friday. It makes more sense to

have (501) take place in the year 2000, since it has been claimed that two seasons of Daria equal one year

of real time. Therefore Seasons One and Two cover 1997-1998, Seasons Three and Four cover 1998-1999,

and Season Five covers the latter part of 1999-2000, making Daria a sophomore during Seasons One and

Two, a junior during Seasons Three and Four, and a senior during Season Five.

School meeting takes place January 30th on a Sunday. Daria states that Sunday is an odd day for a school review

meeting to take place, and Kevin reminds Daria that January 30th is Super Bowl Sunday.

Sign reads "School Review Meeting: 6:00, Super Bowl Kickoff: 6:04". The start time was actually 6:18 Eastern

Standard Time for "Super Bowl XXXIV", implying that Lawndale is in the Eastern United States.

Three different people try to trump Daria's argument about the unethical nature of soda advertising in a public school

by asking if she drinks soda: Leonard Lamm, Jodie, and Superintendent Cartwright.

What Ms. Li tries to do to increase sales of Ultra Cola:

* bedecks the school grounds and school buses with Ultra Cola advertising.

* forces LHS teachers to use Ultra Cola-themed visual aids and lesson plans.

* increases break time between classes from five minutes to ten to increase sales of Ultra Cola

* forces football team to wear Ultra Cola-colored uniforms.

* forces cheerleaders to wear uniforms shaped like Ultra Cola cans.

* (when desperate) tells the football players that she'll raise their Grade Point Average by one point for

every twenty cans of Ultra Cola they drink

Events of "Fizz Ed" take place over at least four weeks -- Ms. Li makes a statement to the effect that the Ultra Cola

contract has been in effect for four weeks, meaning that the episode takes place either to the end of February

or beyond it.

(A particularly confusing and annoying error involves the appearance of the Lawndale Lions football team

in a game against Oakwood at the end of this "four week" period. That would put the Lawndale Lions on the

field either at the end of February or the beginning of March. High school football in the United States is

generally over by November, with any playoffs or state championships ending by January at the absolute

lates. I know of no place in the United States that plays high school football in February or March.

(My conclusion? I don't chalk up the errors to Lawndale being on some strange sports schedule that involves

spring varsity football. Rather, I chalk it up to saying, politely, that high school sports is not writer Glenn

Eichler's area of expertise...either that, or he just didn't care. -- JRB)

Fizzy Gulp: Unknown product sold at PayDay. (409)

Flash: Computer software which animates two-dimensional figures. The first version of Flash was created in the mid 1990s by Johnathan Gay.

Jackleene angrily asks a Buzzdome.com customer if they have the most recent version of Flash in (502).

Flatware & China: Operators of a booth at the Bridal Expo at LHS in (204). Guess what they sell?

fly girl: General urban slang for a good-looking young woman. Also: “In Living Color” was an American sketch comedy show between 1990 and 1994. It was considered cutting edge with street sensibilities. Between sketches, a group of dancers called “Fly Girls” would come out and gyrate - Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez were once Fly Girls.

Jane suggests that Daria would make a good fly girl for Trent’s band in (111).

“Food in Film Festival”: Film festival shown at the Playhouse 99 theater in (206).

Food Lord: Supermarket where strike occurs during (206). A striker suggests that the reason for the strike is that the company is reducing worker benefits.

Forbidden Zone: Store seen at Lawndale Mall in (403). "Forbidden Zone" could be a take on "Forbidden Planet", a New York City store devoted to comic book, anime, and comic paraphenelia. Toy odels can be seen hanging from the roof of Forbidden Zone in the background shot.

Ford, Gerald: Thirty-eighth President of the United States (1913-present). Served as Vice-President from 1973 to 1974, chosen for the position by President Richard Nixon after Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigned after pleading no contest to a charge of income tax evasion. Served as President from 1974 to 1976 after Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment over the political scandal known as Watergate.

Among his many peculiarities, Ford was known for his love of sports and golf - Ford formerly played college football. Steve Taylor states that Ford sold him his “Pebble Beach” hat in (302).

Forecast Channel: Weather-only channel. The TV at the Gupty house is set for only the Forecast Channel - all other channels are locked out. (108)

Forever Jewelers: “Rings for Every Occasion”. Operate a booth at the Bridal Expo at LHS in (204) The booth operator tries to sell Kevin and Mack a wedding ring.

G. Fort: One of the people living in Mr. O'Neill's apartment complex. (405)

Foxy Tees: Clothing store located at the Lawndale Mall. Seen in the background in (303).

Frances: Senior living at the Better Days Retirement Home. Another senior states that Frances had a voice like Brittany’s when she was young. Frances agrees that she always did have a lovely voice. (302)

“Francois the Seedless”: Film shown at the “Food in Film Festival” in (206)

“Frankenstein”: Horror novel written by Mary Wollestonecraft Shelley, English writer (1797-1851). Doctor Victor Frankenstein creates a human being from cadavers and brings it to life but does not realize the consequences of his actions. The creature sees himself as set apart from humanity and seeks revenge on his creator.

Mr. O’Neill offers this book as one of the readings for his class assignment in (213)

"Freakin' Friends": Name of the song that Mystik Spiral perform for Daria and Jane in (414) The chorus goes:

Freakin' friends

Freakin' friends

'Till we come to bad ends, we're freakin' friends

A full length animated video of "Freakin' Friends" appeared during the intermission of the first showing of Episode 414.

FreeBSD: A server platform created by Rod Grimes, Jordan Hubbard and Nate Williams in late 1993. A "server platform" is an operating system -- the type of software that provides access to files and applications from a personal computer as well as supports the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) software use to browse the Internet. It is derived from BSD, a version of the programming language UNIX developed at the University of California at Berkely.

FreeBSD is an "open source" platform, meaning that the secrets of the code are made available to other computer programmers for free, without any reciprocal obligations. It is believed that open source platforms work "cleaner" and are less prone to crashing than proprietary platforms like Windows.

Zhengdong asks Jake in (502) for his thoughts on FreeBSD versus Linux as a server platform.

Fremont: Town approximately 100 miles away from Lawndale, according to Trent. Mentioned in (310).

109Daria was taken to Fremont once on a business trip with her father. She describes it as “deader than Lawndale”. (310)

110Jane states that Fremont is out of state (310)

111Veterans of Foreign Wars post 37 is in Fremont (310).

112Sheriff in Fremont is “a big fan of Picasso”, according to Jane (310)

Fremont provides one of the clues to the location of Lawndale, as it appears to be a southwestern/Texan/desert type of town, given the terrain.

Fries-N-Things: Part of food concession at Mall of the Millenium. Daria and Jane order there. (105)

(They appear to have the monopoly on the food concession as the Fashion Club walks past two different Fries-N-Things booths to get to Daria and Jane, who are in line at another Fries-N-Things area. - JB)

Fruits of Your Labor: Operate a booth at the Bridal Expo at LHS in (204). They sell maternity wear.

Fudge Me: Store at Lawndale Mall, see in background in (405) as Quinn and Mr. O'Neill are walking by. It is a counter where fudge is sold.

fudgie pop: See "Funnie Fudgie". (414)

"The Fugitive": Crime drama shown on American ABC television between 1963 and 1967. A doctor is accused of the murder of his own wife, and must keep one step ahead of the law. The doctor was played by David Janssen. While on the run, Dr. Richard Kimble searches for a one-armed man who he believes may have killed his wife.

During Daria's dream in (404), Jane tells Daria that Trent is head. Holding up a prosthetic limb, Jane states that she believes a one-armed man was involved, a homage to "The Fugitive". The movie was remade in 1993, starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones as the policeman pursing Dr. Kimble.

Funky Do: Store at Lawndale Mall, see in background in (405) as Quinn and Mr. O'Neill are walking by. The stage of the teen fashion extravaganza obscures the store, but it appears to be a standard fashion store.

Funky Doodle: Retro clothing store on Dega Street. Seen in (212).

(Note: During the alter egos at the end of episodes before (212), Daria was seen in a black and white square patterned short-sleeved blouse with matching red mini skirt. The same outfit is seen in the window at Funky Doodle, and Trent mentions that Daria would look good in it.)

Funnie Fudgie: Type of ice cream treat sold by Mack during his job selling ice cream in (414). One of his kids wants a "fudgy pop"; he might be referring to a Funnie Fudgie.

fuzzy navel: Alcoholic beverage. Add one and one half ounces of schnapps to a highball glass. Fill rest of glass with orange juice, add orange slice. Serve.

Val knows exactly how “cheeseball” boyfriend ended up with “Gwynnie” - apparently, it involves a pitcher of fuzzy navels. Val recounts the story - loudly - over the telephone in (305).

Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits: Shop at Mall of the Millenium. Mrs. Bennett and her husband collect Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits (105). Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits appear to be modeled after “Beanie Babies”, inexpensive bean-bag stuffed animals initially produced in 1994.

Garland, Judy: American entertainer (1922-69). Judy Garland had fame in the dual roles of actress and singer. Her most notable films are "The Wizard of Oz", "Meet Me in St. Louis", and "A Star is Born". As a very petite, masculine-looking adult with depression issues and married to a gay man at one time, as well as being a powerful, soulful singer, Ms. Garland had, and continues to have, a very strong following in the gay community.

When Daria and Jane see a Sick Sad World segment called "Little Cross Dressers and the Women Who Love Them", Daria comments that if the model surrounded by the midget cross-dressers in the promo was Judy Garland, the segment would work on a number of levels . Daria undoubtedly means that the segment would work on these levels:

1) Judy Garland was always admired by gay men, and

2) Judy Garland was surrounded by several very small actors playing Munchkins in "The Wizard of Oz". (410)

(Yes, I know that cross dressers are not gay, gays are not depressed, and that my interpretation of why Judy Garland appeals so strongly to the gay community might be completely incorrect. Just remind yourself that I'm doing this for free. -- JRB)

"The Gamma People": Science-fiction movie from 1956 starring Paul Douglas and Eva Bartok. In an Iron Curtain country, gruesome experiements are performed on children to turn them into mutated slaves.

While Helen explains that Daria's sarcastic responses to the Quiet Ivy questionnaire are just Daria's nature and not a sign of mental illness, Daria asks the staff not to listen to Helen, claiming that she's one of the "Gamma People". (408)

Gang-of-Boys: A boy band that Quinn appears to like. She lists Gang-of-Boys, along with several other boy-band names while on the phone with an unidentified Fashion Club member in (407).

Garrett: Quinn’s escort at Erin’s wedding in (204). Speaks with a Southern accent. Starts a fight with the minister, as he believes that the minister’s intentions towards Quinn are not honorable. Quinn quietly tends to Garrett after he is injured (the minister seems to have gotten the worst of it).

Gary: One of the students helping Ms. Defoe paint a sports mural in (406). He and Cece get into a paint fight.

Gatorade: American health drink, created in 1966 by scientists working at the University of Florida. The drink replaces electrolytes lost through perspiration (very important when playing sports in the hot Florida sun). The drink was named after Florida's sports mascot, the Gators.

After Kevin injures his knee in (403), Brittany offers to bring him a Gatorade. Kevin declines, saying that only people who play sports can drink sports drinks.

gem tincture: Homeopathic remedy where a miniscule amount of gemstone is deluted by water. Homeopaths believe that such extremely diluted tintures (some are deluted to a parts per million ratio) have healing properties.

Mr. O'Neill offers Daria and Jane some St. John's Wort tea with a gem tincture in (405).

George: Assistant to Val. Val contacts him by cellphone in (305), asking for a change of wardrobe after Val learns that LHS is holding School Colors day.

Gereg, Chris W.: Director of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Get Smart: American situation comedy, 1965-70. Parody of secret agent films popular in the 1960s, incompetent secret agent Maxwell Smart manages to save the world again and again despite his complete cluelessness. Trent says in (205) that if something should be saved from the 1960s, better peace and love than a Get Smart lunchbox.

Get Up!: Unknown item sold at PayDay. (409)

· Gidget: Character created by Frederick Kohner (1905-86). The character, a petite, irrepressibly bubbly surf girl with modern opinions, was played most memorably by Sandra Dee in the original 1959 movie and by Sally Field in a TV series from 1965-66.


· Jane refers to Val as “Gidget” jokingly to Daria in (305).

Gifford, Kathie Lee: American singer and actress (1953-present). She is, however, best known for being a cohost on the popular talk show "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee". When Gifford left the show in 2001, the title was changed to "Live with Regis and Kelly", referring to the new cohost, Kelly Ripa.

Popular opinion is divided regarding Kathie Lee Gifford. Her public portrayal is one of being a vibrant personality who is very caring and sensititve to the needs of others; most critics, however, see Gifford as a preening narcissist.

When Helen volunteers Daria for service at the "Okay to Cry" Corral in (414), Daria derisively refers to Mr. O'Neill as "the poor man's Kathie Lee Gifford".

“Gifted”: Twenty-first episode of the series. (208) Daria and Jodie visit a private school.

113References “The Lab Brat”, when Helen mentions that Daria and Kevin did a

science project together.

Gilbert and Sullivan: The duo of British lyricist William Schwenck Gilbert (1836-1911) and British composer Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900). Between 1871 and 1896, Gilbert and Sullivan wrote fourteen comic operas. Their best known works include "The Pirates of Penzance", "H. M. S. Pinafore" and "The Mikado".

In (505), Jake complains about Corporal Ellenbogen telling him that the song he wrote for a musical at Buxton Ridge Military Academy musical stunk. Jake says that he shouldn't have accepted criticism from someone who thought that musical comedy ended with Gilbert and Sullivan.

Gimme Gym: Shop seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). Facing the store, to the left of the store is Tom's Liquor and to the right is a branch of the United States Post Office.

Gimme Some Skin: Leather goods shop at Lawndale Mall. First seen in (403). Kevin buys his "rebel" motorcycle jacket there.

Girlie Clothes: Store at the Lawndale Mall. Quinn is seen carring a "Girlie Clothes" bag at the beginning of (410).

Girl Scouts: Organization for girls and young female teens, founded in 1912 in the United States by Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927). The organization seeks to teach young girls and women about nature and crafts. It is the American version of the British Girl Guides.

Jane implies that she belonged to the Girl Scouts at some time before (402). She states that the marching and singing drove her out, and that she was no longer a Girl Scout "after the deprogramming".

Gleason, Chelsea : One of four background designers of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. Her name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Gleason, Claudia: Supervising director of Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. Her name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Gleason, Matthew "Matt" : One of four background designers of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

“glitter berries”: Unknown berries found in the woods during (112). Jake, Helen, and Quinn all ate the berries and begin to behave and think (more) abnormally. Quinn called the berries “glitter berries” because of the sparkling glitter that filled your mouth when you bit into them. (112)

Grace, Sloane and Page: Firm where Angier Sloane works. First mentioned in (414). Undoubtedly a stock or securities firm, as Jake makes a joke -- in poor taste -- about insider training. (414) Tom implies that the "Sloane" in Grace, Sloane, and Page refers to his father.

* Tom plans to work in father's office for one month in (414). Tells Daria that "you can help me file earnings reports".

grade-point average: Numerical indicator of student grades. American grades are generally letter grades, ranking A (the highest grade), then B, C, D, and F (failing). The grade average assigns a value of 4 to A, 3 to B, and down to 0 for F. The class grades are then totaled and averaged, giving a general idea as to how well a student is doing academically, i.e. 3.4 or 2.6. Helen states that Quinn’s grade point average needs to be brought up in (105).

Gravano, Sammy "The Bull": American mobster (1945-present) born Salvatore Gravano in Bensonherst, NY. Gravano is famous for testifying against American mob boss John Gotti in 1992. Gravano had plastic surgery and entered the Witness Protection Program, but was charged with a crime in 2000 and is currently serving time in an Arizona prison.

In (403), Quinn natters on about Sandi wanting to join the Witness Protection Program after Lawndale becomes a "loser" school. Quinn adds, however, that Sandi refuses to go if they make her dye her hair that "brassy blond". Daria says, "That's what Sammy 'The Bull" Gravano said."

"Green Eggs and Ham": Short illustrated children's story written by American writer and illustrator Theodore Seuss Geisel (1904-91), also known as "Dr. Seuss" in 1960. Sam tries to get his friend to eat a dish of green eggs and ham, but his friend absolutely refuses to eat them. In the end, the friend finally gives up, eats the green eggs and ham, and discovers he likes them. The moral is not to let your initial impressions keep you from trying new things.

The story is simple, only fifty words long. American author and editor Bennett Cerf bet Seuss that Seuss couldn't write a book only using fifty words. This story was Dr. Seuss's response.

When Helen remarks that Quinn's reading a new book in (411), Daria says that she hates to give the ending away, "but at the end, he eats the green eggs and the ham".

“Going on a Picnic”: Memory game. The first person says “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing _______”, and fills in the blank with an object beginning with “A”. The second person repeats what the first person has said, and adds an object beginning with “B”. If a person cannot name all the items, he or she is eliminated. The winner is the last person remaining. Daria, Jane, Trent and Jesse play this game in (111).

Goldberg, Whoopi: American actress and comedian (1955-present). When Mack reveals that he was renamed after Michael Jordan by his father, Tommy Sherman tells Mack to remind his father not to go to any Whoopi Goldberg movies in (113).

Gone Pawn: Shop seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). Facing the store, to the left of the store is Husky Fellas and to the right is Tom's Liquor.

"Gone With the Wind": American movie made in 1939, starring Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh. A young Southern belle's world is shattered during the American Civil War, and she is torn between the respectable Southern gentleman she loves and the dashing rogue who loves her.

During one scene, Scarlett, forced to dig for food from the ground, swears that she'll never be brought down to this even if she has to "lie, cheat or steal". She says, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

One of the scenes with Ms. Barch in (402) is a homage to this scene in "Gone With the Wind".

In (414), Mack says that when working on the ice cream truck, wearing his white suit, earning minimum wage and dealing with bratty kids that he felt like a house slave in "Gone With the Wind".

"The Good Ship Lollipop": Reference to the song "On the Good Ship Lollipop" made in (402). The song is heard on the 1934 American film "Bright Eyes" starring Shirley Temple (American actress/ambassador, 1928-present). Temple is probably the most famous child star ever, known as a singer and dancer in many of her movies in the 1930s.

While Helen dances during charades, Jake guesses "The Good Ship Lollipop". (402)

Good Time Chinese Restaurant: Chinese eating establishment in Lawndale. According to The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun, it’s a chain store.

A dimensional wormhole (q. v.) located at the Good Time Chinese Restaurant in Lawndale provides a passageway to Holiday Island. The passageway apparently exits at a version of the Good Time Chinese Restaurant which exists on Holiday Island. Seen in (303).

Goosh: Item sold in beauty isle near moisturizing cream at PayDay (409).

Gordon: Possible student at Lawndale High School. Going out with Victoria as of (111). Six inches shorter than Victoria.

Gore-Tex: Material developed by W. L. Gore and Associates in 1989. The material is a breathable water membrane that blocks wind. Gore-Tex products are introduced by the phrase, "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry".

Quinn is thinking of ordering a "Gore-Tex twin set" for parties in (402)

"got milk?" Successful American ad campaign. The campaign was started by the California Milk Processor Board in 1993. The most famous of the "got milk?" ads -- which use the phrase as a final line -- was the first ad in 1993, where an Aaron Burr expert listens to a quiz show on the radio offer a cash prize to anyone who can answer a history question. The expert knows the answer is "Aaron Burr", but since he has a mouth full of peanut butter -- and no milk -- he cannot get the words "Aaron Burr" out in any comprehensible manner.

Jake complains that Helen won't even let him drink "innocent milk" in (408). "Got Milk? Not Jakie, Dammit!"

Goya, Francisco: See “The Work of Goya”.

“The Graduate”: 1967 film starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft and Katherine Ross. A college graduate (Hoffman) looking for meaning finds himself romantically involved both with a young woman (Ross) and her mother (Bancroft), who seduces him.

Daria’s imaginary story of Kevin and Brittany’s wedding borrows from The Graduate, complete with Jane banging on the glass from the balcony, the interruption of the wedding, and the escape of Jane and Kevin in a bus, with Jane and Kevin playing the roles of Hoffman and Ross, respectively.

Graham: Student at Grove Hills in (208).

114Goal is to “make first million” and stroll down Riviera with a model on each

arm. (208)

115When Daria suggest that you can be both “intellectually gifted” and “morally bankrupt”, Graham replies “I certainly hope so!” (208)

116Implied that when he was in high school, the quarterback told the whole school that he showered in a towel. (208)

117Doesn’t care for opinions of peers who don’t attend Grove Hills (208)

118Has a 165 IQ. (208)

119Described (accurately) as “boring”, “miserable” and “a loser” by Jodie (208)

"The Grapes of Wrath": Novel written by American writer John Steinbeck (1902-68) in 1939. An Oklahoma family is uprooted by the Dust Bowl during the Depression and takes a treacherous trip to relocate to California.

David Sorenson attempts to teach Tiffany about the book in (414), but Tiffany is more interested in applying makeup. She merely agrees with anything David says, and David understands Tiffany isn't listening when he refers to "The Grapes of Wrath" as a heavy metal band with a baboon on bass guitar. (Tiffany agrees.)

Grand Regency Hotel: Hotel one hour away from Lawndale. A “four-star” hotel, according to Val. Val intends to spend the night there while she is in Lawndale (305).

“Great White Shark”: Roadside attraction in (202). The “Great White Shark” in question is only the tooth of a shark, T-shirts, posters, and a legend told by an over enthusiastic staff member. The legend seems to correspond TOO closely to the plot of “Jaws”, but with the difference that the staffer claims to be the “Great Shark Hunter”!

Green Day: American rock band (c. 1990-present). Green Day’s music is heavily influenced by the “punk” sound. Sandi mentions “Green Day on big screen” as one of the benefits of attending her party vs. Quinn’s school dance in (304).

Grey Fox: Unknown entity Helen refers to while under the effect of “glitterberries”.

(“Now go tell Grey Fox I have given my blessing.”) (112)

Griffin, Chris: Younger brother of Sandi and Sam Griffin, youngest child in family. Not named in episode, but named in (210), although not distinguished from his brother in that episode.

120Punches Sandi in arm (208).

121Tears up Sandi’s banner in flashback in (304).

122Attends Oakwood-Lawndale football game (403)

123Attends Lawndale Homecoming parade (406)

124Seen buying ice cream from Mack's truck (414)

Griffin, Linda: Mother of Sandi Griffin. First seen in (208).

122Described by Helen as a “bitch” (208)

123“well, I just made 120% of my target projection for this year, earning me a bonus and an incentive check” (208)

124Rules for sleepovers, which Sandi has already figured out ways to evade. (208)

125Says she used to have to beat boys off with a stick (208)

126Does bed check at 11:00 (208)

127Is on board of Lawndale Businesswoman’s Alliance (208).

128Daughter Sandi’s birth was a natural childbirth (210)

129Described by Helen as “awfully full of herself” (212)

130Described by Helen as “very attractive” (212)

131Warns Sandi that to volunteer is to say “use me” (304)

Griffin, Sam: Younger brother of Sandi. Middle child. First seen in (208). Named in (210), but not distinguished from his bother, Chris.

132Tears up Sandi’s banner in flashback in (304).

133Attends Oakwood-Lawndale football game (403)

134Attends Lawndale Homecoming parade (406)

135Seen buying ice cream from Mack's truck (414)

Griffin, Sandi: President of the Fashion Club of Lawndale High School.

13 First intro (uncredited) : (101)

14 One of the few people applauding when Daria and Jane are honored at Assembly for passing Self-Esteem class. (101)

15 First mention as President of Fashion Club (105)

16 Initial patterns established in (105) - complimenting Quinn, suggesting that

she (Sandi) should be impeached as FC president in favor of Quinn in a complimentary way (105)

First named (? 106, by Ramonica)

133First sign of rivalry with Quinn in (109)

134Able to talk to Daria in (109)

135Got “nose job” from Dr. Shar (109)

136Talks to Daria in (113) about male cat “Fluffy” getting into makeup and “O.D.ing on foundation” and puking.

137First sign that the rivalry with Quinn is mutual in (202).

138Tiffany tells Quinn, “you know Sandi, always looking for a bathroom” (202)

139Is unable to talk to Daria in (203)

140Does power yoga (206).

141Has made her own set of keys to family car to circumvent Linda hiding them (208)

142Mentions to Quinn that she and Quinn will meet Ricky at Tower Point (208) -- in (407), Sandi is upset that Scott is calling Quinn to see why she's not at Ricky's -- "I thought he liked me!"

143Does not believe that Fashion Club members should “surrender wardrobe autonomy” by participating in Drama, but immediately decides to try out when she finds out that Quinn is trying out. (210)

Griffin, Sandi

143Knees Upchuck in groin when he tries to steal an embrace during tryouts of “The Canterbury Tales”. (210)

144Unconcerned about Stacy’s whining about Bret Strand, but offers support (210)

145Could not imagine joining a sport (211)

146Likes babies: “they’re so cute when they smile at you” (303)

147Bad memories of arranging dance in (304) - brothers tear up banner and mother says that she had warned Sandi about volunteering

148Immediately tries to stick Quinn with the experience of volunteering (304)

149Sabotages Quinn’s attempt to organize dance, plans party opposite dance (304)

150Intimidates other Fashion Club members into not helping Quinn. (304)

151Has “outdoor turbo-jet hot tub” and big-screen television (304)

152Tells Val that mixing primaries in daylight hours is “not done” (305)

153Sandi on Quinn: "Just because she was acting completely weird and not confiding in her dearest, most loyal friends is no reason to decide she'd finally given up her sad charade and revealed herself as a two-faced, little...." (311)

154"The woods are full of slimy, cold-blooded creatures. Isn't that right, Quinn?" (402)

155When told by Tad Gupty that her hairspray was tested on "bunnies and kitties", Sandi states that that is why she uses it, so that the cute animals will not have died in vein (406)

156Protests "I am not old!" when Tad Gupty calls her "a mean old witch!" (406)

157When Tad protests that she doesn't protest other species' rights, Sandi shouts, "Shove it, veggie boy!" and sprays her hairspray at him. (406)

158Accuses Quinn of stealing Scott away from her, even though Quinn states that Sandi said she didn't like Scott (407)

Griffin, Sandi

152Takes the bed in (407) while the others sleep in sleeping backs -- states that she has to take the bed because of her "condition" -- Tiffany either confirms that Sandi has some kind of condition that requires Sandi to sleep alone, or simply repeats "yeah...condition" mindlessly, which would mean Sandi is just acting selfishly.

153Has nightmare about Quinn cutting off her hair (407) -- looks sad in bed before returning to sleep.

154Dismisses Stacy's "rattling girl" story by stating that one could never be too thin (410)

155States that Mrs. Barch banned phones in study hall -- "what I am supposed to do in there for an hour?" (411)

156Always has the raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing served at the LHS cafeteria -- at least until (411)

157Compares Bobby to a stalker in (412) -- tone of voice slightly different -- she might simply saying this to rattle Quinn and Bobby's new relationship, she might be seriously concerned, or most likely, a mixture of both.

158Scored 450 on the verbal component and 470 on the math component of the PSTATS for a combined score of 920. Sandi tells the Fashion Club, however, that her combined score is 956 -- one point about Quinn's. (414)

159When Quinn admits concern about her low scores, Sandi states that the Fashion Club has plenty of time to bring up their poor scores next year (414)

160Claims that her family is going on a trip to Bermuda together in (414).

161Vows to Quinn that she will not reveal that Quinn is seeing a tutor -- then times her repetition of that vow a few seconds later with increased emphasis as the Three Js arrive (414)

162Decides to get David Sorenson as a tutor when tutoring becomes popular after it becomes known that Quinn has a tutor, but Sandi is hopeless -- she is clearly uninterested, arms folded, and wants to go shopping at Cashman's to buy accessories for her date. She implies that David isn't building her confidence by not letting her go to the mall, and when he quits and walks out, Sandi's last word is "geek". (414)

163States that "academics" are not "normal people" (414)

164Accuses Quinn of "neglect" of her friends that summer. (414)

165Breaks lower left leg falling down family stairs (503)

166Doctor told Sandi she had to wear the cast for at least a month -- Quinn says that she has missed Sandi "these past few weeks" (503)

167Implied that Sandi has only spoken to Fashion Club members by speakerphone between the time of breaking her leg and the time of her first appearance after a weight-gain at Lawndale High. (503)

168Flees Lawndale High, hobbling away on crutches before Quinn points Sandi out to the Three Js (Quinn does it in hope that the Three Js will appreciate her being back). Sandi: "This can't be happening! I'm ruined! Why me? Oh, God, why me?" (503)

169Fails to show up in Mr. O'Neill's class (503)

170Neither Quinn nor Stacy feel that Sandi looks that bad even with extra weight. Stacy: "She could inspire fat people!" (503)

171Calls Quinn her "best friend" (503)

Sandi from the presidency of the Fashion Club (and implied, leaves the club completely) "out of respect to the

Fashion Club's stringent obesity policy" (503)

152Tells Quinn to "remember me as I used to be" (503)

When Quinn tells Sandi that she could never replace her (as president), Sandi breaks down in tears, believing that

Quinn is resigning the presidency out of respect for their friendship together. Quinn is unable to accept the

Fashion Club presidency, not wanting to injure Sandi's feelings (503)

Claims she can't come back to school because it hurts too much to walk on her crutches (503)

Quinn Sandi she's beautiful on the inside, and that's what counts -- even though nothing in Sandi's past has ever given

the viewer that impression. (503)

Sandi is skeptical she can lose the weight. "Can't you see that it's too late? My life is over!" (503)

Tearfully tells Quinn "Oh Quinn! I love you so much!" after Quinn tells Sandi that she will help her lose weight. (503)

Forced to back down from her position on "eyelash-defiicent" applicants to the Fashion Club when Stacy and Tiffany

agree with Quinn. (503)

Griffin, Tom: Father of Sandi Griffin. First seen in (210). An ineffectual figure.

"Groped by an Angel": Fiftieth episode of the series (411). Quinn comes to believe that she has a literal guardian angel, but a skeptical Daria demurs.

* Brittany's party takes place on Saturday. Everyone is invited, "even the unpopular people". (411)

* Brittany's "practically crystal" megaphone that her father bought her in honor of her grades cost him "a hundred clams" (411).

* Intresting group dynamic at Quinn's table. Sitting or standing around Quinn while she tells her story of Mr. DeMartino and "Roosevelt's Big Deal" are The Three Js and Shaggy (of all people!), sitting at the same table. Shaggy looks quite comfortable, and no one seems to begrudge his presence. Stacy stands off to the side, only slightly separate from the crowd, but clearly listening to Quinn's tale. Sandi and Tiffany are commiserating at a table a slight distance away from everyone else.

* Banner at party reads "you go, Brittany!"

* At the party: Daria, Brittany, Kevin, Steve Taylor, Ashley-Amber Taylor, Trent Lane, Max, Jesse Moreno, Nick, Jodie, Shaggy, Burn-Out Chick, Upchuck, The Three Js, Mr. O'Neill, Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, Corey (not seen). Brian Taylor.

Mr. Gross: Resident of the Better Days Retirement home in (302). The nurse brings in Daria to read to him. He is hooked up to an respirator and a telemetry monitor. He would rather have Brittany read to him and dislikes Daria’s reading so much that he unplugs his respirator and telemetry monitor.

(Mr. Gross most likely has a CPAP respirator, which provides positive pressure to keep the airways open. Most respirators require the resident to be intubated, which would be beyond the scope of most nursing homes. - JRB.)

Grove Hills: School of very gifted and talented high school students. Jodie and Daria are invited to Grove Hills in (208).

153Graham, Lara, and Cassidy are students there. (208)

154Has dorm rooms, indicating that at some level it is a residential school. (208)

155Has Latin classes. (208)

156Parents attend monthly board meetings, weekend cleanup parties, fund-raising drives, and are expected to collate. (208)

15791% of students go to top colleges. It is implied that many of the remaining 9% suffer some kind of nervous breakdown. (208)

grunge: American music style of the late eighties and early nineties. Influenced heavily by punk and the “alternative music” of college radio in the 1980s. Broke into the public consciousness in 1991 with the rise of Nirvana. Was effectively dead as a movement in music by the end of the 1990s. Jane calls The Zen (or Zon) a “grunge club” in (209).

Quinn also mentions grunge in a convoluted comment about grunge, fashion, Seattle and “the nation’s capital” in (305)

gummi bears: Gelatin-based candy created by Hans Riegel in Germany in the 1920s. The small bite-sized candies are molded in the shape of tiny bears. The first gummi bears were made in the United States in the 1980s and became quite popular; there was even a gummi bears cartoon series.

Jane and Daria travel to PayDay so that Daria can get a bootlace and Jane can replenish her gummi bear supply. Jane states that she had sorted out the bears by color. She clams that when microwaving bears of similar color, the resulting substance has a stained-glass like color and acts as an adhesive. (409)

Gupty, Lester: Father of Tad and Tricia Gupty. Seen in (108).

* Tad declines the assistance of a policeman when he gets lost in (406) -- he states that his father told him that

policemen have been known to use excessive force in the past. (Daria replies that perhaps Tad's father has had

some practical experience to guide him.)

Gupty, Lauren: Mother of Tad and Tricia Gupty.

* First apperance: in (105), as background character on bus to Mall of the


Gupty, Tad: Male of the Gupty children. Straight laced Gupty child who has been pumped full of safety, self-esteem, and anti-media messages from his well-meaning parents. Shares room with his sister, Tricia. (108)

* Is six years old in (108)

* Gets lost on the parade route during the Lawndale Homecoming parade, tearful. (406)

* Has read "The Travels of Babar" (or has had someone read it to him) (406)

* Has learned to come up with plausible justifications for what he wants to do -- states that he enjoys catching

the candy from the parade floats in (406). Whne Daria reminds him that he once said that "candy is poison",

Tad answers innocently that every piece of candy he catches is a piece of candy that another kid is saved from

eating. (406)

* States that he's not supposed to give his name to strangers. (406)

* Tells Sandi that her hair spray was tested on "bunnies and kitties"; calls her a "mean old witch" after hearing her

justification. (406)

* Accuses Sandi Griffin of not respecting other species' rights. (406)

* Is seven years old in (406).

(This provides some confirmation of the "two years on the show equals one year in 'real' time theory, since Tad would be six in Seasons One and Two, seven in Seasons Three and Four.)

Gupty, Tricia: Female of the Gupty children. Straight laced Gupty child who has been pumped full of safety, self-esteem, and anti-media messages from her well-meaning parents. Shares room with her brother, Tad. (108)

Guy: Gaunt, glasses wearing male who transported Fashion Club to Mall of the Millenium in 105. He never gets hang-out time with any of the members and is forced to tag along behind. At another point, he is told by Quinn that he was “hired to drive, not speak”. (105) He is also seen standing in line as Kevin is passing out money in 109.

Guy Fawkes Day: 1) Holiday celebrated in England. Guy Fawkes (1570-1606) was an English Catholic who planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament with over twenty-five hundred kilograms of gunpowder. Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were unhappy that King James I of England had not granted Catholics equal rights. The celebration is either of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot, or more cynically, of Guy Fawkes himself.

2) A holiday embodiment who escapes Holiday Island for Lawndale. He bears a strong resemblance to punk rock singer Sid Vicious (1957-79), and wears black leather and studs. Cupid refers to him as an “English dude”. Guy Fawkes Day appears to have no abilities beyond being an annoyance. Guy Fawkes Day and The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun have a mutual dislike for each other.

158Described as a “burnout” by The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun.

159Thinks that America is “imbecilic”.

160Bickers with Christmas and Halloween.

Gwynnie: Figure mentioned in (305) while Val is on the phone with her friend, Nonie. From the gist of the conversation, Val’s boyfriend has been cheating with “that slut”, Gwynnie.

“Gwynnie” is most likely Gwyneth Paltrow, an English actress (1972-present). Ms. Paltrow is best known for her one time engagement to American actor Brad Pitt.

Hair for Freaks: Shop on Dega Street. Given Dega Street, it is unknown if they style hair, or sell it. (212)

Halloween: 1) Holiday celebrated in the United States on October 31st. Also known as “All Saint’s Eve”. During Halloween, children (and adults) dress in costumes and go door to door begging for candy. Traditional Halloween themes are ghosts, witches, and the supernatural.

2) Living embodiment of Halloween. Halloween is a surly female holiday who wears a sleeveless orange top, long black gloves and a black skirt - orange and black are the traditional Halloween colors. She also wears a crucifix about her neck, a reference both to the role on Catholic calendar and the sometimes occult themes of Halloween. Halloween plays drums in the band that she, Christmas, and Guy Fawkes Day hope to form in Lawndale. Halloween is unhappy about Holiday Island because she says they expect you to be happy all the time.

161Described as a “burnout” by The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun.

162Lit candles and real cobwebs appear in the Morgendorffer home after she takes residence there. It is unknown if she purchased the items or made them, as she is talking about “shaving cream” on the telephone and tries to obtain toilet paper and eggs, traditional items used for Halloween pranking.

163Bickers with Christmas and Guy Fawkes Day.

164According to Cupid, Christmas and Halloween are the two coolest kids at Holiday High School.

“Hamlet”: Tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the early part of the first decade of the 1600s, probably the most famous play in the English language and the most filmed as well. Mack and Daria try to spark Kevin’s interest in Hamlet by mentioning that Hamlet has a skull in it. (104)

In (210), Jake stated that he played the role of Guildenstern in college, but he froze and forgot his lines. The audience laughed him off the stage.

Mr. O’Neill reads from Hamlet in (309) until he is interrupted by the amplified voices of the Z-93 Deejays outside.

"Hanoi Hilton": The nickname for the infamous Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi. Built by the French in 1901, it became a prison for captured Americans during the Vietnam War. The name is sarcastic, as the North Vietnamese tortured their prisoners and prison conditions were miserable.

When Jake mentions to his family that staying in a hotel won't be so bad in (412), Daria replies that that's what they said about the Hanoi Hilton.

Happy the Clown: Clown who will be visiting Lawndale Mall “next Sat.” according to poster in (306).

The Harpies: A rock band. Monique is a member. First mentioned in (212).

Hawthorne, Nathaniel: American writer, 1804-64. Author of “Fanshawe” (anonymously, 1828), “The Story Teller” (?1834), “The Scarlet Letter” (1850) and “The House of the Seven Gables” (1851). Wrote works of hidden motivations, guilt, anxiety, and sorrow. Works by Hawthorne are on the blackboard of Mr. O’Neill’s office in (201)

hayride crap”: What Claude from Amazon Models calls a pose where a male and female embrace (106)

Head: Incidental background character. Wears a “The Head” T-Shirt - “The Head” was a production of MTV Animation. Answered one of Mr. O’Neill’s stupid questions in Self-Esteem class. (101) He reappears as a background character in (403).

Happy Herb: Car salesman somewhere near Lawndale. During (311), Daria and Jane are perplexed by the soft, tuneful music that Trent is probably performing in the Lane basement, but are too tenative to ask him. They then discover that the music is actually a commercial jingle for Happy Herb's Used Cars. Trent got "twenty bucks, an hour of free studio time, and a set of new tires for his troubles", and the jingle appears on the air.

The Happy Heart: Medical office at RxPlex (109).

“Heart of Darkness”: Book written by Joseph Conrad, Polish-born author of English literature (1857-1924). “A young man’s journey into unknown territory brings him face-to-face with the savage brutality within his own soul,” according to Daria. Most of his work concerns the fate of men in extreme situations and the moral struggles they face.

Daria reads this book in Study Hall in (208).

“Heart Smart for Life”: Book Helen shows Jake in (309). Apparently, the book is a book for survivors of heart attacks.

Heather: Tour guide at Middleton College (103). She gives the Morgendorffers their family tour of Middleton.

165Smokes (103)

166Fraternity/sorority area of campus “gives her the creeps”. (103)

167Pays service $50 to write term papers for her. (103)

Heisman Trophy: Trophy given by the Downtown Athletic Club in New York every year to the best college football player. It is considered the most important of the individual college football awards.

When Mr. DeMartino begins choking Kevin for entering his classroom with a fake arrow through his head, he shouts, "Try winning the Heisman Trophy without a throat!!" (404)

Helpful Corn: Alternate name for the band Mystic Spiral, conceived by Jesse in 111.

Hemingway, Ernest and Mariel: American author (1889-1961). Author of “A Farewell to Arms”, “The Old Man and the Sea” and other stories. Mariel Hemingway (1961-present) is a model-actress who is the granddaughter of Ernest. Mariel Hemingway has appeared in “Manhattan” and “Personal Best”.

Mr. O’Neill cautions Stacy to write her essay on Ernest Hemingway, and not Mariel Hemingway, in (304)

"Herbgrow Roadkill": Item purchased by Jane at Payday. Jane purchased it for Tom to give him as a present to make up for the argument caused when Tom accidentally ate Jane's gummi bears in (409).

Noting the similar items next to the "Herbgrow Roadkill", this item might function like a "chia pet". "Chia pets" are animal figurines made of clay. These figurines are hollow, and after smearing the figurines with clay, herb seeds are placed on the clay. After watering and a few days, the herbs sprout, giving the animal its "fur". It appears that in the case of "Herbgrow Roadkill", judging from the box, that the animal figurine is a dead animal.

Highland: Former residence of the Morgendorffers.

17 Daria states that there is uranium in drinking water at Highland (101)

(Ed Note: Highland is also the town where Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head live. Highland is mentioned in only one episode of Daria (101) and is never mentioned again during the run of the series.)

the Hindenburg: German airship named after German field marshal and later President of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1934). The Hindenburg was a zeppelin, a light than air craft. Large stores of hydrogen, a highly flammable lighter-than-air gas, kept the massive airship aloft.

While attempting a landing at Lakehurst Naval Air station in New Jersey in 1937, the ship caught fire and exploded, incinerated in a manner of seconds. It is unknown what caused the explosion, although experts suspect that static electricity somehow ignited a hydrogen gas leak.

Herbert Morrison, a reporter for radio station WLS in Chicago, was on site to report what was to be a routine landing of the Hindenburg. Instead, a shocked Morrison related his description of the crash as it happened: "There's smoke, and there's flames, now, and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring mast. Oh, the humanity, and all the passengers screaming around here!"

Daria keeps a picture of the Hindenburg during a dramatic stage of combustion both in the opening trailer to the shows and seen again in (109).

When a float crashes and burns in front of the Cinplex theatre in (406), Daria sarcastically comments, "Oh, the lack of humanity!"

History Channel: American channel devoted to biographies and documentaries of historical figures and general historical programming. Brittany gets her parents to buy her a satellite disk with the dubious excuse that she wants to watch the History Channel.

"The Hobbit": Book written by English scholar and writer J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973) in 1937. Written by the author as a children's book, the book became the prequel for the more ambitious "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The book is a fantasy set in a mythical "Middle Earth" about a tiny humanoid Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who lives a comfortable life until a wizard named Gandalf sets him on the path to adventure.

In (502), Helen flashes back to the one-year anniversary of Jake and Helen's commitment ceremony. Helen gets Jake a leather bound copy of "Das Kapital", and Jake gives Helen an almost unrecognizable homemade candle in the shape of what is supposed to be a hobbit.

Hodge, Tiffany: Lawndale student invited to Brittany’s party in 102. Her name is visible on the guest list held by the guard at the Crewe Neck gate. (102)

Ho-Hos: Snack made by the Hostess Company. Chocolate cake with a cream filled center. Kevin suggests Ho-Hos to fill Brittany’s hunger at the supermarket strike in (206). Also mentioned by Daria in (207).

Holiday Island: Area of space/time that can only be accessed - or so we are told - through a dimensional wormhole located in the back of the Good Time Chinese Restaurant in Lawndale. Residence of The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun, Cupid, and the embodiments of other holidays.

168Known holiday embodiments: The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun (St. Patrick’s Day), Cupid (Valentine’s Day), Halloween, Christmas, Guy Fawkes Day.

169When a holiday embodiment is asked where Holiday Island is located, the standard answer is supposed to be “in your heart”.

170According to Halloween and Christmas, inhabitants of Holiday Island are expected to be happy “all the time” and to spread good will and cheer.

171According to Cupid, if Halloween and the other holidays decide to remain in Lawndale, there will be “no Christmas, or Halloween, or Guy Fawkes Day”.

Real world-consequences appear to include Halloween candy going unsold, Christmas toys remaining on the shelves and kidney pie vendors going out of business.

172Has own version of Good Time Chinese Restaurant.

173Appears to be a tropical island paradise, but Cupid states that that’s “just for the tourists”.

174Has a high school where the holidays go to school, called Holiday Island High.

Holiday Island High: High school located on Holiday Island. Exterior seen in (303). The school is attended by holiday spirits. The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun says Holiday Island High only seems like a high school, but is much worse.

175According to Cupid, Christmas and Halloween are the two coolest kids at Holiday High School.

The Holidays: Band consisting of Trent Lane, Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day. Halloween is the drummer; the others play guitar with Christmas appearing to play bass guitar. Guy Fawkes Day sings lead vocals for the one song the band plays at the Holiday Island High School prom in (303). When Trent leaves to get back to his band in Lawndale, Jane finds “Washington” of President’s Day to serve as his replacement.

Home Furbishing: Store on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). There might be a parking garage next to it; the letters "PAR" can be seen on an adjoining sign. A street divides Home Furbishing from the Cinplex, which is to the left of Home Furbishing if one is facing it. An unnamed diner is to the right of it.

Honest Lee: Proprietor of a car dealership in Lawndale. Honest Lee sells new and used cars. One of his employees is a balding car salesman named Wally who hits on Brittany when Brittany and Jane visit the car lot for their economics project in (401).

honor roll: List generally published by school, colleges, and/or universities after grades are released. It is generally a list of those students earning a certain grade-point average (q. v.) Kevin complains that the cheerleaders refused to go out with him, treating him like he’s on the “honor roll” or something, in (304)

Hoprite Inn: Inexpensive hotel chain where Mr. O'Neill and Mr. DeMartino sleep overnight during the statewide teacher's convention in (405). We assume the hotel name is pronounced "hop right in". We do not know where the female faculty members are staying.

Horace of Beverly Hills: Designers of the silk-and-rawhide outfit Sandi Griffin wears at the Bridal Expo in (204).

"The Horse Whisperer": Novel written by author Nicholas Evans in 1995. The book was made into a movie starring Robert Redford in 1998. When a young girl and her horse are injured in an accident, a mother tries to save the now half-maddened horse by looking for a mysterious "Horse Whisperer", a man who can sooth horses just by words and touch.

Brittany refers to her mythical husband, Andre in her rant to Jane as someone who must know a lot about women because he knows a lot about horses in (401).

Hot-A-Rondack: Company which apparently sells fashionable outdoor wear. Quinn is seen reading from their catalog in (402).

"The House of Bad Grades": Legendary tale Jane tells to Daria, Trent, and Jake when Trent's car breaks down in (410). The car breaks down near a house that Jane points out as the "House of Bad Grades". Jane implies that the history behind the house takes place around the 1950s, where a local family built a bomb shelter in the back yard.

The sarcastic daughter of the family doubted that the Soviets would bomb, so she changed her plan from escaping Lawndale from nuclear holocaust to writing a college admissions essay -- but her family was dismissive of her efforts and wouldn't give her any peace and quiet. Looking for somewhere quiet to write, the girl tried to write in the bomb shelter.

Jane states that since that day, every kid who's lived in the house since then is earning minimum wage. Daria scoffs at the thought.

(The tale is obviously meant to take place during the 1950s, given the clothes, the references to the Cold War and the submissive attitudes of the women. In the visualization of the tale, the Morgendorffers are the family in question and Daria ends up as the doomed girl. -- JRB)

Houston, Whitney: American singer and actress, 1963-present. Brittany mentions the

new Whitney Houston movie in (107).

Howdy Leather Shoppe: Shop seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). Facing the store, to the left of the store is Pet Grooming and to the right is Suds Lawndromat..

“How I Feel About Polyculturalism”: Essay by Quinn Morgendorffer written for Mr. O’Neill. Quinn says that she prefers cotton. (203)

“Howl”: Book written by Allan Ginsberg, American author (1926-97). Modernistic poet and prominent writer of the “Beat” Generation of modern poets of the 1950s. The three-part work touches on political radicalism, the drug culture and common American experiences; it is both accusatory and laudatory. The most famous line is its opening line:

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix”

Daria attempts to read this book to Mrs. Patterson in (302).

“How To Win Friends and Influence People”: Book by Dale Carnegie, American self-improvement writer (1888-1955). “It’s about everything a good attitude can get you”, according to Jodie. Written in 1936, this self-help book was one of the biggest selling books of all time. Jodie reads it in Study Hall in (208).

“Huckleberry Finn”: Novel written by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), American author (1835-1910). A poor but free-spirited boy and an escaped slave take a trip by raft up the Mississippi River. As Twain wrote in the first paragraph, “PERSONS attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.” Considered one of the all time great American novels, next to Moby Dick.

This novel is on the list for Mr. O’Neill’s class assignment in (213). Trent believes that he might have read this novel in high school in (308).

(If he had Mr. O’Neill for English, he probably did. - JRB)

“Huckleberry Hound”: Cartoon series created in 1958 by Hanna-Barbera; has been renewed in several different versions on American TV. Huckleberry Hound was a hard working dog who tried several careers, all with limited success.

Trent and Daria discuss Huckleberry Hound in (308). Trent concludes that Huckleberry Finn and Huckleberry Hound didn’t have much in common. Daria: “Um, no...Huckleberry Hound was much more of a joiner.” Trent: “Yeah...loser!” (They both laugh.)

Hungry Palette: Restaurant somewhere near Ashfield. Alison takes Jane there for a dinner when she loses her bet with Jane in (414). (As stated earlier, losing the bet might just have been a ploy to get Jane to feel more comfortable with Alison so Alison could seduce her. -- JRB)

Husky Fellas: Shop seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). Facing the store, to the left of the store is Suds Laundromat and to the right is Gone Pawn.

Hydro Eight: “The ultimate pimple medicine” according to Quinn. Quinn keeps Hydro Eight in her backpack in (209).

Hypercard 1.0: Software bundled with the earliest Apple computers in the 1980s. Hypercard 1.0 was available as early as 1987.

Nora jokes to Jake that next he'll be telling her that he still uses Hypercard 1.0 in (502).

"I'm a Mommy": Store at the Lawndale Mall. (411) It appears to sell maternity wear and items.

“Icebox Woman”: Song played by Trent and Jesse in the basement during (111). A mercifully brief version of it is heard.

"I Did It, Why Can't You?": Inspirational book written by Terry Perry Barlow. Jake is seen reading the book at home and on the plane in (407). The book claims that he saved the lives of his ballooning crew during an ice storm. According to Jake, "he climbed up the ropes and opened the rip panel with his teeth!"

“I Don’t”: Seventeenth episode of the series. (204) The Morgendorffers attend a wedding.

176Wedding had rehearsal dinner, but Helen claims that she missed it due to meetings.

177The mother of the Morgendorffer sisters (Helen, Rita, Amy) was unable to attend.

"if not you, who -- if not now, when?": Quote attributed to various sources. One source attributes it to the Rabbi Hillel,

as a paraphrase of the quote: "If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then who am I? And if not now, when?" This quote has also been ascribed to both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy as well.

Quinn uses it in (413), but under different circumstances -- Quinn agrees to hold the round table discussion for the Fashion Club on blush strategy on philosophy. Stacy thanks Quinn for having the round table at her house, and Quinn replies that she always tells herself, "Quinn, if not you, who -- if not now, when?" (413)

"I Loathe a Parade": Forty-fifth episode of the series (406). While performing an errand, Daria gets trapped in the Lawndale Homecoming parade.

The cashier at Drugs 'N' Stuff states that it is Homecoming Night, and the entire episode takes place during the festivities. "Homecoming" is an American college and high school tradition where alumni return to gather and reminisce. Homecoming usually takes place sometime between September and November -- each school has a different Homecoming day or week -- and there is usually a celebratory football or basketball game where the team plays either their archrival or a much weaker opponent, if one exists.

Lawndale High School elect a Homecoming King and Queen each year. Mack and Jodie state that they are elected as homecoming king and queen each year, but it hardly makes up for Lawndale's lack of diversity.

Apparently Lawndale is playing a team whose mascot is a penguin, since the mural on Drugs 'N' Stuff has a lion in triumphant glee over a dead penguin.

This episode is probably the most visually complex episode of the series, as it takes place along the streets of Lawndale. We never get a complete picture of what stores line Lawndale's streets, as sign names are often obscured by large floats passing by. However, there are four stores that we know adjoin each other. Facing the stores, we know that 24 Hour Photo, The Coffee Snob, SPA, a la Lawndale, and an unnamed real estate agency are all next to each other.

Furthermore, we get to see a long extended section of the Lawndale Homecoming parade route during the sequence with the Fashion Club. If one were to walk in the opposite direction of the parade route, and watch the store names from behind the floats -- therefore seeing the exact same store names that we saw behind the Fashion Club, in reverse order -- we can count the following stores.

1. Pet Grooming

2. Howdy Leather Shoppe

3. Suds Laundromat

4. Husky Fellas

5. Gone Pawn

6. Tom's Liquor

7. Gimme Gym

8. a branch of the United States Post Office

9. Viv's Videos

10. MMM Sub

11. the Cinplex theatre

12. Home Furbishing (a street separates Home Furnishing from the Cinplex).

13. unnamed diner

Somewhere along the parade route is also a Mr. Frigid Ice Cream Co., which might be to the right of the diner, since there is a store with a large ice cream cone sign there. An unnamed record shop is to the right of Mr. Frigid.

One might conclude that "I Loathe a Parade" takes place sometime in 1999 or afterwards, since Jake bemoans having to read an article about The Olsen Twins while trapped in the bathroom. The magazine is called "Teenage Superstars", and the Olsen Twins turned 13 in 1999.

By (505), the US Post Office branch might have moved out. Daria and Jane leave Cinplex after seeing a movie and undoubtedly pass MMM Sub and Viv's Videos on the way out. However, while Daria and Jane talk about Daria's short story, Daria stands next to a window whose sign reads "Low Monthly Rates".

“Ill”: Twenty-second episode of the series. (209) Daria gets a mysterious rash.

Imagine”: Song written by John Lennon in 1971 off the “Imagine” album, Lennon’s most commercially successful album. Daria says, “If you play that John Lennon song backwards, it says, ‘imagine all the people, browsing in a mall’. Isn’t that weird?” (105)

“The Iliad”: Classic Greek tale written by Homer. The story of the Trojan war. Daria offers Quinn “The Iliad” to read during their combined incarceration. (110)

Indiana Jones: Main character in a series of feature films, beginning with "Raiders of the Lost Ark", filmed in 1981, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford as the full time archaelogist and part time adventurer "Indiana" Jones, who risks life and limb in the 1930s and 40s recovering strange and deadly artifacts.

When Daria tries to get home by crossing the Lawndale Homecoming parade route, Jane says, "Godspeed, Indiana Morgendorffer....." (406)

intramural: Carried on within the bounds of an institution. Tommy Sherman asks Kevin if Mack and Kevin are on the intramural squad, implying that Kevin and Mack are only good enough to play against other Lawndale students but not against football teams from other high schools. (113)

“The Invitation”. Episode two. (102) Daria is invited to a party of popular teens at Lawndale.

178Seen sitting at same lunchroom table: Stacy (?), Shaggy.

179Party was on Saturday night.

180Events take place at least from Wednesday - Daria tells Quinn that the “countdown” is “seventy-two hours to go”.

181Characters at Party: Tiffany, Stacy, Sandi, Shaggy, Joey, Jeffy, Jamie, Kevin, Brittany, Quinn, Mack, Jodie, Daria, Jane, Upchuck.

"Is It Fall Yet?": Fifty-third episode of the series and the first movie-length episode (414). During summer vacation, Daria is forced to work at Mr. O'Neill's children's camp while Jane flees to an artists colony to forget about Daria and Tom.

* "Is It Fall Yet?" is the first Daria episode to being with a completely new opening, including visuals and music. The music is the song, "Turn the Sun Down" by Splendora, the same group that wrote the "You're Standing on My Neck" Daria theme. The visuals are simply a set of sight gags revolving around the major cast characters enjoying a day at the beach. Undoubtedly, the extended opening is in honor of the "feature film" nature of the expanded episode.

* Implied that the episode begins in June, after Jake compares the expiration date on the waffle box with the current month, June.

* By the time Jane arrives at Ashfield, it is either July or close to July, when Jane talks to the director of Ashfield as they wonder why anyone WOULDN'T want to visit Death Valley in July, like Jane's mother who just sent a postcard.

* The Landons have a "July 4th party" in mid-episode.

* Present at party: Daria, Tom, Andrew Landon, Michelle Landon, Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, the Three Js,

Jodie, Mack, Kevin, Brittany

* Tom leaves to spend a month at his great-aunt's sometime in mid or late July. Undoubtedly this is the trip to Great-Aunt

Mildred's at the cove, which is a Sloane family tradition.

* The Starry Night Ball is being held on September 8th. Helen makes the excuse not to go by saying that September 8th is

"the weekend of the office retreat". So which year is this? In 1997, Sep 8th falls on a Monday. In 1998, it falls on a

Tuesday. In 1999, it falls on a Wednesday, but in 2000, it falls on a Friday. This implies that Episode 414 takes place

in 2000.

* During the intermission of the original showing of this episode, MTV premiered a full-length animated video of Mystik Spiral's new song "Freakin' Friends".

"The Island of Dr. Moreau": Novel written by British science-fiction author H. G. ("Herbert George") Wells (1866-1946) in 1896. A man is shipwrecked and finds himself Dr. Moreau's island, learning that the doctor has been experimenting on animals and turning them into humanoids.

A sleepy Daria asks Helen if Dr. Moreau invited Helen to the island as well as Daria in (312).

Isle O’Paradise: Store at Lawndale Mall selling tropical gear in (306).

“Is Your Teenager Using Drugs?”: Pamphlet with ten warning signs that teens could be using drugs. Jake gives this pamphlet to Daria, concerned that she could be smoking “Mary Jo” in (209). Daria reads the “ten warning signs” and concludes - “Quinn’s clean.” (209)

“It Happened One Nut”: Thirty-second episode of the series (306). Daria is forced to get a job.

182Results of career aptitude tests:

183Jane : accountant - Jane fills in ‘c’ for every question every year

184Kevin: “petroleum dispensation”, i.e., he will be pumping gas for a living

185Daria: mortician

186Quinn: “neck model for jewelry catalogues”.

187Helen states unemployment is at a “record low” - a clue as to the time/setting of the series?

“It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World”: Franchise-type business located at Lawndale Mall. Daria gets her first “job” here in (306) (If you discount the term-papers for cash business in (103) - JRB).

188Sell almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts, filberys, mixed nuts.

189Has a national office - Jake consults for the national office.

190Organized at the “regional manager” level.

191Posters in the INNNW: “Anatomy of the Nuts”, “Nuts From the Tree to Your Mouth”, “The Nut Through Time”.

192On easel for “training”: “Seven Steps to a Wonderful Nut Transaction”.

193Slogan: “Welcome to It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World. We're just nuts about nuts. Crunch nuts with your lunch. Buy them by the bunch. Send them to friends far away to munch.”

194Staff workers wear squirrel head caps and aprons.

195Guarantee: “If we don’t smile, the nuts are free!”

196Has a “Salesperson of the Day” - Daria wins the award despite a $15 penalty in unsmiled nut sales.

"It's a Small World": Song written by Robert and Richard Sherman. The Sherman brothers worked for Walt Disney for years, and among their many achievements was winning an Oscar for the score from Mary Poppins in 1965. When the "It's a Small World" attraction of Disneyland was built, the Shermans were asked to compose a simple song with simple lyrics that could be easily translated into other languages.

Daria mentions "It's a small world after all" when she hears about the failure of Jane-Cam and its lack of Internet hits from Jane in (408). Jane answers, "Chim-chiminee, chim-chiminee", referring to another Disney song written by the Sherman Brothers -- the one that won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1965.

(I doubt that Jane was deliberately trying to come up with a Sherman Brothers song to counter Daria's comment. Chalk this one up to coincidence. -- JRB)

“It’s a Wonderful Life”: American movie from 1946 starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. An angel helps a man thinking of committing suicide by showing him what the world would have been like if he had never lived. The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun says to Daria, “you see, you had a wonderful life” apropos of nothing in (303).

“It’s Important to Be Attractive”: Idea for a poster by Daria and Jane in (201). The poster would have used a roll of flypaper. It was undecided if the paper should be with or without flies.

Ivy League: Group of older, elite American universities: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. There is an “Ivy League” where the schools play each other in collegiate sports. The term is commonly used as a shorthand term to indicate the most elite American universities.

J. J. Jeeters: Unknown store at a mall somewhere in Lawndale. Brittany Taylor states that she would never shop there. “Way at the other end” of the mall is Cashman’s Department Store, a place where Brittany would enjoy shopping. (102)

Jackie: Unfortunate student of Lawndale High, mentioned in (503). Stacy tells Quinn and Tiffany that "Jackie is wearing green shoes with yellow socks!"

"Jackie O": Nickname for Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis (American first lady, 1929-94). She was nicknamed "Jackie O" by gossip columnists after she married Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis (1906-75).

When Quinn disguises herself at Lawndale High after Lawndale gets the reputation of being a "loser" town -- wearing a scarf and sunglasses to avoid being recognized -- Jane asks, "What's with Quinnie O?" (403)

Jackleene: Woman who "interfaces with clients" at Buzzdome.com in (502). Angrily apologetic. Apropos of nothing, she angrily tells Jake his tie is crooked when they first meet in (502).

“Jake of Hearts”: Thirty-fifth episode of the series (309). Jake has a heart attack.

197Implied that the action starts on a Monday, as Ms. Li comments that Bing and the Spatula Man will be there the entire week.

198Jake appears to be hooked up to a telemetry monitor, which would be normal. An IV is running, which might be IV Nitroglycerin. Another apparatus is seen that looks much like a respirator as drawn in (309). Maybe Jake is not quite out of the water yet - are they keeping a “crash cart” nearby, too? -- JRB

James, Henry: American-born British author (1843-1916). Most of James's novels were about the loss of innocence and the contract between the new world of America and the "old world" of Europe, and his prose was marked by its subtlety.

Daria mentions Henry James to Jane in (414). She tells Jane, "I felt like the poor cousin in a Henry James novel...someone to be tolerated until she gets run over by a horse and buggy." Daria might have been referring to "Daisy Miller" (1879), a book where the protagonist's failure to take a carriage ride results in her death.

Jane-Cam: Jane Lane's live-cam which she connects to her computer in (408). "All Jane, all the time -- well, except 'naked time'."

Daria watches Jane-Cam from an Internet connection at Quiet Ivy, where she is regaled by Jane flossing and Tom shaking his hips and strumming an imaginary guitar from behind (his hip shaking and repetitive arm movements make it look as if Tom is indulging in another more pleasurable activity for Jane, one usually done alone). When Tom sees the Jane-Cam, he gets angry and Jane takes her scissors and cuts the cord to the Jane-Cam, ending the connection.

Jane states that during the brief time Jane-Cam was up, it only got eight Internet hits, or visits. Three were from Daria. Tom, however, did get some fan mail -- from inmates. (408)

(Undoubtedly influenced by the "JenniCam", created by Jennifer Ringley in April 1996. Ringley operated a web-site with a live camera attached to her computer. One could see Ringley in the nude, but it was much, much more likely that one would see either an empty room or Ringley performing more mundane activities. Ringley closed the site at the end of December 2003 when the pay account to which one had to contribute to access the site enforced their policy on on-line nudiy and refused to take payment. -- JRB)

"Jane's Addition": Thirty-ninth episode of the series (313). Jane gets a new boyfriend; Daria gets jealous.

Implied that the episode takes place over several days -- Jane states that she has gone out with Tom "a few times"

during the episode.

Jasmine: Niece of Eric Schrecter. First seen in (212), with her uncle at Junior Five.

Her birthday occurs sometime around (212) as Eric is buying her a birthday present.

Eric told Helen that David Sorenson "worked wonders" with Jasmine in tutoring her (414).

David states that Jasmine "(has) been doing very well" (414)

David states that Jasmine's parents were very involved in supporting her tutoring (414), which made his job easier.

Java: Programming language created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is an "object-oriented language" in that new Java features can inherit the features and functions of older versions or subroutines of Java. It is known for its simplicity of code and works well as an Internet language.

Zhengdong thanks Nora for her "Java patch" in (502). (A "Java patch" would be a program which repairs errors in a version of Java.) Jake asks if Java patches really help you quit smoking.

Jay-Tees' Jellied Pork Shoulder: Five-pound cut of meat Jake buys while "shopping angry" in (403).

Jean-Michel: Name of Daria's counselor in (408). Jean-Michel speaks with a French accent, and is familiar both with hypnosis and past-life regression.

* Uses gold pocket watch with initials "J M" to hypnotize Daria. (408)

"J. Edgar Winter": When Helen asks Quinn where Daria is in (505), Quinn tells her mom that she is not "J. Edgar Winter"!

Undoubtedly, Quinn has J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1924 until 1972, with Edgar Winter, the white-haired bluesman (1946-present).

Jefferson, Thomas: American politician (1743-1826) and third President of the United States (1801-1809). Among his great accomplishments are the organization of the Louisiana Purchase and the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

In (413), Sick Sad World has an upcoming segment about Jefferson: "Thomas Jefferson. Philosopher. Inventor. President. And keeper of one saucy journal! The Declaration of In My Pants, tonight! On Sick Sad World!"

Jeffy: “The one with red locks, who thinks Quinn’s a fox.” -- Anne D. Bernstein. Identified by wearing a long-sleeved buttoned shirt, and an earring in his left ear.. (102) (? is he named)

199Comes onto Daria when he notices Kevin spending time with her. (107)

200Drives a blue sportscar. (303)

201Member of Lawndale Lions. (304)

202Buys Quinn tickets for "Boys are Guys", but hates band. (407)

203Sends Quinn flowers with a card -- "I'll always remember the day you first asked me to get you a soda. Love, Jeffy." (502)

Jello: American gelatinous dessert made by the General Foods Corporation. The first gelatin-based dessert was patented in America in 1845. Jello is known for its wide variety of flavors and colors, and is quite an inexpensive dessert.

Daria states that at Lawndale, Wednesday is "Jell-O day" in (311)

Jerry (or Terry): Brittany’s “date” at The Zon (or Zen). Brittany goes with him to the club behind Kevin’s back after an argument and dyes her hair and cheerleading outfit black in (209).

Jet Maniak!: Game at Mr. Fun’s World in (207).

Jett: One of Jane's housemates at Ashfield. First seen with Caroline, Anais, and Paris in (414). She is not named explicitly.

Jim’s Paintballing Jungle: Location of field trip/paintball excursion in (202).

202Field trip attendees arrive before ten. Daria: “we can see the Great White

Shark by 10:00” (202)

203Has five playing fields: “Beirut”, “Iraq”, “Bosnia”, “Vitenam” and “Urban Town USA”

204Has exactl replica of “Hanoi Hilton” POW prison.

205Comfort stations are “really well camoflaged”

206Large labyrinth of underground tunnels

207Located at least three miles from “Great White Shark” attraction.

Joanne: The one thousand dollar prize boa constrictor kept at “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” in (306).

Joe’s Diner: Eating establishment mentioned in (304) by Brad Ruttheimer. He states that the food is inedible, and one of the waiters has schizophrenia.

Joey: “The guy with dark tresses, whom Quinn sure impresses.” -- Anne D. Bernstein.

Tends to wear jacket wrapped around waist.

208First appearance in (102), with the other of the “Three Js”. (? is he named)

209Comes onto Daria when he notices Kevin spending time with her. (107)

210Member of Lawndale Lions. (304)

211Buys Quinn tickets for "Boys are Guys", but hates band. (407)

212Believes that Mr. O'Neill is Quinn's guardian angel, since according to Joey, guardian angels take human form when they come to earth. (411)

213Sends Quinn flowers with message, "Happy one year since you borrowed a pen from me. Love, Joey." (502)

"John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt": Children's song, author unknown. It goes:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

His name is my name, too

Whenever we go out

The people always shout

"There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, da da da da da da da...."

This verse is the only verse of the song. Jane states that while she was with the Girl Scout, they kept singing about "John Jacob Jingleheimer somebody" (402)

Johns, Jasper: American artist (1930-present). An abstract expressionist, Johns began a series of paintings featuring the American flag at the Leo Castelli gallery. The flag paintings were in several different colors. Johns’s work is seen as a precursor to the Pop Art era of the 1960s.

Jane draws a flag tattoo in “the wrong colors” on a female inmate while waiting release from a holding cell in Fremont. Jane states that the oddly-hued flag is a tribute to Jasper Johns “an important late-20th century artist”. That, and she has no red colors to work with.

Jones, Gifford: Atlanta mall manager. Sick Sad World interviews him on their show about the world’s largest nativity scene, opening in August. “Nativity means Christmas. And Christmas means revenue. Don’t have to be a wise man to figure that out!” (303)

Jonestown: Location of a mass suicide in Guyana. Over 900 persons associated with the People's Temple Christian Church founded by the Reverend Jim Jones (1931-78) committed suicide there in 1978 on the orders of Jones. To facilitate the suicide, Jones had his followers drink from a cyanide-laced punch drink.

When Jake talks of possibly selling the Morgendorffer home due to declining property values, Daria asks if she should pick up a copy of the "Jonestown Bartender's Handbook". (403)

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat": Musical created by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice, first performed in 1968 as a cantada in London and presented as a full musical in 1973. The musical is based on the story of Joseph, in Genesis. Joseph is the most favored of twelve brothers and unlike them, wears a glorious multicolored coat. His jealous brothers sell him into slavery, and Joseph ends up in Egypt. His ability to interpret dreams leads him to the Pharoah's court, where he becomes a minister and is eventually reunited with his family.

While Daria is stuck at the Lawndale Homecoming parade, she is caught in a paint fight and splattered from head to toe with blue and yellow paint. When Tom offers her his jacket, Daria claims not to be upset, stating that she always wanted a "Technicolor Dreamcoat". When Jane and Tom invite Daria to join them after the parade, Daria states that she needs to speak with Pharoah about his dreams. (406)

Josh: Student at the "Okay to Cry" Corral. First seen in (414). During a painting exercise, Mr. DeMartino inquires why Josh has decided to paint a football player. Josh answers that he wants to be a winner and that "football players are winners". Mr. DeMartino goes ballistic, as he is reminded of Kevin and his antics. Josh is reduced to tears and runs away.

Whereas Mr. O'Neill frets, the other campers rejoice, since Josh was a bully and they didn't like him.

Jozu: (JOE-zu) Stylist who works at Tres Tress. Quinn is on a first-name-basis with her. Jozu has red hair, but we don't know if it's a dye job. She speaks with a slightly lower-class English accent. (312)

Jug 'a' Cream: Cream brand sold at Payday. (409)

Juicy Joes: Zoo Zoo Drops: Boxed candy seen in (503). Daria and Jane bet on which box has more candy in it, Zoo Zoo Drops or Juicy Joes. Daria claims that there are more Zoo Zoo Drops, and wins the bet.

"Julius Caesar": Tragedy written by the English playwright Julius Caesar early in the first decade of the 1600s. The noble Brutus is convinced by foes of the dictatorial Caesar to lead an assassination plot, which leads to Caesar's murder, an ensuing civil war and the death of Brutus.

Mr. O'Neill teaches from "Julius Caesar" in (411). The ides of March discussion between Mr. O'Neill and Kevin refers to a warning by a soothsayer to "beware the Ides of March" (March 15th). The quotation on the board -- 'et tu, Brute?' -- refers to Caesar's last words after stabbed to death in the Roman Senate. Translated, it means "and you too, Brutus?", expressing Caesar's surprise that Brutus, a person he trusted, is one of the conspirators.

There is a comedic line on Mr. O'Neill's board, "'I hardly knew her, heh heh", very obliquely referring to an old joke whose punchline is "Caesar? I hardly know her!" (reading "seize her" for Caesar).

(It could also refer to a sketch from the Brown University Band, but I doubt it. -- JRB)

Junior Five: The Fashion Club does much of their shopping at Cashman’s. First mentioned in (206), by Quinn. Theresa works behind the counter at Junior Five.

211Established as being inside Cashman’s - first interior shots in (212)

212Fashion Club find it hard to get sales help in (403) -- Theresa states that Lawndale's losses in football mean that Fashion Club "go to a loser school" and that it's not good for Junior Five's image to have losers wearing its clothes.

213Has at least eight fitting rooms -- fitting room #8 is "the unpopular peoples' dressing room" according to Quinn (403)

Mrs. Johannsen: Extremely overweight Lawndale resident. We meet her in (104), where Daria and Jane attempt to sell her chocolate to raise money for a new coffeehouse. She sweats profusely when talking to Daria and Jane, and wants the chocolate - all 24 bars -- despite the fact that her doctor has forbidden it. She wheezes, coughs, breathes heavily, and passes out, undoubtedly due to the hypoglycemia that she mentions after she revives. She offers to pay $5 per bar, but Daria and Jane decide to leave.

212At Yard Sale in (205), looking for snow domes.

213The Fashion Club shows up at Mrs. Johannsen’s house looking for clothes donations in (302). She asks the girls if they have any chocolate.

214At Quiet Ivy in (408). Jean-Michel is her counselor. She realizes that she uses food for comfort, but states that "a chocolate bar never told me that I was an 'accident'."

215Shopping at Payday in (409). Asks Daria and Jane to reach down a box of chocolate bars for them, since she states that she is forbidden by her doctor to exert herself due to a seizure she had "a while back". However, when she smells cheese logs, she runs right by Daria and Jane.

Gets into a physical struggle with Mr. DeMartino over a cheese log. (409)

Jonson, Ben: Great playwright and dramatist (1572-1637). Primarily known as a contemporary of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare appeared in a play of Jonson’s, “Every Man in His Humour”. In 104, a question on Mr. O’Neill’s blackboard asks who was Ben Jonson?

Jordan, Michael: American basketball player (1963-present). Played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards franchises in the NBA between 1984 and 2003. Five time Most Valuable Player, ten time All-Star and the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals each of the six times the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship. Mack’s middle name was changed from “James” to “Jordan” after Mack’s father saw a Chicago Bulls playoff game when Mack was 12. (113)

"A Journal of the Plague Year": Book written by English author Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) in 1722. An Englishman (not Defoe, since the Plague Year is 1665) and his experience as an outbreak of the plague strikes London and the country.

Daria is reading "A Journal of the Plague Year" -- it's one of the many books on her bed in (414). The joke is that when Daria consoles Quinn regarding David calling Quinn shallow, Helen's arrival leads Quinn to make the excuse that she was there to borrow a book from Daria, and she grabs "A Journal of the Plague Year".

"Just Add Water": Thirty-eighth episode of the series (312). Daria, Jane, and other Lawndale students are forced to participate in a casino cruise.

According to Jane, the Sick Sad World Marathon takes place on Friday night.

Casino Night is on Saturday.

Kafka, Franz: Czech writer (1883-1924). Wrote “The Metamorphosis” and “The Trial”. His works have the common theme of individuals persecuted by unexplained circumstances from which there was no escape. Daria has a poster of Kafka on her wall in (303), which is seen again in (308).

C. C. Karakas: One of the persons living in Mr. O'Neill's apartment complex. (405)

Karma Tweak: Store seen on Lawndale parade route in (406). Only the sign is visible; what it sells is a mystery.

Katie: Significant other of Wind Lane. In (308), Wind has had to abandon his houseboat, as he and Katie are separating for a while.

Keg Queen: Honorary title at Middleton College, probably chosen by fraternity brothers. The Keg Queen gets to drive the kegs to and from the distributor to the campus. Quinn is named Keg Queen during her brief stay at Middleton. (103)

Kerouac, Jack: (1922-1969) Poet and founding father of the beatnik movement and coined the term “Beat Generation”. Experimental poet, his most prominent work was “On the Road”, a semi-fictionalized account of a cross-country trip. Daria writes a paper on Kerouac when she briefly works for a service providing term papers at cost. (103)

Kerouac’s novel, “The Dharma Bums” is offered as part of Mr. O’Neill’s class reading assignment in (213). In “Dharma Bums” a young Zen Buddhist (Kerouac) travels across California with his friends and tries to discover the meaning of life.

Alfred Joyce Kilmer Library: Library in Lawndale that Daria and Quinn visit in (211). (Alfred) Joyce Kilmer is an American writer (1886-1918). Wrote “Trees”: “I think that I shall never see/A poem as lovely as a tree”. It is undoubtedly a branch of the Lawndale Public Library -- a branch of that library is seen near LHS in (403).

“Kineesha’s First Kwanzaa”: Children’s book owned by the Guptys (108).

“King Lear”: Tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the mid 1600s. Lear abdicates the throne in favor of his three daughters, and ends up a pitiful, despised figure. The play was discussed in Mr. O’Neill’s class in (209).

King Sugar Tut: Cereal that Jake is eating in (402). One can find interesting facts about King Tut written on the outside of the box.

Kiss: Theatrical American hard-rock band (1973-present, with several incarnations). The band members were known for highly imaginative costumes, with each member of the group taking on a different persona. Paul Stanley (the “star child”) and Gene Simmons (the “demon”) have been members of all of the band’s incarnations.

Stan implies to Mystik Spiral in Fremont that he might have had a hand in the formation of Kiss in (310).

Knuckles: Imaginary senior at Lawndale High. Jake asks if Daria has a boyfriend and Daria tells Jake that “Knuckles” is a senior who carves words into her arm. “Together we’re hoping to buck the odds against teen marriages.” Jake doesn’t get the joke and believes that Knuckles exists several days later.

Kombucha: Health beverage made by fermenting black and green tea with a starter culture called "kombucha" which is

derived from a mushroom. Noah Barkton orders up a pot of Kombucha at the macrobiotic restaurant in (502).

Korn: American rock band, 1994-present. Trent has a Korn poster on his wall in (205).

Kristin: One of the campers at the "Okay to Cry" corral. She interrupts O'Neill's exercise in (414) by stating that it's "a hundred degrees" and asks if the campers can go swim in the lake.

Kroger, Alex: Fellow camper at Camp Grizzly at the time Daria and Quinn went there. First mentioned in (504). Quinn tells Cindy, Tracy and Tatijiana that both she and Alex Kroger ditched the square dance to go down to the lakeside together. Quinn thought it would have been nice if he had come to the reunion.

However, Alex was Cindy's date for the square dance and she waited all night for Alex, who of course never showed up. Cindy throws two quarters towards Quinn and tells her that she can call Alex if she wants a ride home from Camp Grizzly, and Quinn is abandoned by her former friends. (504)

“The Lab Brat”: Seventh episode of the series (107). Daria and Kevin work together on a science project.

214Events of 107 take place over course of at least one week (reference by Daria)

Lackluster Video: Video store in Lawndale, known for its blue and yellow block letters on the logo. Mack and Kevin walk by Lackluster Video in (401)

Lackluster Video is undoubtedly a reference to the Blockbuster Video franchise in the United States (with several locations). Blockbuster Video's logo also uses the same blue-and-yellow block logo as "Lackluster".

Lackluster Video adjoins the pizza place where Daria, Jane, and other cast members hang out. The list of stores, viewing left to right facing, is as follows:

Florist Shop (414)

pizza place

Lackluster Video (411)

Deuce Hardware (411)

As Daria and Tom walk away from the Pizza Place, the order of these stores is reconfirmed in (414). A sign at Deuce Hardware reads "Keys Made" and that there is a sale on tools and paint. (414)

"La Dolce Vita": Film by Italian director Frederico Fellini in 1960, starring Marcello Mastroianni. A jaded playboy journalist wonders through Rome until he is charmed by a famous film star. We observe the main characters as he travels through a world of hedonistic sex, parties, and alcohol, but Fellini does not make any moral judgments on any of the characters.

Tom suggests to Jane that they see "La Dolce Vita", but Jane declines. (412)

"The Lady or the Tiger?": Short work of fiction written by American humorist Frank R. Stockton (1834-1902) in 1882. For daring to love a princess, a gardner is faced with the choice of opening two doors. Behind one door is a lady. Behind one door is a tiger. If he opens the door with the lady, he may marry her. If he opens the other door, he is killed by the tiger.

The princess finds out which door has the lady and which door has the tiger. At the end of the story, she directs the gardener to choose a particular door on the day of his choice.

But could she bear to see her love marry another woman? And what was behind the door she directed the gardener to choose? The lady...or the tiger?

In (413), Jane has a project called "The Lady or the Tiger?" On canvas is a painting of Jane with tiger-like stripes in her hair. She asks Daria to help her dye her hair so that Jane can match the painting, but the job ends disastrously.

Lamm, Leonard: First seen in (501). Mr. Lamm is an economic consultant of some type (salesman? marketer?) who visits Ms. Li with a mind to helping her solve the school's budget crisis as well as helping himself. Lamm offers to serve as an intermediary to soda companies. The idea is that in exchange for the rights to have their soda sold exclusively at Lawndale High School, soda companies will play the high school for the privilege. Lamm implies that the companies pay more than what could be earned just by selling the soda cans at mark-up.

In addition, the soda companies would have the right to advertise at the school with "tasteful little posters" and would expect that more vending machines be brought in to the school. When Ms. Li wonders if this would leave a poor impression on outsiders, Lamm replies that the students are already bombarded by advertising, so why should the school remain an "ivory tower"? He tells Ms. Li that the school can earn at least $50,000 from the advertising rights.

Later on in (501), Superintendent Cartwright says that Lawndale High School is the only school running a budget surplus in the country, and that he's thinking of having Lamm draw up a contract for all the county's schools.

However, Lamm later tells Ms. Li that the point of the contract was in "making the students available to the product", and not vice-versa. Ultra Cola requires that the student body must reach a certain quota of soda purchases, or the school doesn't receive a check.

Lamour, Randy: Headliner of The Original Randy Lamour Band, a booth at the Bridal Expo at LHS in (204). “Five musicians, 24 instruments”. It could be 94 instruments, who knows?

Landon, Andrew: Father of Jodie Landon. First seen in (208), during the Grove Hills video.

215Belongs to club. Had become a new member during events in (208); had been

on club waiting list for three years.

216Invented a folding coffee cup. (208)

217Bought Jaguar with proceeds from invention. (208)

218Loves “my girls”, but has high hopes for youngest child, Evan, the only boy (208)

219Hates “welfare cheats” and believes in “creative accounting” - believes that “welfare cheats” are the reason American companies end up using child labor. (208)

220Lawndale's banking industry knows who he is: "the folding coffee cup guy" (401)

221Argues with Michelle about day care for Evan -- states that "no son of mine" is going to day care. (407)

222Checks Michelle and himself into the tower, "Penthouse C", during the conference. (407)

223Saw Terry Perry Barlow at Enterpreneurfest 3000. (407)

224Brags to Terry Perry Barlow that he's doubling his net worth every six months. (407)

225Wants to have family join Winged Tree Country Club (414)

226Family throws a 4th of July Party -- party is catered (414)

Landon, Evan: Infant son of Andrew and Michelle Landon. Jodie’s younger brother.

First seen in a photograph in (208).

220Wasn’t planned, according to Michelle (208).

Landon, Jodie: Black student at Lawndale High. Overachiever. Girlfriend of Mack Mackenzie.

221First appearance in (102), talking to Brittany (unnamed)

222Named for first time in (104) as “Jodie”, by Mr. O’Neill in English class.

223Feels “used...and abused....” during trip to mall in 105 - plays the system well

(Daria: “There’s a principle involved.” Jodie: “No, there isn’t!”)

224Belongs to student council (106)

225Implied by Daria that Jodie was interested in taking modeling class (106)

226Participates in DeMartino/Injury betting pool (110)

227Invited to Grove Hills (208).

228President of the French Club, Vice-President of Student Council, editor of the yearbook, and on the tennis team. (208)

229First mention of Mack as her “boyfriend” (208)

230“Someday, I’d like to own my own business. Maybe a consulting firm geared toward minority start-ups.” - One of Jodie’s “goals” as heard in (208)

231Thinks that Ayn Rand is “rather disturbing” (208)

232Says that at home she is free to express herself, but that at Lawndale, she has to be the “perfect African-American teen” and at times would like to be more like Daria. (208)

233Runs information booth at Medieval Fair (210)

234Jane: “Jodie knows what it’s like...to have standards too high to live up to....” (301)

235Described as an “honor student” by Brittany (304)

236Implied that Jodie and Brittany are friends (304)

237States that she wishes to start her own business after college. (401)

238Unhappy that Daria was asked to cosign for a loan at the bank, and that bank officer was only interested in Jodie's father cosigning when the officer found out he was Andrew Landon (401)

Landon, Jodie

236Jodie: "All I want is to be judged on my own merits, you know?", but quite willing to drop her father's name at the next bank Daria and Jodie visit (401)

237Angry at Daria for implying that Jodie's dropping her father's name during the economics project was hypocritical, given that the first loan officer dismissed Jodie on the basis of "youth, and possibly, race". States that she approached the project like an adult, used the clout of her father's name and succeeded. Tells Daria if she "wandered into a gray area, too bad" (401)

238states that her parents spend entire summer doing volunteer work so that it will look good on her college application (405)

239has 20-hour a week internship at congressman's office planned for summer after Season Four (405)

240parents refuse to lower her work load -- parents have her taking college prep classes, volunteering at the hospice, and working as a camp counselor for special needs kids (405)

241elected Homecoming Queen for Lawndale Homecoming parade in (406), states that she's elected every year

242thinks that being elected Homecoming Queen is a "charade" and wonders what would be the worst anyone could do if she and Mack refused to play along -- but resumes waving when she sees a young black girl looking up at her with admiration -- "we may be tokens, but we're damned good looking ones!"

243hopes that Jane is joking when Jane implies that the perfect relationship is watching TV together and making fun of stuff (412)

244when Jane asks Jodie if she's worried that Jodie and Mack might drift apart, Jodie answers that due to her extracurricular activities, they don't see each other often enough to drift apart -- "all in all, not a bad system" (412)

245states that her summer activities are "two internships, volunteer community service, a part time job, and, in my spare time, golf lessons." (414)

Landon, Jodie

Parents want Jodie to take golf lessons because they want to join the Winged Tree Country Club (414).

States her summer activities at Landon Fourth of July party: "soup kitchens, crisis center, Congressman Sack's office,

fund raising, golf lessons (414)

Implied that fund raising is either for Congressman Sack or the "8th Annual Carnival for Dyslexia", a poster seen behind

Jodie during her office work in (414)

States that she thinks Ultra Cola advertising at Lawndale High School is "sleazy" but is glad that the Lawndale Model

Congress won't have to sell boxes of gift wrap to pay for its trip to Washington DC. She likes that fact that

the advertising brings a lot of money to the school, and that the posters really aren't a big deal.

Tells Daria that if she doesn't like the Ultra Cola contract, she can complain about it. When Daria replies that she

doesn't get involved, Jodie responds that Daria's lack of involvement implies that the soda contract isn't as

important to Daria as she thinks it is (501)

Landon, Michelle: Mother of Jodie Landon. First seen in (208), during the Grove Hills video.

237Belongs to club with her husband, Andrew (208)

238Was a Senior Vice-President at U. S. World, “walked away” to have a baby, according to Helen (208, 407)

239Quick to interpret innocent remarks as being racially motivated (208)

240Tells Jodie that she wouldn’t want her to make a decision she’d regret (208)

241Thinks the Morgendorffers are “a couple of head cases” (208)

242Seen reading Wall Street World newspaper (405)

243Gets very touchy when Jake relates that Daria is with him at the conference in (407) because Helen couldn't attend and Andrew states that Helen is a "real go-getter". "And I suppose that makes me the 'woman behind the man'?" Tells Andrew that she is going back to work as soon as Evan is in day care.

"The Land That Time Forgot": American 1975 movie, based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950, book written in 1918). In the movie, a U-boat carrying Nazis and the British survivors of a torpedoed vessel end up in an unknown land where dinosaurs still rule. "The Land That Time Forgot" is a topic on Mr. O'Neill's board in (313).

Lane, Amanda: Mother of Jane Lane.

242First mentioned in (201), by Mr. O’Neill. We only see her arms, painting a


243First mention of kiln in Lane house. (201)

244On trip out to Painted Desert - Jane suggests that she might see a vision (211)

245When Trent asks Jane “are you Mom?” when she asks where Trent is going, Jane states that Mom would never ask where Trent’s going (212)

246First seen in (308), with Jane and Trent.

247Vincent and Amanda work out conflicts through role playing and “hitting each other with large foam rubber bats” (308)

248Truism: “You know, if you try to hold a butterfly tightly in your hand, it will die. You have to let it go. And if it comes back, it is truly yours, but if doesn't, it never really was.” (308)

249Does not believe in grounding. (308)

250Has met Helen Morgendorffer before (308), or communicated on phone - can call her “Helen” on recognition. (308)

251Composure breaks when she wants her house back. (308)

252Old commune-mate of Amanda's runs Ashfield, an artist's colony, in a "college town in the middle of nowhere". (414)

253Was visiting Death Valley in July as of (414)

Lane, Jane: Best friend of Daria Morgendorffer.

in Mr. O’Neill’s self-esteem class - states that she’d taken the course six times - Daria states that Jane has “memorized” the course (101)

studied life drawing summer before Daria’s first year at Lawndale (102)

Has drawn nudes before, comments on female nude model (102)

It appears Brittany does not recognize her in 102, implying that they have had virtually no social contact. Neither does Charles, for that matter. (102)

Willing to stand up in face of public opinion, to a point - Jane and Daria are only ones who do not vote to go on mall field trip which would mean skipping Bennett’s surprise quiz - Jane might just be going along with Daria (105)

Thinks Daria has “the coolest room” (106)

Romanica states Jane has a “very interesting look” (106)

Jane isn’t intimidated in showing her unflattering cariacture of Claude and Romanica to their faces (106)

Hints that Jane runs in (108) - Jane is putting on T-shirt, shorts, lacing shoes

Skilled at deprogramming lockouts on remote control at Guptys (108)

Pile of clothes crammed into closet (109)

Implied that she likes Jesse (end of 111)

Jane states that she’s going to “go for a run” in (113)

Implied that hair curls when wet - natural state? (202)

A bit yentaish, suggests that Daria can spend “quality time” with Trent in (205)

Has grandmother’s nightgown in pile of clothes (205)

Gym class in (207)

Makes “straight Cs” in math (208)

Has mercy on Quinn who is afraid to be home alone (208)

Contents of locker: Shocking abstract art - grimacing head in bright, vibrant colors. Books about Goya and M. C. Escher. (209) (The books are also seen again in her locker in (414)).

Did not do well on mid-term quiz - “C” average in math in danger of becoming a “D” in (211)

Signs up for track team, and makes team. (211).

Wears headphones while running or walking (211, 308)

Lane, Jane

Willing to accept perks of being on the team, including watching TV instead of

class participation, and getting a “buy” on her math test - “I probably

would have gotten a “C” anyway”. (211)

Drops Evan - and track - immediately after Evan characterizes Daria as “a loser”.


States that her motivation for joining track was to prove to Ms. Morris that she

wasn’t a “deadbeat”. (211)

Daria points out that even though Jane decided not to particpate in the

grades-for-academic-performance system at LHS, Jane decided against

exposing or attempting to reform the system, either. (211)

Birthday takes place sometime during academic year (212).

Does not like birthday parties, but likes the presents. (212)

Shocked when she discovers that Trent called Daria (212)

Daria: “You’re not a morning person, are you?” (301)

stores industrial waste in locker for volunteer arts and crafts project (302)

states that the more debased holidays become, the less reason for her family to get

together, until she’s finally alone on Thanksgiving with a TV dinner -

might be a foreshadowing of (308)

Career aptitude test indicates future career as “accountant” - Jane states that she’s

gotten the same result for three years, since she answers ‘c’ for every

question on the aptitude test. (306)

Has access to school roof. (307)

States that her parents would worry about her - if they were in town. (307)

Brings easel along with belongings when staying over Morgendorffers (308)

Able to fold napkins into origami patterns (308)

Belongings kit is black, emblazoned with white skull (308)

Lane, Jane

Able to sketch “Le Dejeuner sur L’Herbe” recognizably on cell wall (310)

Sketches diagram explaning the strange events in (311), believes that Trent's music might be a call to the aliens -- we do not know if Jane is taking any of this seriously (311).

drawn as a "alien love goddess" in an episode of Sick Sad World (311)

implied that she is not as dumb as Kevin or Brittany, but no great shakes in history either -- DeMartino tries to think

of an on-the-spot compliment for her in (312), but all he can come up with is that she is "angular".

when asked by O'Neill if she has considered homeopathy, she says, "I'm going to stick with guys for now, but thanks

for asking". (313)

implied that she is on academic probation and is in danger of failing Language Arts -- "If we get anything above a 'C',

I'll get off academic probation and not have to worry about taking Language Arts over...." (313)

spends much of the night with Tom the first time she meets him (313)

Jane begs off on a project with Daria due to lack of sleep, immediately perks up when Tom arrives (313)

Daria: "(Your brother Trent) and (you) aren't really morning people, are you?" (313)

Daria: "if we do badly, you're the one taking (Language Arts) again" (313)

Tom (to Daria): "All she talks about is 'Daria said this', 'Daria did this', 'listen to what Daria told this moron'" (313)

When it comes to Mrs. Bennett's project, Jane says, "why don't we just use my standard approach and pick the

easiest?" (401)

Was a Girl Scout at one time (402) -- states that she wasn't one "after the deprogramming".

Hates the "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" song (402)

During dangerous part of storm, apologizes for embarrassing Daria "all those times" in front of Trent (402)

Kevin crashing his moped into the Tommy Sherman Memorial Tree reminds her of similar incident at fourth birthday

party involving "a tiny tricycle and a chimp" (403)

Scores an "84" on Mr. DeMartino's test -- states to Daria that this is the first time she's ever scored "95" on a test --

when Daria points out the discrepancy, Jane replies that she grades herself on a curve (404)

Takes slight offense when Daria suggests that Jane fail at being conventional -- Jane: "What are you saying, that I'm some kind of freak of nature?" (405) Daria: "Define 'of nature'."

Decides to remain conventional, blames it on "loss of confidence" -- Jane: "Maybe I'm not really an artist. Maybe

those insipid pom-pom wavers know me better than I know myself." (405)

Lane, Jane

Has a vision when trying out for a cheerleader spot -- Daria and Tom are in mourning, and Jane is a happy and

peppy cheerleader, kiving Kevin a kiss. Jane decides to deliberately fail her try-out. (405)

Has date with Tom at Lawndale Homecoming parade to make fun of the parade (406)

Tom states that if he were Jane instead of Daria, Jane would be "so busy snapping pictures" that she'd forget Tom was

even there. (406) "You know how she is." Daria concurs.

Has plans to go bowling with Tom and his friends on Saturday. (407)

Creates the Jane-Cam in (408)

According to Daria, Jane does not like having her picture taken (408)

Flosses (408)

Implied by Daria that she might have fillings (408)

Cuts cord to Jane-Cam with scissors after Tom finds that Jane-Cam has captured his hip-shaking antics (408)

Gets into fight with Tom after he eats her edible art supplies -- fight was loud enough to wake Trent (409)

Is forced to admit to Daria -- and herself -- that placing her edible art supplies in the kitchen away from any nearby

art materials was probably not a good idea. (409)

Implied by Andrea that Daria and Jane have a reputation of verbally cutting up others -- this might explain some of

their lack of popularity (409)

Attempts to get Daria to go to party with her, but Daria says that dull parties are the responsibility of boyfriends. Jane

tells her that she gave Tom the night off so that she could spend time with Daria, but when Daria doesn't buy it,

she admits Tom is out of town (411)

Tells Daria that the reason Quinn's "guardian angel" theory upsets Daria so much is that Daria fears that it's true, that there are supernatural forces looking out for the "Quinns of the world" and that it's already been decided, "they win, you lose" -- then tells Daria, "God, I'm depressed" (411)

Wants to see "Screecher Two" but Tom wants to see a movie "with a plot" instead (412).

Lane, Jane

Listened to Tom and Daria debate about Fellini's symbolism some time before (412) -- Jane describes it as "one of the best naps I ever had".

Tom suggests to Jane that they see "La Dolce Vita", but Jane declines. (412)

Very hesitant about Daria staying over -- possibly because she knows that Tom and Daria get along well now (412)

Possessively mentions to Daria that Daria doesn't have to leave messages on Tom's answering machine -- that Jane would be very happy passing them along. (412)

Tells Jodie that she believed that she and Tom were "meant for each other" -- they would sit in front of the TV and

make fun of whatever they saw -- "it was the perfect relationship" -- then complains that whenever Tom and

Daria debate about books or movies, she feels that Tom is in another world. (412)

Begins avoiding Daria by going into empty classrooms when she spies Daria in the halls at LHS -- Daria notices

and confronts her at her home. Jane states that she's glad that Tom and Daria are getting along with each other,

but the problem is that Jane and Tom aren't getting along very well and Daria is only making things worse.


Jane feels that she's the "third wheel" in her own relationship, and dejectedly tells Daria that she hates "this jealousy

crap" (412)

Jane (to Daria): "You'd never do anything to hurt me." (412)

Twists Daria's arm into helping Jane with dying her hair by implying that she must have some ulterior motive not to

help her -- Jane is now quite hostile (413)

Goes into greater detail during hair dyeing -- states that among Daria's motives could be Daria not wanting to make

Jane look better due to jealously of Jane and Tom, that Daria "accidentally" interrupts Jane and Tom kissing

earlier in (413), that Daria somehow manages to engage Tom in long conversations (referring to 412) -- in

essence, that Daria has designs on Tom

Lane, Jane

When dye job goes bad in (413), Jane screams at Daria, "You did this on purpose! To take Tom away from me!"

Admits to Trent that she "kinda made" Daria help Jane with dying her hair (413)

Continues to avoid Daria in (413) after bad dye job -- does not answer door or phone (413)

Tom states that after dye job went bad, he talked to her later that night -- she was yelling stuff he didn't understand

and making accusations -- it isn't known whether the accusations are about Daria or Tom (413)

When Daria and Jane finally meet in (413), Jane understands that Daria didn't deliberately try to botch the dye job,

but she still thinks that Daria and Tom have some sort of relationship that she doesn't know about -- Jane: "So

you don't want to go out with him...and you've never...made out or anything?" (413)

Runs from Daria after Daria tells Jane that yes, Daria kissed Tom but that she didn't mean to (413)

Beats on Tom's chest after she rings his door and he answers as if nothing's wrong. Jane: "Go to hell!!" (413)
During discussion with Jane, Tom tells Jane that he and Jane "weren't going anywhere" and "were about to break up".

Jane reluctantly agrees. (413)

States that she will have to get a new best friend, because it would just be too weird accompanying Daria and Tom

on dates. (413)

Torn between defending Daria when Tom states she's "antisocial" and saying that she does NOT want Tom going

out with Daria. (413)

Asks Tom if Tom was just going out with Jane to get to Daria. (413)

Tom: "I really like you, Jane. You're smart and you're funny, you have a great attitude. You do everything on your

terms. You're like, from a cooler world." (413)

Jane tells Daria that Tom/Daria makes more sense than Tom/Jane. (413)

When Daria asks Jane if she hates her, Jane says, "Of course I hate you! You say you'll stay away from him and

five minutes later you're making out in a car!" (413)

Admits that she might have been trying to start an argument with Daria when she asked Daria to dye her hair. (413)

When asked by Daria if they're still friends, Jane answers that they're friends who "can't stand the sight of each other".

When Daria asks if this is temporary, Jane answers "I hope so", then leaves. (413)

Did not tell Daria about her summer at Ashfield because she "didn't want to jinx it" (414)

Relationship between Daria and Jane is still poor (414)

Tells Daria: "you don't get it, do you? I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to think about it. I told you,

I'm not mad at you about Tom. Now let it freaking go, okay?" (414)

Uneasy around new housemates at Ashfield (414)

Ate in her room alone during mealtime until Alison finally draws her out (414)

Has wine with Allison (414)

Denies being gay to Alison after Alison makes a pass at her. Jane: "I'm straight...I'm not gay...I like guys...I'm not interested in women." (414)

States that she doesn't think that Jane is straight-- intimates that Jane is nervous because it's her "first time with a girl" -- states that Jane just isn't ready to admit she's gay (414)

Paints picture of young woman with dark hair screaming and trapped in a safe while at Ashfield (414)

Had been avoiding Alison after Alison had made her pass at Jane (414)

Uneasy about Alison's earlier comments -- Jane: "But you said you never make a mistake in that...uh...area." Jane

is referring to a comment Alison made that she never hits on straight women (414)

Daria (to Tom): "What do you mean, 'not like I'm Jane'? Jane's smart!" (414)

Tom inadvertantly compares Daria to Jane in the discussion about what Tom's family thinks of her. He says, "It's not

like you're Jane." When Daria wants that statement clarified, Tom says that Jane's smart but she has the

freedom to live her life as she chooses, to go to college or not to. "Our parents would have a fit" if either Tom

or Daria decided otherwise. Daria accuses Tom of being a snob. (414)

Refers to Ashifeld as sucking "only in a mind-numbingly pretentious kind of way" (414)

According to Trent, Jane said that Daria and Tom make a good couple. (414)

In Club Glamour, Jane articulates why she is so angry at Daria. It was not that Tom "blew off" Jane for Daria, it was

that Daria "blew off" her friendship with Jane for Tom. Even though Jane said that it didn't matter if Daria

went out with Tom, Daria wasn't supposed to believe that. Daria apologizes for the pain she's put Jane

through, and their friendship is restored. (414)

Daria tells Jane that she admires Jane because Jane knows exactly who she is, and that Jane can't be conned into

thinking that she's something different. (414)

Jane decides to spend the rest of the summer at Ashfield, because she feels she needs to complete what she started.


Tells Daria, truthfully, that she thinks that she IS over the Daria/Tom/Jane triangle and that Daria should give Tom

another chance. (414)

Admits to Daria that she didn't make any friends at Ashfield, "except this one girl, until she got fresh" (414)

Hates football (501)

Tells Daria that Tom never really took her anywhere on dates...except for a carriage ride...and an Italian

restaurant where he got the musicians to play the theme from "The Poseidon Adventure", which is

Jane's favorite song." (502)

Takes up betting with Daria -- each gives the other the chance to win back a bet -- the bets go to as high as $40 (503)

Thinks that camp couldn't be so bad -- "at least your parents didn't make you spend summers on a commune". When

Daria complains about burlap sack races, Jane complains about having to make burlap sacks (504)

Wanted to complain about composting when young, but Daria's being forced to sing the Camp

Grizzly song has her beat (504)

Didn't want to stop at Earl's house on the way back from Camp Grizzly (504)

Doesn't think much of Earl or his wife (504)

Refers to herself as Daria's "best friend" (505)

Doesn't care much for Daria's story -- didn't say it was bad, but it was "muddled" and had "too many styles". She

suggests that Daria let someone else read it who "appreciates literature", implying that Jane is not much of

a reader. (505)

“Lane Miserables”: Thirty-fourth episode of the series (308). Jane Lane’s parents and siblings make an unexpected return visit to Lawndale.

Lane, Penny: Sister of Jane, Summer, Trent, and Wind Lane.

252First mentioned in 112, in conversation at Lane family reunion.

253Disappointed in Mexican job market, according to Jane (112)

254Was in Ms. Morris’s gym class - Morris states that sisters “always had to be different” - Ms. Morris mentions Penny as particularly non-group oriented. (210)

255Spent “the last ten years out of the country” before (210).

256Trent received message that Penny was coming in from Costa Rica in (308).

257Penny ran out of colones (see “colon”) in (308) and that a volcano wiped out her craft stand.

258Implied that Penny doesn’t care for Wind. (308)

259Owns parrot named Chiquito. (308)

260Craft stand made hand-fashioned tin picture frames - Penny tries calling a finance minister in Costa Rica for some sort of compensation. (308)

261Was thinking to switching to hand-crafted gekko skin coin purses (308)

262Implied by Summer that Penny believes her “knick-knacks” will save the economies of the Third World. (308)

263States that Wind is “much better off” unmarried (308)

264States that she believes that Wind’s and Summer’s marriages are failures. (308)

265Room is still intact in Lane household -- Daria is put up there for the night in (412) -- room has hanging plant and wind chime that Penny calls a "room chime", Santa Fe poster and general Spanish/Hispanic motif

Lane, Trent: Older brother of Jane. Slacker. Musician.

265first mentioned in 102, as Jane mentions “her brother” is practicing opening to

“Come as You Are”.

266first appearance in 102, named

267shows up unannounced at LHS in Auditorium with Daria and Jane in 106

268Has Maori tattoo (111)

269Implied by Jane that he “gets honest with everyone” when he gets drunk (112)

270Contemporary of Tommy Sherman, knew him three years before Season One. - “had a couple of classes together”-therefore went to Lawndale High School (113)

271Laughs when Daria sarcastically suggests that Trent showed up to class more frequently than Tommy (113)

272Fan of Sisters of Mercy, has their poster on his wall (201)

273Fan of Korn, has their poster on his wall (205)

274Prefers vinyl to digital - “it’s a richer tone”. (205)

275Pretends to be asleep at Yard Sale (205)

276Attends Jane’s track meet (211)

277Calls sister “Janey” (?211, probably not first time)

278Came to track meet to support sister and because they were “power-scrubbing my room again”. (211)

279When obstensibly talking about Jane, talks about own dream, says that drunks “don’t care about your dream”, just want a loud noise in background while they begin their “pathetic” mating dance. (211)

280Ends up getting Jane art supplies every year for her birthday (212)

281Can’t set foot in a bookstore. Trent: “Don’t ask me why, Daria - I just don’t want to talk about it!” (212)

282Thinks Daria would look good in go-go dancer outfit seen in Funky Doodle (212)

283Some significant glances when Trent and Daria discuss a silver hoop ring as a piercing in (212).

284Used to be in a band with Monique (212).

285Trent states that Daria is “the coolest high schooler” he knows. (212)

Lane, Trent

286Described as “flaky” by Daria in imaginary story in (213).

287Has duck phone that “quacks” when ringing in (307).

288Implied that his sensitive persona sometimes makes him feel like a “bearded girl” in song “Manly” from (307)

289Lived in a tent in the backyard for six months (it was Jane’s job to deliver him sandwiches) - according to Amanda, they left him alone until he got bored, according to Trent, he waited six months for someone to invite him back in. (308)

290Trent’s tent is still stored in attic (308)

291Thinks that he might have read “Huckleberry Finn” (q. v.) in high school.

292Used to watch Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw while young. (308)

293Alternate future Trent is a lazy slob who lives with Daria. Daria works at a gene-splicing lab. They have a son, Trent Junior who needs glasses - “thick ones”, and Daria works double shifts. Trent doesn’t work at all, and spends most of his time lying on the couch waiting for Mystik Spiral’s big break. Trent regrets his tattoos because they remind him of how he has wasted his life. Trent and Daria never married because Trent forgot to show up - he overslept. (308)

294According to Jane, breaks up with Monique “every other week”. (308)

295States that if Daria were older, “I could take you out” (308)

296Keeps song notebook under bed in burnt shoe box (310)

297Wrote and performed commercial jingle for Happy Herb's Used Cars, which was aired. Trent got twenty dollars, an hours worth of free studio time, and new tires for his car. He characterizes himself as a "sellout", but he "really needed the gig". (311)

298Daria: "You and Jane aren't really morning people, are you?" (313)

299claims that his career is "very important", but then forgets an important audition (313)

300Jane: "Can't you for once in your life finish something within a month of starting it?" (313)

301Tom: "Yeah, he's a really cool guy, but I guess he's not the most dependable person in the world." (313)

302Daria: "I really hope he makes it as a musician, 'cause I can't think of any other job he could hold down." (313)

303Has veiled conversation with Daria -- his inability to commit to the multimedia project is one reason they could never get together romantically. (313)

304Always felt that Daria understood the way he thinks (313)

305Trent: "I'm always late. That's why I don't wear a watch. They depress me." (313)

Lane, Trent

503Kisses Daria on the cheek (313)

504Goes "Whoa!!" when he sees Brittany in Jane's room -- clearly surprised, or thinks that Brittany is attractive (401)

505Goes to Payday to buy new headlight, but doesn't think of bringing headlight, or even having make or model number of headlight. (409)

506Implied by Daria and Jane that Trent's car is unsafe (410)

507Trent states in reply to Jake that he usually drives with two hands on the road unless there are some lyrics he needs to write down (he might be joking, but it's hard to tell) (410)

508According to Jane, has transported band and equipment, including drum kit, in car -- that eight people in Trent's car "has been done before" (410)

509Engine knock audibly heard with Trent's car (410)

510Car has stalled in mid-drive (410)

511Car stalls completely, steam coming from front, hot under hood -- Trent suggests waiting an hour for car to cool down as optimal solution; when Jane jokingly suggests that the car's on fire, Trent thinks the waiting period should be two hours (410)

512Argues with Max about a song Max wrote, particularly if a temperature can be "below sub-zero"-- continues argument all the way to the Brittany Taylor party (411)

513Uses "high schoolers" as a dismissive term, states that playing at a high school party makes him feel like he's back in high school. (411)

514Trent: "Algebra? Ewwww...." (411)

515Does not know Brittany Taylor, has to read her name off of a card (411)

Lane, Trent

States that as a musician, he's very sensitive to "shifts in mood" (412)

Tells Daria that "guys can always tell when guys are into someone -- you know, 'ethereal transference'" (412)

Trent tells Daria that whatever happens between Daria/Jane/Tom, that no one should say that Daria meant for it to happen, but that "there's no use playing dumb". (412)

Implied that for him, 10 PM is usually time for dinner (414)

Aware of Daria/Tom/Jane triangle. He tells Daria that Jane knows "you guys didn't mean to hurt her", but works on

impromptu song called "Betrayal" while Daria is riding in seat next to him. (414)

Jane states that Trent must have gotten up at 4 PM "and couldn't get back to sleep" (504)

Wonders if Mystik Spiral is "past its prime" (504)

Always said he's "get out of music before I become a cliche" (504)

Believes that visiting Earl will help him figure out why Mystik Spiral is at each other's throats (504)

When Jane hypothetically brings up stress as a source of contention between Mystik Spiral and states as an

example that Trent gets on Jesse's nerves, Trent asks Jane how he could possibly get on anyone's nerves (504)

Appears unhappy that trip to Earl's turned out a disappointment (504)

Earl and his wife's stupidity serve as the inspiration for a new song by Trent, resparking his fire for Mystik Spiral. (504)

Lane, Summer: Older sister of Jane Lane. First mentioned in 108.

297Jane states that she used to babysit for Summer’s kids until they got old

enough to run away. (108)

298Jane states private detectives found “three out of her four kids” (112)

299Was in Ms. Morris’s gym class - Morris states that sisters “always had to be different”. (210)

300According to Amanda, ate “only Pez” for a year (308)

301Children Adrian and Courtney are first mentioned (308)

302Refers to Penny’s crafts as “knick-knacks”. (308)

303Also asks Penny “what do you know about marriage” when Penny is trying to be supportive of Wind (308)

304Penny states that Summer’s marriage or marriages are failures (308).

305When kids state that “they want to go home”, Summer asks, “then why the hell did you run away and drag me back to the last place on earth I want to be?” (308)

Lane, Vincent: Husband of Amanda Lane. Father of Summer, Wind, Penny, Jane, and Trent Lane. First mentioned in (308).

306Was taking pictures of Celtic rock formations before arriving home in (308) - believed he left his house keys in Connemara (Ireland).

307Vincent and Amanda work out conflicts through role playing and “hitting each other with large foam rubber bats” (308)

308Smokes a pipe (308)

Lane, Wind: Brother of Summer, Penny, Jane, and Trent Lane. First mentioned in 112,

at Lane family reunion.

309Pending remarriage discussed by Jane at family reunion, pending “if he can

figure out if his divorces were legal”. (112)

310First seen in (308), arriving at Lane household.

311Was living in a houseboat, but had to clear out: “Katie and I are separating for a while”.

312Is already paying two alimony payments a month.

313Penny guesses that Claudia threw him out when she first sees him in (308). Wind answers that that was years ago.

314Implied that Wind is very emotional - he is seen crying about Katie during most of (308)

315Watches “The Living Marriage: A Holistic Blueprint for Loving” (308) -

has tried everything the show has suggested but cannot win back Katie (308)

316Implied that one of the incidents in the Wind/Katie dispute involves a

“flirtatious check-out girl” (308)

317Takes offense at Penny’s offer to be supportive, when Penny said he was better off unmarried - provoked at Wind’s response, Penny calls Wind’s marriages “failures”. (308)

318Might be background figure on parade route in (406) -- he is seen behind Daria and Tom, walking from right to left after the scene where Upchuck is subdued on the parade route.

319Jane tells Daria that she would have put her up in Wind's room in (412), but there is the danger that he would have shown up there in the middle of the night, asking Daria for her advice on marraige.

Lane family:

318Jane states that yearly, the Lanes converge from all over the country to “one

midwestern split-level (112)

319The Vincent/Amanda Lanes are the “black sheep of the clan” (112) -- neither

Vincent nor Amanda attends family reunion, implied that they send children to reunions instead as “representatives”.

320Members: Aunt Ellie, who has vacation pictures, and Cousin Jimmy, who has

a modeling career, and Aunt Bernice, who wears large ugly hats made of

straw. Also Uncle Max, who calls Trent “a lousy bum” while

intoxicated and that Trent reminds Max of himself. Grandma is still

alive and in a wheelchair. (112)

321Jane and Trent are somewhat intimidated by the “respectable” Lanes (112)

322Members who attend family reunion hold family croquet tournament (112)

323Lane household has refrigerator with water dispenser (212)

324Lane household has a kiln (308)

325Living room TV has been broken for two years before (308).

326One of the doors to the house has a broken lock (310).

327Money is kept in the living room table, in a drawer with a missing handle (310)

328According to Jane, Penny's room and her room are at opposite ends of the house (412)

329Daria tells Jane in (414) that she's beginning to understand what it's like to be a Lane due to the lack of parental involvement -- Jane corrects her, telling her that it's only afternoon and Daria is already out of bed, making her very un-Lane-like.

Lara: Student at Grove Hills (208). The first “a” in Lara is not a long “a” as in “car”, but a short “a” as in “bad”.

Larry: Boy Quinn was supposed to be going “steady with” during week of project in (206). Larry, however, totaled his car so Quinn is going with Zachary, who has his mom’s car.

Larry Lizard Food Company: Food company undoubtedly selling lizard food. A display is seen at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store in (306)

“Last Meal”: Film by Andre Sakharinsky shown at “Food in Film Festival” attended by Daria and Jane in (206). A 1930s Russian art film.

Lawndale: Town where Daria Morgendorffer lives.

328Introduced in 101 as part of “Lawndale High School”, but no specific reference made to town name - Morgendorffers move to “a new town”.

329Is probably not located in Florida. (Reference to Manatee College being in

Florida in 103).

330Police cars are black and whites. (104)

331Paper is “Lawndale Sun-Herald” (104)

332Implied for first time that Lawndale is a separate town or township in 104, when paper states that “there are no embassies in Lawndale”.

333Implied that there are bars downtown, by Daria (106) - “maybe there’s a go-go bar downtown that would like to recruit lap dancers”.

334Has library and library board which holds elections (108)

335Has public buses which have stops at LHS (109), near the RxPlex (109) and the Lawndale Mall (410) -- there is also an "end of the line" stop along the Lawndale Mall route that takes one to a truly desolate part of Lawndale. (410)

336Implied that there is an animal shelter in town (203)

337Taxi service (outside The Zon (or Zen)) (209)

338One hospital is Cedars of Lawndale (209).

339Has an Alfred Joyce Kilmer Library (211)

340Has three local TV stations (211)

341Has Boys’ Club (302)

342Val describes Daria as “a typical heartland teen”, giving a clue to Lawndale’s location. (305)

343Cowboy at Mad Dawg’s characterizes Lawndale as “a suburb” (310)

344Has a Lawndale Public Library branch near Lawndale High School (403)

345Has fire department: "Lawndale Fire" (412)

346May have zoo nearby -- Jane and Trent visit a zoo in (413)



At time of (413), Lawndale was considering a law to make it illegal to shoot squirrels, or drown them (413)

Has an art museum, called the Lawndale Art Museum (414)

Has a planetarium (414, 501).

Might also have a jet propulsion club that meets at the Planetarium (implied by Sandi) (414)

Headline from Lawndale Sun-Herald: "Voters Reject Property Tax Increase for Third Consecutive Year, Schools Face Cuts" (501)

Governor of state where Lawndale is located is an old, white male as of (501)

Lawndale Art Museum: First mentioned in (414). Katherine Sloane is on the board of the Lawndale Art Museum. In (414), Katherine Sloane tries to get Tom and Daria to go to a benefit to raise money for a new gallery (Tom jokes that the benefit is to raise money for a wet bar).

Tom describes functions at the Art Museum as "excruciatingly dull and stuffy" and Elsie says the only fun to be had is watching ice sculptures melt. The benefit in (414) was not a members-only benefit and Katherine asks Daria if it would be okay to send Daria's parents an invitation. However, due to the cost of the tickets, Helen turns Katherine's offer down.

* Had an Van Gogh exhibit at the museum one year before (414)

Lawndale Businesswoman’s Alliance: Alliance of businesswomen in Lawndale. Linda Griffin is on the board. (208)

(check 102 for color of police uniforms)

“The Lawndale File”: Thirty-seventh episode of the series (311). Paranoia rises to new highs in Lawndale on several fronts.

Lawndale Health Spa: Place where Quinn puts Sandi through her paces to lose weight in (503). It has an indoor pool where Quinn has Sandi do laps.

Lawndale High School: High school attended by Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer. Most “Daria” episodes revolve around events at the school.

1 Daria, Quinn arrive at Lawndale (101)

2 New students take psychological exams (101)

3 Has football, cheerleading, Pep Squad, Fashion Club and Booster Society (101)

4 Has assemblies which take place in an auditorium. Such a meeting is called an assembly, as in “this needs to be announced at Assembly!” (101)

5 Has school nurse who collects DNA samples (101)

6 School day ends sometime before 3:30 PM (101)

7 Has large lunchroom with open window to right as one proceeds down self-serve line. (102)

8 Has swimming pool (106).

9 Student Council is representative body. (106)

10 Implied by Jane that drug dealers can be found behind parking lot. (106)

11 New skylights purchased in (106) (from paper), probably the bullet-proof skylights for the swimming pool.

12 Won state football championship three years before Season One. (113)

13 Has yearbook staff and French club (207)

14 Football helmets during Tommy Sherman era - two parallel stripes on each side of helmet, running from back of helmet to front. Small block “L” between stripes; end of L curls up slightly (113)

15 Has intramural football, or at least, had it when Tommy Sherman played (113)

16 Implied that school is not far away from football field - Sherman made it from Daria’s locker to the bleachers very quickly - maybe 30 seconds or less from time leaving Daria at locker until time he was killed.

17 Has Science and Language Arts departments (202)

18 Reference to “the mirror” in (203) - first reference to bathroom mirror/Fashion Club?

19 School newspaper is “Lawndale Lowdown” (203)

Lawndale High School

19 Has Chess Club (203, 207, 403)

20 Gym students wear blue T-shirts with gold “L” - Daria’s gym shirt is faded blue and has a larger white-colored “L” (intro, 207)

21 Has teacher’s union (207)

22 Has “Take Back the Night” women’s self-defense club (207)

23 Has tennis team - Jodie is a member (208)

24 Jodie implies lack of racial diversity at Lawndale (208)

25 Library roof caves in (210) - implied that the library is a canister-shaped building separate from the main classroom building.

26 School used to have disco ball for “Seventies Revival Night” fundraiser, but someone stole the ball (210)

27 Has Drama club called “Drama Horizons” (210)

28 Bells announce the end of class (211)

29 Has track team where students sign up for tryouts (211)

30 Has PTA which knows about grade-changing arrangement set up for sports teams according to Ms. Morris (211)

31 Gives out career aptitude tests - Jane had taken the test for three years as of episode (306)

32 Offers “Social Skills Peer Counseling” (306)

33 First good overhead view of LHS in (307). Two large buildings connected by a wing in front, two separate rear buildings with a circular building, undoubtedly the library, a separate building surrounded by the others.

34 Water tank shack on roof of LHS (307).

35 Roof accessable by Daria and Jane (307, 403) as well as Kevin and Brittany (307) -- roof has ventilation duct which carries sound into girls' restroom (403)

Lawndale High School

35 Implied by Jane that hidden cameras are present (309).

36 Jane refers to “bomb-sniffing dogs”, possibly owned by LHS (309)

37 Wednesday is "JellO Day" (311)

38 Has a field hockey team (311)

39 Cheerleaders need to maintain an average of 1.0 to remain on the cheerleading squad (404)

40 Implied that Lawndale has a marching band (406)

41 Has a mascot who wears a lion costume with oversized lion head -- Mr. O'Neill wears the costume in (406)

42 Has a Lawndale Homecoming parade, directed by Ms. Li -- has elected Homecoming King and Queen (406)

43 Has a trimester grading system (414).

44 Has an honor roll -- Tom states that Daria made "high honor roll" all three trimesters (414).

45 Teaches class called "European History", where topics like Napoleon and the Magna Carta are taught. (414)

46 School faces cuts as Lawndale voters reject a property tax (501).

47 Before selling advertising rights to the soda companies, LHS only had three soda machines in the building -- two in the cafeteria and one in the teachers' lounge (501)

48 In the educational hierarchy, has a Superintendent of Schools who is above Principal Li (501)

49 Has a Lawndale Model Congress (501)

50 Has a school bus system (501)

51 Has a girls' soccer team (505)

52 Has a mirror in the girls' bathroom that adds "at least two pounds". Stacy: "I hate that mirror!" Tiffany: "It haunts meee...." (505)

Lawndale Lions: Football squad at Lawndale High School. Members include Kevin Thompson, Mack Mackenzie, Jamie White, and the other two Js, Jeffy and Joey.

Kevin states in (102) that if a cheerleader has a party, all of the football players are

automatically invited.

Kevin states team generally sings “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall” on

team bus: “It makes us fierce!” (105)

Tommy Sherman was player three years before Season One, was quarterback and

led team to state championship that year (113)

Players have to maintain a “C” average to stay on the team. (211)

Coach talked to a teacher so that Kevin could be excused from not taking a test to

keep up a “C” average - an ethics test, mind you! (211)

Implied by events in (211) that a grade-changing arrangement works for members of the

football team.

Upchuck announces Lawndale Lions game (403)

Plays (and, we assume, beats) an unnamed team by the score of 21-7 -- the team wears red helmets, red jerseys and

white pants (403)

Loses to an unnamed team in (405) -- the teams colors are suspiciously like Oakwood's

even though they played (and lost) to Oakwood in (403)

Prepares to play a team with a penguin as the mascot in (406) for the Homecoming game.

Doug Thompson hosts an "Annual Lawndale High Football Barbecue" (409)

Ms. Li in (501): "Don't you people like having that new scoreboard? Don't you like the digital tackling dummies

and the new towels that don't smell like a farm animal's privates?" (501)

When Ms. Li speaks to a representative group of Lawndale football players in (501), ALL of them have grade

point averages below "C", except for Mack Mackenzie.

Plays high school football in February or early March (501)

Forced to forfeit football game to Oakwood in (501) -- the team did not appear, as its players had "tummy aches"

from drinking too much Ultra Cola

Lawndale Lowdown: School newspaper of Lawndale High School. First mentioned in (203).

Has “Smart Thoughts” column (203)

Lawndale Mall: Mall where The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and Cupid take Daria and Jane in (303). It is also the same mall where “It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World” and “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” are located in (306). The teen fashion extravaganza of (405) is also held here.

The bus stops at Lawndale Mall (410).

Stores: “Falstaff’s Kidney Pies” (cart), “The Candy Shack”, “Foxy Tees”, “Square Cinema” (a theatre), “Toy Universe”. (303)

Stores: “Our Furry and Scaly Friends”, “Planet Necktie”, “Rad! Records”, “Sox”, “Toys 4 U”, “Mr. Pat’s Big Hair Salon”, “Isle O’Paradise”. (306)

Stores: "Gimme Some Skin", "Forbidden Zone". (403)

Stores: "Bootsie", "Funky Do", "Make Out Make Up", "Baby, Sock It To Me", "Fudge Me" (405)

Stores: "Girlie Clothes", "Cuties", "Shoe Madness" (410)

Stores: "I'm a Mommy", "Party Planet" (411)

Lawndale Medical Arts Partners: Location of office of Dr. Davidson in (209). Also location of office of Daria’s opthamologist in (301).

Lawndale Model Congress: Organization at Lawndale High School. Many organizations, including Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell) run Model Congres Programs. The program usually involves a trip to Washington, DC, where assembled high school students participate in a Mock Congress which elects a president, debates, and passes legislation over a number of days. The purpose of the Model Congress is to provide exceptional civics students a better understanding of how the United States Congress works through a real-live simulation.

In (501), Jodie is happy that due to Ultra Cola, the Lawndale Model Congress will not have to sell 500 boxes of gift wrap to pay for the bus trip to Washington, DC.

Lawndale Public Library: A branch of the Lawndale Public Library is seen near LHS in (403). (requires freeze frame) The Alfred Joyce Kilmer library in (211) might also be a branch of the library system.

Lawndale Sun-Herald: Local paper of Lawndale. Seen in opening trailer and separately in 104 for first time. Has “Business” and “Arts” sections.

344Customer at food concession in Mall of the Millenium seen reading LSH. (105)

345Ziggy is carried as strip in comic section. (210)

346“B. C.” is carried in comic section. (307)

347“Marmaduke” is carried in comic section. (308)

348Has "Entertainment" section (412)

349Headline: "Voters Reject Property Tax Increase for Third Consecutive Year, Schools Face Cuts" -- side headline reads "'Crap!' Says Governor"(501)

Lawndale Shopper: Newspaper of dubious repute, mentioned in (403). Jake is furious because an article in the Shopper states that the Lawndale High School football team is the worst in school history and that Lawndale High is a school for losers.

Helen reminds Jake that the Shopper is written by an 80-year old man who had to be taken off his roof by the fire department because he was being chased by screaming mice. Later in (403), Jake calls the writer's number and screams that his attempt to drive down Lawndale's property values with the article was a failure. Unfortunately, Jake only succeeded in cussing out the writer's six year old grandson.

Lawndale Swingers: When Upchuck drives his car along the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406), the car carries a banner reading "Lawndale Swingers": a club which appears to consist of only Upchuck and two mannequins.

Lawrence, D. H.: David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930). Brutally honest writer and critic, known for his autobiographical “Sons and Lovers” (1913) and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (1928), initially considered obscene. Daria is familiar with “Sons and Lovers” (1913).

Lax-O-Shake: Ungodly concoction advertised during a Sick Sad World commercial break. Two geriatrics drink a toast with Lax-O-Shake, but the TV is on “mute” so we do not learn the wondrous properties of this product. (101)

Leary: Dog belonging to Willow and Coyote Yeager in their hippie days. (205)

Leary Number Three: Dog belonging to Willow and Coyote Yeager as of (205). Coyote states that they had to change the original “a few times” in the intervening years.

Lee: Owner of the Princess Fairy, along with his wife, DeeDee. First seen in (312).

Has been married to DeeDee for approximately 30 years. (312)

DeeDee calls him "el cheapo" -- states that he won't even paint the lifeboat (313)

Leeville: Location of Windsor Hills Resort, where Erin got married in (204)

348Police officers wear light blue. (204)

Leeville Lanes: Bowling alley in Leeville where Amy and Daria go to have cheese fries. (204) They briefly meet a drunken Brian there who tells them that he’s not going back to the wedding and that he doesn’t care who sent them.

"Legends of the Mall": Forty-ninth episode of the series (410). One night, Daria cast members tell highly improbable stories of terror.

* The couple's car in the "Metal Mouth" story has the license plate K T 1, undoubtedly referring to Kevin Thompson,

as the boy in the tale suspiciously looks like Kevin. (410)

* The paper that got an "F" in the "The House of Bad Grades" reads as follows.

"Why did William Jennings Bryan say that, 'Man should not be crucified on a cross of gold?'

"William Jennings Bryan probably doesn't like to see people get crucified at all you know the story painful what

with the nails and the banging and the saw and stuff and doing it with a cross of gold only makes it worse (there is a

final sentence, virtually illegible -- JRB)

Le Grand Hotel: The Morgendorffers stay here while their house is being painted after the fire in (412). They are able to stay here because they are a client of Jake's and Jake was able to obtain a discount. It is a very upscale hotel with outdoor pool and all the upscale hotel trimmings.

* Has a "presidential suite" with spiral staircase that appears to lead to a second floor. Bobby says that no one is

staying there for two weeks so he upgraded Quinn for free. He does not say if the upgrade is for Quinn's family,

Quinn and the Fashion Club, or just Quinn alone. (412)

* Has spa (412)

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich: Russian politician (1870-1924). Lenin was the first premier of the Soviet Union and the primary leader of the Russian Revolution, which deposed the Romanov monarch and established the foundations for a totalitarian communist state.

His embalmed body was placed on display at Lenin's Tomb in Red Square in Moscow after his death in 1924. Daria makes an oblique reference to Lenin in (412), when Tom notice that she is reading Machiavelli's "The Prince". Tom wonders what you get after going to all the trouble of organizing a revolution and brutally killing your enemies. Daria answers, "a glass coffin surrounded by tourists and necrophiliacs?"

Leo: A friend of Val’s, according to Val. Val and Leo have supposedly commiserated about the problems of being a young genius.

Leo might be a reference to American movie actor Leonardo DiCaprio (1974-present), a popular hearthrob at the time (305) was released.

“The Leopard”: Book written by Giuseppe di Lampedusa, Italian novelist (1896-1957). Book set in the turmoil of 1860s Italy - upper class Don Fabrizio becomes involved in astronomy as a refuge from the chaos about him. Daria is seen reading “The Leopard” at the family table in (302).

“Let’s Make a Deal”: American game show running on ABC television from 1963 to 1991. Audience members, all dressed in outrageous costumes, attempt to catch attention of host and make money in various “deals”.

The finale of the show involved three doors. The contestant who was the best deal maker in previous deals would choose one door, get to see what was behind the other two doors, and could trade money for his right to keep whatever was behind the door he or she chose. The prize could be either a luxury item or a gag prize that was worthless.

Daria obliquely refers to Let’s Make a Deal in (309): “Heart disease, borderline psychosis -- I shudder to think what lies behind Door Number Three in the Morgendorffer genetic code!”

Lerman: Daria’s escort at Erin’s wedding in (204). Definitely does not speak with a Southern accent. Speaks in a monotone like Steven Wright or Ben Stein. Has very pessimistic and gloomy world view. Daria: “So is Lerman your first name or last name?” Lerman: “Does it matter?”

(Note: In Daria amateur fiction, the name is usually spelled “Luhrman”, but closed captioning spells the name as indicated. -JRB)

Le Verve: Designers of the “silk and satiny number” worn by Brittany Taylor at the Bridal Expo in (204).

Levy, Justin: : Art director of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Li, Angela: Principal of Lawndale High School. A major control freak. 104 indicates that she is not above putting someone’s life at risk to make a buck for the school, as she chides Daria and Jane for not selling chocolate to the hypoglyemic and morbidly obese Mrs. Johannsen. (101)

349First sign of security obsession in (106), intending to use Amazon Model

money to pay for bulletproof skylights in the swimming pool.

350Does not overlook bare chested posing of male students in modeling class,

breaks it up. (106)

First statement of bringing honor to “llllawndale High” (201)

Li/Helen argument over who is to blame for Daria’s attitude (202)

351Manipulating school budget - spent money budgeted for capital improvements on a polygraph machine (210)

352Buddha statuette in office (210)

353Not above twisting student arms with threats : “those not volunteering must volunteer to buy a ticket for ten dollars, or voluntarily face suspension”. (210)

354Has a grade-changing arrangement worked out with the members of the track

team, according to Ms. Morris in (211). Implied by events in (211) that a similar arrangement works for members of the football team.

355Implied that Li more interested in promoting herself than promoting the school: “100 percent participation will earn me, uh, us special recognition from the Superintendent of Schools. Now go out there and make me, uh,

make our school look good!” (302)

356Carries recorded to make notes: “10:25 - Defoe leaves post for personal business without clearance” (304)

357Asks Val “What’s Garth Brooks really like?” (305)

358Had brief career as a dancer - was “an aspiring young ballerina”. (305).

359Knows how to play poker (312)

360Tells the Lawndale teachers that they are getting $20 per diem for meals while they attend the statewide teacher's convention, when they are actually getting $50 -- she is obviously pocketing the rest (404)

361appears to be in charge of the Lawndale Homecoming parade (406)

362asks Mr. O'Neill for food receipt for food purchased for "Annual Lawndale High Football Barbecue" -- claims to need receipt to write cost of food off for the school, but plans to write it off as a personal expense (409)

363Has the school nurse collect "voluntary" urine samples on the first day of school in (414).

364Wants to purchase a satellite transmission jammer for the school (501)

365When Jamie White is unable to practice football because the face mask has fallen off his helmet and there are no other helmets he can wear (because the coach says they're out of money), Li finally decides the school budget crisis is serious. Implies that Li is only concerned about school security and sports. (501)

366Is concerned that selling advertising space on school grounds would be "unseemly", but is talked into it by the possibility of the school earning $50,000 (501)

367Named as fourth runner-up for "Principal of the Year" by the tri-county chapter of the Asian-American Women in Education's Caucus sometime before (501)

368Implied that she has had members of the football team call the Asian-American Women in Education's Caucus on her behalf. (501)

369Undoubtedly fueled by a combination of caffeine and stress, goes on a rampage at LHS -- breaks vending machines with a fire ax so that students can drink even more soda -- has to be hauled away by an ambulance (501)

370Was later released from hospital. (501)

Light, Jennette D.: Props worker at the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. Her name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Lilia Davinica Day Spa and Beauty Treatment Center: Spa where Helen and Quinn

go to prepare for the Mother/Daughter Fashion Show in (212)

Limbs ‘n’ Things: Medical office at RxPlex. (109)

Lincoln: Name of one of the holidays who comprise “President’s Day”. See the entry on “President’s Day”. (303)

Lincoln, Abraham and Mary Todd: The sixteenth president of the United States and his wife. Lincoln was assassinated while attending a play in 1865. His wife, Mary Todd, was briefly committed by their son, Robert, in her later years. Brittany gets a few facts mixed up with the help of Daria and Jane in (204).

Lincoln Cheese-Flavor Log: Foodstuff offered by Payday clerk at a sample food cart in (409). The banner on the cart reads "Try a Cheez-Log!" The small, cylindrical logs appear to be baked or fried on a metal plate.

* Described as "the very best cheese alternative, deep fried in nature's own cooking oil --at a thousand calories

apiece, they're a meal in themselves." (409)

Jane asks Daria to try one of the logs, but Daria declines, believing "cheese (shouldn't) crunch". Jane tries a log, but grimaces in distaste.

Lincoln Elementary: Elementary school where Kevin gives speech as a safety lecturer in (403).

Link: Surly young camper at the "Okay to Cry" corral. He and Daria immediately share one thing in common -- they don't

want to be there. First seen in (414).

* Attempt at lanyard making: a few cords cursorily knotted together (414)

* Painting: a stooped figure in silhouette, near a crooked tree bare of leaves. Rain is falling. (414)

* Link (to Mr. O'Neill): "What do you know? 'cause it seems to me you spout a lot of crap about loving ourselves,

and that doesn't do any good to someone trying to figure out why his mother threw his father out for being a jerk

and then went and married a bigger one!" (414)

* Only camper who doesn't find DeMartino's breaking the window to escape amusing -- he is the only camper who

stays behind when the others escape. Daria: "Even I'll admit that was mildly amusing." Link: "Whatever."


* Rejects Daria's friendliness. Link, mocking Daria's example of an imaginary "friend" Daria had: "Or maybe 'she'

did try talking and the people just told her to shut up, or paid someone else to deal with 'her' because they

were too busy 'listening to their souls'." (414)

* Link: "Hey, look around, Daria. Everybody's so busy being their own best friend, maybe they should try buddying

up to the people they brought into the damn world, who never asked to be born." (414)

* When Mr. O'Neill arrives in the middle of Link and Daria's talk and congratulates Daria for having a "one-on-one"

session with Link, Link think that Daria was only interested in him as a counseling case. "I should have known!" (414)

* Link still distrusts Daria at the end of camp. He tells her to "go to hell" and that "I don't need anyone to talk to.

Especially you!" (414)

* Daria tells Jane that the Link situation was an example of her "breaking my cardinal rule and trying to reach out to

a lost soul". Jane replies that anyone looking to Daria for nurturing is "more than just lost". (414)

* Link writes Daria a letter after the "Okay-to-Cry" Corral camp ends. "My stepfather sucks. E-mail me if you want."


Linux: A server platform created by Linus Torvalds in 1994. A "server platform" is an operating system -- the type of software that provides access to files and applications from a personal computer as well as supports the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) software use to browse the Internet. It is derived from a version of the programming language UNIX.

Linux is an "open source" platform, meaning that the secrets of the code are made available to other computer programmers for free, without any reciprocal obligations. It is believed that open source platforms work "cleaner" and are less prone to crashing than proprietary platforms like Windows.

Zhengdong asks Jake in (502) for his thoughts on FreeBSD versus Linux as a server platform.

Lisa: One of the Lawndale Cheerleaders. She has long brown hair that comes down to her shoulders. Lisa was first named in (405).

"Little Caesar": 1931 American movie starring Edward G. Robinson. The vicious "Little Ceasar" -- "Cesare Enrico Bandello", also known as "Rico" -- claws his way ruthlessly to the top of the underworld, interested only in power, only to meet a violent fate. One of the best American gangster films ever made.

During Mr. O'Neill's discussion of "Julius Caesar", there are several topics on his board only having the faintest of relationships to the Shakespeare play. This is one of them. (411)

“Little House on the Prairie”: American television show on NBC Television (1974-83). The show was set in Walnut Grove, Minnesota and was obstensibly the fictionalized 19th century saga of Laura Ingalls Wilder growing up on the prarie. Laura Ingalls Wilder was an America author (1867-1957) who wrote a series of biographical children’s books including “Little House on the Prairie” beginning in 1932.

At the end of (504), Jane narrates to Daria the "adventure" Trent and Jane had with Earl and his wife, staying how a side trip turned into "Little Hell on the Prairie".

Little Shop of Hors d’Ouevres: Store in mall where Daria works in (306).

"Little Women": Book written by American author Louisa May Alcott (1832-88) in 1869. In 1860s American, the four March daughters experience joy, heartache, pain and disappointment while growing up in 19th-century America. The book draws on Alcott's own experiences and is much a product of its time. With four female leads -- the daughters --the book has been made into films and TV shows several times over.

When Quinn tells Daria she plans on attending the fifth-year reunion of her time at Camp Grizzly because it reminds her of the "simpler time" before high school, Daria asks if Quinn's been watching "Little Women" again.

“The Living Marriage: A Holistic Blueprint for Loving”: Show Wind watches while in Jane’s room in (308) - he immediately breaks down sobbing about Katie after the title is announced.

Lombardi, Vince: American football coach (1913-70). Famous National Football League coach, none of his teams ever had a losing record. Credited with being a hard-nosed disciplinarian, the statement "Winning isn't everything...it's the only thing!" is mistakenly credited to him.

Kevin and Mack both agree that at one time, after Kevin was hit in the head during a game, Kevin believed that Vince Lombardi was sending him plays from beyond the grave. (311)

“The Lost Girls”: Thirty-first episode of the series (305). Daria is observed by the editor of a teen fashion magazine.

359Name of contest Daria “wins” is the “Spend a Day with Val” contest.

360The title is a play on “The Lost Boys”, the boys that live with Peter Pan in Never-Never Land. Indeed, when the Morgendorffers see Val for the first time, she stands, fists on hips, not unlike the representation of Peter Pan both in the Disney cartoon and in the stage play. Furthermore, Peter Pan is traditionally played by wispy actresses with short hair, and Val fits the bill there as well.

"Love Machine": The name of the car Upchuck drives in the Lawndale Homecoming parade in (406). The back seat is satin upholstered, and Christmas tree lights appear to be lining the sides. At the front of the hood is a pair of bull's horns, with "HORNY" emblazoned underneath.

The Love Machine breaks down during the parade route. Upchuck reckons that the electric blanket is draining the battery. When he refuses to remove the car, two Lawndale police women use violent force to subdue him. The final fate of the Love Machine is unknown.

Lush: Brand of beer consumed by Doug Thompson in (409).

Lyons, Kristin : One of four background designers of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. Her name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

M & Ms: Soft circular chocolate candies with a hard shell -- first sold in 1941 by the Mars candy company. Supposedly, Forest Mars was inspired by seeing US soldiers in WWII eat similar candies -- the hard sugary shell kept the candies from melting.

The initial colors of M & Ms were brown, but red, green, yellow, and orange were soon added. In 1995, a contest was held by the M & M makers to add a new color -- blue, pink, purple, or "no change". Blue overwhelmingly won, and blue M & Ms were added to the mix.

Jane complains about blue M & Ms during the lifethreatening storm in (402).

“Mack Daddy”: Nickname for Michael “Mack” Mackenzie given by Kevin Thompson. Mack continues to remind Kevin that he hates to be called that. (? First use of term.)

Mackenzie, Michael Jordan “Mack” (formerly Michael James Mackenzie): Male student at Lawndale, in same class as Daria. Black male with dreadlocks. Plays football at Lawndale, friend of Kevin Thompson, boyfriend of Jodie Landon.

361First appearance (as “Mack”) near Kevin’s locker in 102.

362Locker is two lockers away to the right of Kevin Thompson’s locker. Locker is six lockers over from left side of locker row in unknown location in Season One. However, in Season Two, locker is several lockers away to the right (facing) from Daria’s locker. (211)

363Contents of locker: books, article of clothing (shirt? sweater?)

364Mrs. Barch generally treats him poorly (107)

365Participates in DeMartino/Injury betting pool (110)

366Father changed Mack’s middle name from “James” to “Jordan” after father went to a Chicago Bulls playoff game when Michael was 12 (113)

367Ms. Barch makes him write “boys will not chew gum in class”. (208)

368Jodie states that everyone at school calls him “Mack” (208)

369Mack jokes about surgery in his Dad’s barn, but Brittany knows that his dad doesn’t have a barn - Kevin mentions that they could use Mack’s basement (209)

370Dragon in “slay the dragon” attraction in (210) - it was Mrs. Barch’s idea.

371Took an “ethics test” for his midterm with unknown class he attended with Kevin in (211).

372Jodie states that Mack is bad with money and has been "overdrawn" on his allowance since third grade (401)

373Called "Mr. Mackenzie" by Ms. Li in (402)

374Substitute quarterback for Lawndale in game against Oakwood (403)

375Nicknamed "Mad Mack" by Upchuck, might be team nickname (403)

376Scores 81 on Mr. DeMartino's test -- signs name as "Michael Mackenzie" (404)

377elected Homecoming King for Lawndale Homecoming parade in (406), states that he's elected every year

378has a summer job of driving an ice cream truck (414) -- owes his father money -- he earns the money back but quits the job, saying that he worked in a "dirty, cramped truck" all day for minimum wage and had to deal with bratty kids. He tells Jodie that with his white suit, he felt like a house slave from "Gone With the Wind". (414)

“Madame Bovary”: Novel written by French novelist Gustave Flaubert (1821-80). Madame Bovary is a provincial wife who tries to realize her romantic childhood dreams through love affairs with two different men. She commits suicide, and her family is ruined.

This is one of the novels offered by Mr. O’Neill for the writing assignment in (213).

"Madame Butterfly": Tragic opera written by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) in 1904. A young Japanese geisha marries an American naval lieutenant, has a child, then waits for her husband's return.

When Kevin asks Mr. DeMartino why he's at Payday when he was just at the Lawndale Football barbecue, DeMartino sarcastically answers that he's there to watch the command performance of "Madame Butterfly" in the automotive department. (Kevin and Brittany believe him!) (409)

Mad Dawg’s: Country/western bar between Lawndale and Fremont. Daria and Quinn drop Travis off here for his audition in (310).

372Sign outside reads, “Live Bands Friday - Sat Night Hoedown” (310)

Madison: Daughter of the Sheriff of Fremont. The Sheriff has Jane and Mystik Spiral work off their debt to society by providing entertainment at Madison’s birthday party. (310)

Magic Braids Hair Gel: Type of hair gel Quinn uses for her helmet-proof hair in (202).

"Magnum, P. I.": American television crime drama which ran on CBS from 1980 to 1988. Magnum is an ex-military head of security for a mansion's absentee owner who also works as a private investigator. The mansion is run by Mr. Higgins in the owner's absence. Mysteries involve the guests at the mansion, Magnum's background, the snooty Mr. Higgins and the lush Hawaiian backdrop.

During Daria's dream in (404), Daria and Jane investigate Kevin's death by interrogating Brittany. Daria is wearing a flowered shirt not unlike Magnum's, and Jane wears a stiff plain khaki jacket and slacks not unlike Higgins. The music in the background mimics that of "Magnum, P. I."

“Making Marriage Magic”: Seminar held at the Ramada. Helen and Jake are leaving for the weekend to go there in (310).

Make Out Make Up: Store at Lawndale Mall, see in background in (405) as Quinn and Mr. O'Neill are walking by. It apparently sells make-up; one of the signs in the window mentions "sun colors".

male plug: Any type of pronged electrical device, for example, the two or three pronged cord electrical device that plugs into a wall outlet is called a "male plug". Male devices are generally devices with pins or prongs; female devices are devices that accept those pins or prongs. They are undoubtedly called "male plugs" for the phallic symbolism.

Jake learns how "male plugs" get their name through a book he's reading in (411).

“Malled”: Fifth episode of the series (105). Daria and her classmates take a field trip to a mall.

Mall of the Millenium: Destination of “supermall” where Daria and her classmates take their filed trip in 105. Jake states that the Mall of the Millenium is “a hundred miles away”. Overhead announcements at the mall states that the mall is the “world’s second or third largest mall”.

373Has escalators, indoor roller coaster, “Crystal Palace” design.

374Divided into sections based on letter and color: “we’re in area B section pink, and we need to get to area C section orange!” (105)

375Has a food concession, called the “Food Court”. (105)

376Maybe be subdivided into levels as well: Mrs. Bennett wants class to meet at 2:45 PM at “area F section moss, level three”.

Manatee College: Located in Florida. Quinn is accepted there after her worksheet from the “Push Comes to Love” is sent there. Unfortunately, the letter from Manatee states that Manatee offers no courses, but offers beachfront property at the cost of $10,000/semester.

"manifest destiny": Phrase coined by New York Journalist John O'Sullivan in 1845. The term was a exhortation to Americans that it was America's destiny not only to colonize the entire North American continent, but to bring it democracy. The term means "obvious fate" in its literal sense.

Mr. DeMartino appears to enjoy asking a student on the first day of class what "manifest destiny" means. Daria and Quinn have given suprisingly different (but entirely correct) answers in (101) and (414), respectively.

When Angie complains about Kevin getting too "friendly" with her on the football float in (406), Kevin claims that the quarterback and "football sweetheart" being nice to each other is "manifold destiny"!

"Man in the Mirror": Song performed by American singer Michael Jackson (1958-present). "Man in the Mirror" is a song from the album entitled "Bad" in 1987. "If you want to make the world/a better place/take a look at yourself/and make a change...."

At the end of events in (311), Mr. O'Neill asks the crowd to come together and sing "Man in the Mirror". They are not interested, and the crowd disperses.

"The Manor": Name of book or magazine Elsie Sloane reads in (414). Author or Authors unknown.

Marcello: Daria’s significant other and possible husband - it is not made clear if they are married -- in the alternate future story Daria writes at the end of (213). Daria states that Marcello is “still fighting the same curriculum battles against the faculty” and that there is a new batch of freshmen every year to potty train, suggesting that Marcello is a college or university instructor.

“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”: Reference made by Daria in (212). The reference is to the American sitcom “The Brady Bunch” which aired from 1969 to 1974. The show was the comical story of a family where a mother with three daughters marries a man with three sons. “The Brady Bunch” was definitely one of the more saccharine comedies of its type, certainly not cutting edge in any way. (The girls build a clubhouse and keep the boys out, the boys break their mother’s favorite lamp after the mother warns them not to play ball in the house, etc.)

The three girls, in order of age, were Marcia, Jan, and Cindy, the youngest. Marcia was a class leader and Jan was the insecure middle child. In the episode “Her Sister’s Shadow”, Jan feels so overshadowed by her successful older sister that she cries out, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!” and disrupts her sister’s collection of trophies. This line became a favorite catch phrase of fans of the cheesy series.

Daria is either commenting on Quinn overshadowing her - which makes little sense, but it could be interpreted that way - or rather, commenting on Quinn’s long litany of the names of her suitors as Quinn thinks that Adam is calling her, which she hopes he isn’t because she was going to break up with him and go out with Simon, unless it’s Todd calling, but she might go out with Bryce....

Maria: One of the two iguanas at “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” in (306).

Marie Antoinette: Austrian royal (1755-93), wife of Louis XVI of France and Queen of France (1774-93) upon the ascension of her husband to the French throne. She was executed in 1793 along with her husband during the French Revolution.

In (414), Quinn asks "Did Marie Antoinette really have the champagne glasses modeled after her...you know?" Quinn is referring to a legend that states that the coupe size of champagne glass (as opposed to the taller, thinner flute) was modeled after her breast. Since the coupe glass was first designed in 1663, this rumor is undoubtedly not true.

Marina: Recruiter at Grove Hills. Introduces Daria and Jodie to Lara, Graham, and Cassidy in (208)

Mrs. Manson: Psychologist at Lawndale High School. Mrs. Manson does the psychological testing which is apparently required of all new students. (101)

cannot remember names either : mispronounces Daria’s name as Dara after

being corrected -- but remembers Quinn’s (101)

uses inkblot test for psych examinations (101)

appears on Princess Fairy in (312) playing cards with Ms. Li with bizarre troll-like updo to her hair

sitting next to Ms. Li at Oakwood game in (403)

Marco: Noteworthy Talcum powder model who bumps into Quinn at Tres Tress in (312). An example of his intellectual philosophy: "You know, I used to go out with my hair uncombed and stuff, but then I realized that by looking good, I'm bringing a little beauty into the lives of people surrounded by their own ugliness." Marco tells Quinn he will take her to Casino Night at the Princess Fairy, but never shows up.

Marianne: Overworked, and probably underpaid secretary of Helen Morgendorffer. Tasks include partially managing Helen’s personal life.

378First appearance: 110, in Helen’s office (unnamed)

379Asked to help make notes on an assignment that Helen thinks Quinn has (201)

380Captioned as “Mary Ann” in (209)

“Marmaduke”: Comic strip created by Brad Anderson in 1954 and still drawn by Anderson. Marmaduke is an extremely large boxer-type dog, and the humor of the strip is that his huge size and joyful exuberance cause problems for his owners.

Jake ponders why Marmaduke’s owners just don’t put him to sleep in (308).

Marsan: Last name of a person living in Mr. O'Neill's apartment complex. (405)

Mary Jane: American slang term for marijuana. Jake wonders if Daria is dealing “Mary Jo” and Helen corrects him. (209)

(Given his past, Jake should know better. - JRB)

"Mart of Darkness": Episode forty-eight of the series (409). Daria need to visit a mart for supplies and can't help but run into several of her friends.

* Jane mentions entering a sculpture in an art fair, undoubtedly to take place sometime near the events of (409).

* Episode takes place during American football season, as it is mentioned that the Dallas Cowboys played the previous Sunday. (409)

* Daria stated laceless left boot was giving her a blister. (409)

* Events take place at least over an hour's time -- Doug Thompson complains that he sent Kevin out at "an hour ago". (409)

* Quinn states that she had never been to "this store" before, which makes sense, as the "grand opening" banner is still on the store. (409)

The Clerk: A running plot deals with the clerk giving out free samples of Lincoln Cheese-Flavor Logs at her sample

cart. She is very "helpful", in the sense that she will tell customers just about anything to get them to try

the cheese logs. When Jane asks if the logs contain mercury, she smiles and asks, "do you want them to contain

mercury?" When Sandi asks how many calories are in the cheese logs, The Payday clerk thinks, smiles, and says "none at all", even though she told Mr. DeMartino that they had 1000 calories. (409)

However, after Mr. DeMartino and Mrs. Johannsen deplenish her cheese log supplies, she bans both of them from

the cart, telling them both they can go to the tire section and find some rubber to gnaw on.

"Matlock": American television crime drama on NBC from 1986 to 1995, starring Andy Griffith An elderly lawyer finds himself involved in murder mysteries. "Matlock" skewed towards an elderly audience.

When Helen and Quinn discuss Quinn's poor grades in (414), Quinn wants to know if there are any TV shows she can watch to bring her grades up instead of having to study. Daria replies sarcastically that Quinn wouldn't want to flunk the essay section about "Matlock" (414).

Matt: Figure of note mentioned in Val Magazine. A dish involving chili and cheese puffs appears to be his favorite. (305)

Matthew: Male student at Lawndale. Quinn receives a call from him near the end of 101. Another Matthew calls in 107. Furthermore, there is a “Matt” that Kevin uses as his hypothetical example for his drinking game. Is it the same Matthew? God only knows.

"Mr. Frigid Ice Cream Co.": Lawndale business, seen along parade route in (406). The Fashion Club pass beneath the sign when we first see them in the parade. To the right of Mr. Frigid is an unnamed record shop.

Mr. Matthews: Quinn’s boss at “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” in (306). When we first see him, he is wearing a bandage over his left ear. He warns Quinn not to neglect the animals, because they don’t let you forget it.

Mavis: One of the canaries at the “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” pet store. (306)

Max: Member of Mystik Spiral. First seen with band, collectively, in (205). Drummer. Bald.

381Sees members of Mystik Spiral as “criminales” who “live life on the edge” (310)

382Becomes anxious if he feels threatened, a far cry from the “criminale” image he wants to reflect (310)

383Was made a “junior deputy” during his stay in Fremont (310).

384Writes song in (411), Trent argues with him over the lyrics, particularly whether or not a temperature can be below sub-zero, (411)

385Objects to Jesse playing the sitar at a Mystik Spiral practice session, stating that the band is "hard core", not "spiritual". (504)

Maytag Repairman: Advertising character created by the Maytag Company in 1967. Maytag manufactured washing machines and wanted a character that could represent their durability. The character was christened “Ol’ Lonely”, as the theme of the commercials were that the Maytag repairman was the loneliest man in town, since no one ever called him.

After learning that Brittany’s stepmom Ashley-Amber was a model for St. Peter Girl beer, Daria asks if Brittany’s father is the Maytag Repairman in (302).

"McCloud": American television crime drama, running on NBC between 1970 and 1977. Sam McCloud is a rural sheriff who joins a big city police force.

During Daria's dream in (404), Daria can be seen wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse down what appears to be Broadway, mimicing the opening of "McCloud". The background music is also similar.

McCluhan, Marshall: Canadian pop-culture figure and academic (1911-80). Known for the phrase "the medium is the message", which states that in some ways, the medium by which a message is sent can be just as important as the message itself -- some media engage our senses in high-intensity ways, others in low-intensity ways.

McCluhan and his famous phrase are on O'Neill's blackboard at the beginning of (313).

Mega-Mega Mall: Outlet-type mall shop in Lawndale. It can be seen out the window from LHS and is located nearby in (303).

Mel: One of Jake's consulting clients. He begs for a chance to promote Mel's methane-powered hot tubs -- Jake's proposed catchphrase is "so it smells? so what!" -- and pleads that his parking space will soon be repossessed. (401)

Mela-No-Mo: Medical office at RxPlex. (109)

"Metal Mouth": Tale told by Trent to Daria, Jake, and Jane in (410). "Metal Mouth" was a metal-shop teacher at Lawndale High School who had the bad habit of griding his teeth due to his annoying students. The habit soon spread to his sleep, and one morning he woke to find that he had ground his teeth down to nubs. Now toothless -- and unable to afford dentures on a teacher's salary -- he hoped that no one would notice, but his speech impediment made him a figure of merriment to the most annoying of his students...until he created metal dentures.

Despite their incredible biting power, the metal dentures would loudly pick up pop radio stations. He was finished at Lawndale, but became a figure of menace to teenagers parked at make-out spots. Trent tells a story of a couple out necking that quickly drove home when their heard pop music despite the fact that radio wasn't on in their parked car. When the boy drove the girl home, the tires had been bitten through...and a part of steel, hand-forged dentures was found imbedded in a door handle!!

No one believes this story. However, at the end of (410), Helen states that she stopped at a stop light near the woods and heard radio music, but the radio wasn't on. Outside, unbeknownst to anyone, a set of metal dentures can be seen embedded in the door handle of Helen's car, leading credence to Trent's tale.

(During this "Legend of the Mall", the time is clearly the 1980s due to the fact that most of the kids are wearing 1980s fashions. Mr. DeMartino plays the part of Metal Mouth, Kevin is his particularly annoying student, Mr. O'Neill is the dentist that offers him baby food coupons, and Kevin and Brittany are the parked couple. -- JRB)

Meow Juice: Type of beauty aid sold at Payday. It comes in a large bottle shaped like a contented, smiling cat. (409)

Memorial Day: 1) American holiday which takes place on the last Monday of May. The holiday honors the American military dead. It is a holiday of cemetary visitations and memorials for many; for others, it is the excuse for a three-day weekend as Memorial Day is a Federal holiday.

2) Holiday found on Holiday Island. First seen in (303). Memorial Day is personalized as an attractive female wearing swimwear and carrying a skimboard - a “short” surfboard for catching easily accessible waves. She complains that “Lincoln” is going to make her recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Miami Dolphins: American National Football League team. In (501), Kevin is (sarcastically) told by Daria that because Ultra Cola won the exclusing advertising contract at Lawndale High School, he must name his first born "Ultra Cola". Kevin is cool with that, however, as he fantasizes about Ultra Cola Thompson starting as quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Middlebury: Town where Aunt Bernice of Lane Family is from. (112)

384Implied that Middlebury is close to Lawndale : Jane reminds Trent that

Aunt Bernice would be flying out of same airport with them. (112)

Middleton College: College of Jake and Helen Morgendorffer. The Morgendorffer family takes a trip there in “College Bored”. (103) Middleton began as a colonial religious college where chapel was twice a day and where the all-male student body endured whippings for impure thoughts.

Heather, a tour guide at Middleton College, states that Middleton has always had a reputation for “tomfoolery”. This might be a euphemism as Jake is hit with a water balloon on his tour and is almost hit a second time, as books and masonry come raining down from above. Even when Jake and Helen were attending, Helen would walk through the courtyard and Jake and his dormmates would yell obscene comments out the window.

Middleton is indeed far from the most reputable institution. The Assistant Bursar states that Jake can get a cash loan, but the address given is that of a candy store. The Assistant hints strongly that the store is a front for organized crime. Indeed, the tuition is so high at Middleton in 1997 that Jake suggests that only Daria might have the chance to go to college and Quinn might have to settle for beauty school.

385Established 1776, our first clue as to Middleton’s location. (103)

386Old Bell Tower located at center of campus, a “historical meeting place”. (103)

387Has fraternity system. Most of the letters used to identify fraternities are deliberately obscured, but there is a Zeta Psi chapter. (103)

388Has courtyard and quad and campus police. (103)

389Shown as the example of a “third-rate college” in Grove Hills promotional film. (208)

Middleton Lesbian Chorus: Choir located close to Middleton College - it is unknown whether this is a town chorus or a chorus of Middleton students. (103)

Mike: Driver’s License tester, seen at the beginning of (310). Cheers when Daria shows that she can parallel park, ending their time together, which Daria implies has been longer than just one visit.

Mildred: Name of great-aunt of Tom Sloane. First mentioned in (414). It is not known if she is related to Angier's or Katherine's side of the family.

Katherine Sloane tells Tom that "Aunt Mildred" has made some improvements to her house. Elsie adds sarcastically that "she had the screen door fixed". (414) The Sloanes typically spend August at "the cove" with Mildred. Tom says it's kind of a tradition. Elsie replies that they don't have a choice.

"mile-high club": An imaginary club. To be a "member", you have to have sex in an airplane. Kevin asks Brittany if she wants to join the "mile-high club" -- while on a boat -- in (312).

"Millenium Project Enterprises": Name Jodie proposes for Daria and Jodie's business enterprise in (401).

Jodie states that the purpose of the company is to empower young people to make their own investment

decisions (401)

Daria states that her role in the company is "public relations officer" (401)

Jodie states, "she's the inside person, I'm the outside person". (401)

Andrew Landon put together the proposal that Daria and Jodie presented to the bank. (401)

Miller, George S. : Associate producer of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

mimosa: A mixed drink made with champagne and orange juice. Quinn mentions this drink in (112).

Minimalism: Literary movement. To borrow from the definition from Madison Smart Bell:

“...(minimalism) may fairly be described as a school because its representative work contains, as if by prescription, a number of specific elements: A trim, ‘minimal style, an obsessive concern for surface detail, a tendency to ignore or eliminate distinctions among the people it renders and a studiedly deterministic, at times nihilistic, vision of the world’”

Minimalistic works tend to pile on layer after layer of detail about their subjects without revealing anything about them. O’Neill has “Minimalism” as a subject on his blackboard in (304).

“The Misery Chick”: Thirteenth episode of the series (113). Tragedy strikes Lawndale High and Daria becomes popular. (113)

390Implied that janitorial staff at LHS is responsible for Tommy Sherman’s death

391the goalpost crates had sharp wooden edges and were leaned precariously against the bleachers.

Misha: Unfortunate victim of Melody Powers in story read by Daria in (302) - Melody ends up picking bits of him out of her hair.

“Miss College”: Beauty/academic competition that Brittany wins while daydreaming in the “Push Comes to Love” class. (103)

“Miss Continents of the Earth Pageant”: The Fashion Club get together at Quinn’s house and watch this beauty pageant during (211).

“Mr. Fun’s exciting world Games”: Video arcade Daria and Ted visit in (207).

“Mr. Pat’s Big Hair Salon”: Hair salon at Lawndale Mall in (306).

“Mr. Potty Goes to Town”: Children’s book owned by the Guptys. (108)

MMM Sub: Store seen on the Lawndale Homecoming parade route in (406). It is most likely a "submarine sandwich" shop. Facing MMM Sub, to the left of the store is Viv's Videos and to the right is the Cinplex.

* Selling the "U-BEat" submarine sandwich at $2.99 (505)

“Moby Dick”: Book written by Herman Melville, American author, 1819-1891. Account of a whaling voyage which is concerned with the contrast between civilization and untamed nature. Daria is reading this book while grounded in (110).

Model Krunch: Breakfast cereal served in Lawndale household. First seen in (413), when Quinn pours herself a bowl in the kitchen.

"The Mod Squad": American ABC television crime drama from 1968 to 1973. Three young police personnel serve as undercover operatives in crimes involving youth culture.

Quinn tells the assembled detectives in (412) that the best detective fashions were from the 1960s, "like that what's-her-name in Mod Squad and that Avenger lady". (That 'what's her name" is Peggy Lipton.

Moishe, Bela : Production coordinator of the Fashionvision Humanitarian Awards. His name is seen on the closing credits of the awards in (505). (It is unknown if these are the names of real people or not -- the closing credits screen crawl is suspiciously similar to the one used at the end of "Daria" episodes, but these names are not normally associated with anyone working at MTV.-- JRB)

Mom’s: Roadside diner on route from Lawndale to Swedesville taken by Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse in (111).

“Mommy’s Little Hypocrite”: Original work by Daria Morgendorffer. Daria decides not to read it at the opening of the coffeehouse. (104)

Monique: Sometime girlfriend of Trent Lane. First seen in (212), entering Axl’s Piercing Parlor. Member of a band called “The Harpies” - “I’m thinking of leaving - for real, this time!”

391Trent thinks she has real stage presence (212).

392Used to be in a band with Trent (212).

393Shows up at Morgendorffer home for date with Trent in (308).

394According to Jane, breaks up with Monique “every other week”. (308)

Monopoly: Game supposedly invented by Charles Darrow in 1929, but probably invented by Lizzie J. Magie in 1909. American property-acquisition game where properties are built on plots of land and rent is charged to players whose tokens land on those properties. Daria, Jane, and Helen play Monopoly in (110).

Another reference is made to Monopoly in (504), when Amelia asks Daria why she isn't wearing a Camp Grizzly T-shirt. After making sure Amelia is familiar with Monopoly, Daria replies that she's "just visiting". (One of the spaces on the Monopoly board serves as a player jail. If a player lands on the space but is not "in jail", then the player is "just visiting", as marked on the board.)

“Monster”: Nineteenth episode of the series. (206) Quinn agrees to let Daria and Jane videotape her for a class project.

Montessori, Maria: Italian physician and educator (1870-1952). Montessori believed that children had an "absorbent mind" stage between the ages of three and six, where learing took place very rapidly. As a result, Montessori teachers facilitate education instead of guiding it; there are no lesson-plans and there is very little traditional "classroom management".

Andrew Landon is against Evan attending a Montessori school. "Montessori my butt!" and "why not just throw him to the wolves?" are his opinions about the matter. (407)

Dr. Moreau: See "The Island of Dr. Moreau".

Moreno, Jesse: Friend of Trent Lane and band mate in Mystic Spiral. Plays rhythm guitar. First seen in (111), and last name given during Daria’s imaginary story in (213).

395States that he would never be caught in job as toll booth collector. (111)

396Can’t really distinguish digital music from analog music (205)

397In imaginary story, Jesse is Trent’s “sister’s admirer” (213)

398Implied that playing guitar chord “A diminished” gives his hand cramps (306)

399Wants to buy scented candles at Payday -- says he hasn't had a bath in a week (409)

400Trent: "You gotta wake Jesse up just right or he gets all disoriented." (414)

401Plays the sitar at a Mystik Spiral rehearsal session -- states that the band has to experiment or it will get stale. (504)

Morgendorffer, Daria : Cynical teenage girl. A cartoon called “Daria” is devoted to her adventures at Lawndale High School.

* has picture of Hindenburg explosion in locker - in opening, also in (109)

399diagnosed as having “low self-esteem” on psychological exam (101)

400outs Quinn as her sister during Assembly in 101. Sandi and Stacy are also in Assembly, meaning that all of them are well aware that Quinn is Daria’s sister.

401right handed (from 102)

402knows enough about English Civil War and Renaissance Painting to at least fake writing term papers about them for college students, also able to do econ

problem sets and write about Kerouac. (103)

403worked briefly for a term-papers on demand service (103)

404locker placement in 104 implies that her locker is to the right of Kevin Thompson’s in Season One.- also implied by lead-in trailer at beginning of episodes. In (209), her locker is several lockers to the left (facing) from Mack’s.

405quit playing flute in third grade - no longer has flute, since Jake accidentally ran over it when Daria was in fifth grade (104) - she states that she was forced to practice “Pop Goes the Weasel” every day for a year, but this might be hyperbole

406implied that Daria is a sophomore in (104), as she does not want to read her essay about the sophomore class out loud at the coffeehouse, as “it names names”.

407Lives “five minutes away” by car from a mall. (105)

408Willing to stand up in face of public opinion, to a point - Jane and Daria are only ones who do not vote to go on mall field trip which would mean skipping Bennett’s surprise quiz. (105)

409“usually” doesn’t get carsick; also states she is affected by Brittany’s cheap perfume - Daria ends up throwing up on transport bus to mall (105)

Morgendorffer, Daria

410padded-walls room seen for first time (?) in 106 - it is explained that a schizophrenic shut-in used to live in Daria’s room before Jake and Helen bought the house.

411Jodie states to Daria, “You don’t have to always be against everything!” (106)

412Described as “waif-like” and “pouty” by Claude (106)

413Helen knows Daria feels strongly because “you’re talking to us” - when parents agree, states that “I have to reconsider my position” (106)

414brightens slightly when she thinks Kevin is going to ask her to a party (107)

415first reference to “isolated mountain cabin” and raising money for it (108)

416“I didn’t like kids even when I was a kid” (108)

417against doing Quinn any favors (108)

418Quinn refers to Daria as “honest” (109)

419Dr. Shar’s patient sees Daria as an “emergency”, implying that she is not seen as attractive - then again, this was a pretty shallow guy (109)

420Quinn states matter of factly, “you don’t have a conscience”, implying that

Daria is a rulebreaker (109)

421Implied verbal skill as is able to transform “rate” into “incarcerate” in

Scrabble. (110)

422Kevin states that Daria’s “weird enough as it is” (110)

423First time distinctly uncomfortable seeing Trent - nervous to the point of being almost speechless at times, and definitely not saying what she’s thinking (111)

424Isn’t afraid to verbally confront Tommy Sherman (113)

425Locker must be placed somewhat close to school exit door (113)

426Implied that classmate impression of her is “gloomy and depressed” (Kevin, Brittany (113)

427Jane says (flatteringly), “You’re the most negative person I know!” (201)

428Daria: “I don’t really care what people do to themselves” (201)

429Able to transform appearance (203)

430Bridal assistant claims Daria wasn’t given much in way of hips. (203)

431Likes Aunt Amy (204)

432Poster on door has labels: “Bone”, “The Femur”, “The Human Skeleton” (205)

Morgendorffer, Daria

433First sign that vision is very poor without glasses (205)

434Stated by Helen that Daria judges world by a very rigid set of standards - according to Helen, not even Daria is able to live up to those standards (206)

435Took dance instruction as a child - fell in dance recital (206)

436Gave Ted Dewitt-Clinton a tape of The Beatles - thought he was “sweet” (207)

437Dates Robert on Quinn’s brief double-date. (207)

438Gym class in (207).

439Virtual Fun game makes her nauseous. (207)

440Invited to Grove Hills (208).

441When asked about her goals, states “I don’t have any”, except for the goal not to wake up at forty embittered because she was forced to decide a career at an early age. (208)

442Jodie states that Daria’s negative attitude causes her to cut herself off from some of the enjoyable things in life. Daria replies that she’s aware of her attitude, but it’s what works for her now. Daria also states that at times - not all the time - she’d like to be like Jodie. (208)

443Jane notices that Daria acts like “a nitwit” around Trent (209)

444Daria develops mysterious rash, probably psychosomatic and related to Trent in (209). Dr. Phillips states that Daria’s rash is probably caused by anxiety.

445Helen states that Daria is a “straight-A” student. (209)

446Wakes up at 7 AM in (209).

447Does not use drugs and is not sexually active (209)

448Has dream where she goes to heaven, but is rejected because she is a brain and not a slacker party person. (209)

449Visited by Brittany, Mack, Jodie, and Kevin at the hospital in (209). Brittany is grateful that Daria kept their deal, Mack and Jodie wanted to see how Daria was - and Kevin thought they’d start the operation without him.

450When Daria realizes her parents were worried about her in the hospital, she mumbles, “thanks for being there for me”. (209)

451Sat out during Ms. Morris’s “cheerleading practice” under protest. (211)

452Is NOT supportive of Jane making track team - when alone says, “Jane on a school team? That’s pathetic.” (211)

453Begins talking to self when alone after Jane joins track team (211)

454Enjoys perk of not having to participate in gym class but is upset that Jane took a “buy” on her math test (211)

455Jane (to Evan): “I rubbed her self-righteousness the wrong way” (211)

Morgendorffer, Daria

456Quinn refers to her as “such a pain wimp” (212)

457Blushes when Trent calls her at home in front of her family (212)

458Fear is that Trent thinks she’s a “silly little self-deluded girl” (212)

459Blushes when Trent says she’d look good in go-go dancer outfit seen in Funky Doodle (212).

460Some significant glances when Trent and Daria discuss a silver hoop ring as a piercing in (212).

461Trent states that Daria is “the coolest high schooler” he knows. (212)

462Holds hands with Trent during her belly button piercing in (212) - is able not to even notice the pain of the piercing.

463Has “innie” belly button. (212)

464Implied that she has cold sores, but may be attempt to shock Helen (213)

465Has read all of the books offered for Mr. O’Neill’s writing assignment in (213) - see entry on “Write Where it Hurts”.

466Upset that mother not only takes calls in between Daria’s recounting her writing assignment, but also brings up Quinn. She states angrily that Quinn will never have this problem because it involves intelligence. (213) She asks her mother, “do you know me at all?”

467Does not like to be compared to Quinn, and definitely not by her mother (213)

468Helen states to Daria that Daria is not honest about saying what she wants (213)

469Alternate version of Daria in (213) has Daria as an adult with a significant other named Marcello. She is a columnist - it is implied that her columns are either exposes or about current events - and Daria states that despite her outrage and the readers’ outrage, nothing happens. Columns are written weekly according to Jake, who calls Daria a “crusader”. Daria states that she gets awards for writing the same kind of things that got her into trouble in high school.

470Alternate Daria states that she is not ready for children, undoubtedly because of Quinn’s experiences with raising a large family (213)

471“I couldn’t live with myself if I hit a dog (with my car) (301)

472“I don’t see way off to the side too well-my glasses sort of block the view.” (301)

473Has issue with wearing glasses versus contact lenses - thinks that there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses and that people should accept her for who she is. In Mr. O’Neill’s class, she says she’s not sure she wants an identity based on appearance. (301)

474Helen and Daria have had the glasses vs. contact lenses conversation before (301)

475Asks Quinn what would it mean if you were known for not caring about your appearance and then doing something that showed that maybe you did - would that make one a hypocrite (301)

476Finds her contact lenses painful (301)

477Fumbles her way to bathroom when not wearing glasses - has to hold hands out to feel (301) - images close up tend to focus in and out.

478Boots have at least ten pairs of eyelets - laces are tied in bow, but not at very top of eyelets in (301)

479Daria: “I think to myself, ‘Never mind glasses. You can see things that other people can't. You can see better than other people. So to hell with them and what they think of you and your glasses.’”

480Not known by Jane for either volunteering, or even protesting social issues (302)

Morgendorffer, Daria

481Describes Cupid and The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun as “crazy” but is not frightened by them. (303)

482When Cupid uses his hypnotic power, Daria blurts out “Trent” as the name of her special romantic someone. (303)

483Has learner’s permit in (303).

484Val gets a vibe that Daria is “not popular at all”. (305)

485Val’s summary of Daria in Val Magazine: “unenthusiastic, unpopular, cynical D just doesn't understand how great it is to be a teen! In fact, she may be the anti-teen....” (305)

486Aptitude test suggests career as “mortician” (306)

487Results of aptitude test: “Your lack of interest in personal interaction makes you an ideal candidate for working with the dead.” (306)

488Has job at “It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World” (306)

489Has access to school roof. (307)

490Helen asks three questions about Daria to Jane - “Drugs?” (“nope, unless you

count TV”) “Depressed? (“no, just realistic”) “Sex?” (Helen immediately

realizes it’s a stupid question and asks for another try) (308)

491Jake asks Jane three questions about Daria: “Age?” (“seventeen”) “Height?”

(“five foot two”) “favorite color?” (“black”). (308)

492“Bleats” (eap!) at mention by Helen of Trent spending the night. (308)

493Distressed at Trent leaving to take Monique out (308)

494Alternate future Daria is a worker at a gene-splicing lab. She lives with Trent, a lazy slob still trying to make Mystik Spiral work out. They have a son, Trent Junior who needs glasses - “thick ones”, and Daria works double shifts. Trent doesn’t work at all. Trent and Daria never married because Trent forgot to show up - he overslept. (308)

495Fantasizes about Trent telling her “Daria, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” (308)

496Both grandmothers offered Daria $100 if she would “change her hair” (309)

497Jake sees Daria as “his heir” and implies that she might have to put the household affairs in order if he dies, as Helen would theoretically be grief-stricken and Quinn is “so young”. (309)

498Spatula Man tells Daria “you look like you could USE a date!” (309)

499Worried about Morgendorffer genes in (309) - mentions heart disease,

borderline psychosis (309)

500Implied that it took more than one attempt by Daria to pass driver’s license

exam. (310)

Morgendorffer, Daria

501Generally, a poor driver - needed to stop at a town between Lawndale and Fremont so she could “unclench her hands” (310)

502Characterized by Quinn as “timid” (310)

503Not a fan of country music - but warms up to it by the end of the episode (310)

504"Paranoia" of (311) affects Daria, hears voices in her head, but tells them to knock it off

505During "paranoia" of (311), worries about being stalked after hearing voices in a wooded area while on her way to Jane's house.

506drawn as a "alien love goddess" in an episode of Sick Sad World (311)

507Likes Daria -- wants to give his chips in (312) to Daria, "as a thank you for making me want to kill myself a little less than the processed sausages who call themselves your classmates!"

508covers for Quinn for the Fashion Club in (312), blames it on sleep deprivation

509Jane : "Daria Morgendorffer does not get 'C's." (313)

510Tom: (sarcastically) "Daria, you're so pleasant and friendly, I don't see how anyone could resist an evening with you" (313)

511Daria (to Tom): "I'm not going to sit by while you take my friend away." (313)

512Daria: "But you and I are not friends." Tom: "Definitely not" (313)

513Has veiled conversation with Trent -- his inability to commit to the multimedia project is one reason they could never get together romantically. (313)

514Trent: "I always kind of felt you understood the way I think." Daria: "I do, Trent. I do...." (313)

515Kissed by Trent on the cheek (313)

516Calls Jane's relationship with Tom "Tom worship" (401)

517Asks to work alone on project in Mrs. Bennett's class to make Jane angry (401)

518Jodie angrily calls Daria's ethics "black and white" (no pun intended) (401)

519During dangerous part of storm, apologizes for giving Jane "all that crap about your boyfriend" (402)

520O'Neill asks Daria : "are you depressed? I mean, more than usual....?" (403)

521Scores 100 on Mr. DeMartino's test (404)

522Alarm set for 7:30AM on school day (404)

523Comes up with at least 17 reasons for getting Quinn grounded during the teen fashion extravaganza as part of her assignment for Mr. O'Neill -- "Reason Number 17: Endangering a Minor". (405)

524Moved by Tad's tears to help him find his parents in (406) -- states that her conscience tells her that she should help Tad.

525Daria replies to Tom when he suggests that he, Tad, and Daria should hop a float, "One: I don't hop floats. Two: I don't hop." (406)

Morgendorffer, Daria

503Tells Tom that Tom and Jane might see the Lawndale Homecoming parade as a big joke, "but that's not me". When she sees Quinn however, she says, "I stand corrected". (406)

504Refuses to follow Jane on date bowling with Tom and with Tom's friends. Jane reminds her that "no one is forcing you to stay home." (407)

505Jake thinks to himself that Daria looks "so lonely" (407)

506Daria thinks that she should "let down the barricades" and tell Jake that he's "a hero", but is unable to. (407)

507Comforts Jake by telling him that their relationship has reached "that rare level" where it doesn't need to be filled by empty conversation.

508Shoe size is 6 1/2 B. (407)

Morgendorffer, Daria

503States that "she loves a good air disaster as much as the next person" -- but she refuses Barlow's balloon ride, stating she refuses to have anything to do with an unmanageable bag of hot air -- "or his balloon" (407)

504Answers Quiet Ivy psychological questionnaire flippantly, lists "favorite pastime" as "changing water into wine". (408)

505Tells intrusive doctor that she loves her mother very much and thinks she'd make an excellent law partner (408)

506Daria's analysis of herself"...and I'm so defended that I actively work to make people dislike me, so I won't feel bad when they do."

507Counselor attempts to hypnotize Daria to overcome her resistance, but it doesn't take. (408)

508States, "I am not suicidal!" when Quinn temporarily takes on the role of Daria. When Daria is asked to take the role of Quinn, Daria says, "now I'm suicidal". (408)

509States that the reason she doesn't talk to Helen is that Helen will hang on every word, and "who needs that kind of responsibility?" (408)

510When asked by Helen if Daria hates Helen for working so hard, Daria replies that if she did, she wouldn't have come to Quiet Ivy and "pretended" to be well-adjusted (408)

511Gives Jane relationship advice -- good advice -- when Jane admits that she might have been too hasty at getting mad at Tom -- suggests talking it out, and if that doesn't work, for Jane to make Tom some lasagna and to state to Tom that Jane and Tom can spend some time together in the future (Jane states that "Helen ought to write a book.") (409)

512Implied by Andrea that Daria and Jane have a reputation for verbally cutting up others -- this might explain some of their lack of popularity. (409)

513Daria: "...the human ego is bloated enough to believe that the force that created the universe gives a crap about our blowouts" (411)

514Described as "unspiritual" by Quinn (411)

515Daria: "in my universe, if there are guardian angels, they don't care if you leave the house in clogs". (411)

516Daria tells Jane that one could just watch world events to disprove the existence of guardian angels (411)

517Is told by Jane that the reason Quinn's "guardian angel" theory upsets Daria so much is that Daria fears that it's true, that there are supernatural forces looking out for the "Quinns of the world" and that it's already been decided, "they win, you lose" (411)

Morgendorffer, Daria

States that she believes that while carrying around a rabbit's foot for good luck is "farfetched" that "celestial middle- managers changing the course of human events is ludicrous (411)

Quinn states that Daria "doesn't wear jeans" when Jake gives Quinn money for destroying Quinn's jeans and Daria asks

why she doesn't get any money (411)

Tells Quinn, when discussion comes to guardian angels and what Daria believes in, Daria says, "I believe in treating

people the way you'd want to be treated". (411)

As for supernatural forces, Daria says, "unless I see some pretty convincing evidence to the contrary, I think we're on

our own" -- when Quinn states that "that's so sad!", Daria also adds that she doesn't have any proof that there

isn't something out there. (411)

Tells Quinn -- "I think what makes sense is to believe whatever makes you feel best" when it comes to the supernatural (411)

Helen congratulates Daria for putting aside "her own strong feelings" just to comfort someone else (411)

Tends to sleep in loose T-shirt and floppy shorts (412, probably not the first time this type of nightware is seen)

Had a debate with Tom about Fellini's symbolism some time before (412) -- Jane describes it as "one of the best naps

I ever had".

Laughs while she chats with Tom (412)

When Jane confronts her and accuses Daria of "monopolizing (Tom's) time", Daria says that Tom and her were just

chatting, and that she doesn't want to be blamed for whatever problems Jane has with Tom (412)

Jane (to Daria): "You'd never do anything to hurt me." (412)

States that she could tell if Tom were interested in her romantically, and she flatly denies the possibility to Trent (412)

Trent tells Daria that whatever happens between Daria/Jane/Tom, that no one should say that Daria meant for it to happen, but that "there's no use playing dumb". (412)

Jane convinces Daria to dye Jane's hair in (413), with not a little arm twisting and veiled accusations

Angrily denies Jane's accusation that Daria somehow had designs on time (413)

Tells Jane that she no longer dislikes Tom, but denies any kind of relationship with him. Daria: "Okay, I don't hate him so much anymore, but that's not an affair to remember." (413)

Objects when Jane asks her if she and Tom have been making out behind Jane's back. Daria: "Can you picture me

making out with anyone? Ever?!" (413)

After kiss, silent when Jake is talking, then, when Quinn enters room, states that she needs to talk to Helen -- when

Helen isn't available, she asks Quinn a questions about kissing someone else's boyfriend (in regard to the

Daria/Tom/Jane triangle). (413)

Does not walk to school with Jane next day -- when Jane asks why, Daria eventually tells Jane that she kissed Jane's

boyfriend and that she didn't mean to. (413)

Morgendorffer, Daria

Daria (answering why 'everyone' is so mad at Tom): "Because I moved to this town and I knew immediately I'd be

a total outcast! And in the one moment of good luck I've had in my entire life, I met another outcast who I could really be friends with and not have to feel completely alone! And then (Tom) came around and screwed the whole thing up!" (413)

Daria states that she isn't interested in Tom and that "I'd be stabbing my friend in the back if I even considered it!" (413)

When Tom leans over in the car to kiss Daria, she turns his direction, closes her eyes, and kisses him. There is no

indication that she rejects Tom's kiss. (413)

Daria's first actions during the kiss are to accept the kiss, then open her eyes in surprise, close them as if wincing,

breaking off contact, and saying "Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit!!" (413)

After some brief eye contact and exchange of conversation, both Tom and Daria lean into either other for a longer,

second kiss. Afterwards, Daria says, "I gotta go!" as if to flee and quickly exits Tom's car. (413)

Jane tells Tom, sarcastically, that he'll just love dating Daria because "she loves to have fun!" and that he'll have a

"super time!" (413)

Described as "antisocial" by Tom during discussion Jane and Tom have (413)

When Helen tries to comfort Daria by saying that "no one got killed" (meaning that time heals all wounds), Daria

replies that by kissing Tom, she can't imagine how she could have hurt Jane more. (413)

Daria feels that things weren't great before the Tom fiasco, but she felt that she could deal with school and home,

and now she feels that nothing's under control. (413)

Tells Jane that he didn't want to tell Jane that she and Tom had kissed, but she had to and that it's "not going to

happen again -- ever." (413)

Jane tells Daria that Tom/Daria makes more sense than Tom/Jane. (413)

When asked by Daria if they're still friends, Jane answers that they're friends who "can't stand the sight of each other".

When Daria asks if this is temporary, Jane answers "I hope so", then leaves. (413)

Implied by Daria that parents force her into dumb summer activities -- states her parents have been so busy that they

haven't compelled her to do anything for summer (414)

Tom says Daria made "high honor roll" all three trimesters at Lawndale High School (414)

Tells Daria that he "likes" her and wants to know if she feels the same way. Hesistantly, she says, "Uh...yeah. Sure."


Morgendorffer, Daria

Before attending the "Okay to Cry Corral", was sleeping as late as 1PM in afternoon up until July (414)

Volunteered for "Okay to Cry Corral" camp by Helen --Helen: "You need to be more tolerant...you keep hiding your

face behind that anitsocial mask, and one day the mask will be your face. I'm not letting that happen." (414)

Asked respectively by her group of campers at the "Okay to Cry" corral a) why she is so pale? b) why she bites her

nails? and c) if she ever smiles? (414)

Kevin thinks Tom's joking when he says he's Daria's date. Kevin: "Good one, man!" (414)

Tries to be friendly with Link during "Okay to Cry" Corral camp in (414)

Implies that Helen's politeness to Katherine Sloane during the Starry Night Ball conversation is an example of

sucking up to someone wealthy (414)

Tries to reach out to Link -- Daria: " Look...for what it's worth, when I was your age, I, um....had this friend who was

kind of like you. The only people she liked were the ones in books, and she spent most of her time in her

room convinced the world had been quietly taken over by a race of idiot space aliens." (414)

Daria: "Maybe things would have been a little easier for my friend if she hadn't kept everything bottled up inside.

You know, if she had someone to talk to." (414)

States that when she was 12, she was really into George Orwell's works (414)

Offers to be a source for Link to talk to: "I'm not good at this kind of thing...but if you need someone to talk to...I'm

around." (414)

Daria accuses Tom of Tom not wanting Daria to mix with his family. She states that she should have been asked

to attend the fund-raiser or the fireworks display. Tom didn't ask Daria because he thought the events were

boring, and Tom and Daria both agree that he should have asked. Daria, however, accuses Tom of

assuming that his parents were going to hate her. (414)

Tom: "My parents think you're great. They know you're really smart and headed for college and stuff." (414)

Tom inadvertantly compares Daria to Jane in the discussion about what Tom's family thinks of her. He says, "It's not

like you're Jane." When Daria wants that statement clarified, Tom says that Jane's smart but she has the

freedom to live her life as she chooses, to go to college or not to. "Our parents would have a fit" if either Tom

or Daria decided otherwise. Daria accuses Tom of being a snob. (414)

Tom accuses Daria of wanting to pick a fight with him. Daria replies that she's just being a loyal friend. Tom states

that he thinks Daria's real fear is that if she admitted she cared about Tom, that would make her vulnerable.

Daria asks for a break from dating. Tom angrily responds that they've not done anything to take a break

from. When Daria refuses to answer any of Tom's accusation, Tom angrily leaves, leaving the fate of their

relationship in doubt. (414)

Daria (to herself): "Of course I did the right thing (in breaking up with Tom). He's from his world. I'm from mine.

Never would have worked out, unless, I tried or something." (414)

Daria (on dating): "See, there's this thing called personality? There's also liking the same thing, having a similar sense

of humor, being able to have five minute conversations without boring the living hell out of each other." (414)

Quinn states Daria and Tom are "very compatible". (414)

Initiates phone call to Jane at Ashfield. Daria: "Must...contact...intelligent...life!" (414)

Jane initially resistant to seeing Daria again, but when Daria says "I'll pay you", Jane's resistance cracks and she tells

Daria that she can catch a ride with Trent (414)

According to Trent, Jane said that Daria and Tom make a good couple. (414)

Daria tells Jane that the Link situation was an example of her "breaking my cardinal rule and trying to reach out to

a lost soul". Jane replies that anyone looking to Daria for nurturing is "more than just lost". (414)

In Club Glamour, Jane articulates why she is so angry at Daria. It was not that Tom "blew off" Jane for Daria, it was

that Daria "blew off" her friendship with Jane for Tom. Even though Jane said that it didn't matter if Daria

went out with Tom, Daria wasn't supposed to believe that. Daria apologizes for the pain she's put Jane

through, and their friendship is restored. (414)

Tells Jane that she spent most of the summer emotionally confused, in "a perpetual identity crisis" (414)

Daria tells Jane that she admires Jane because Jane knows exactly who she is, and that Jane can't be conned into

thinking that she's something different. (414)

Quinn tells Daria that her unfriendliness is just a way to keep people at arm's length (414)

Tells Quinn that sometimes, you have to give people a chance even though they might reject your offers of friendship,

as it's the price of being human -- when Helen commends Daria for her statement, however, Daria answers,

"That crap?" (414)

Tom (to Daria): "But would you also agree that maybe I was right when I said this dating stuff was new to you and

you're afraid of getting hurt, and maybe you were looking for an out before you got too pulled in?....I want to

start seeing you again...but you've got to at least try to trust me...I don't want to waste any more time if you're

not going to give it a chance." (414)

Admits to Tom that she wants to try again, too. (414)

Attempts to get her mother to go to school meeting on Super Bowl Sunday -- Daria: "Hello? The high school

principal called a public meeting she doesn't want anyone to attend?" (501)

Daria asks Lamm in (501) "So the school (Lawndale High School) will, in effect, be endorsing the soda? Is that

really the school's role, to become a shill?"

Daria objects to the soda contract, saying that the matter at hand isn't about whether she likes soda -- she does --

but whether or not a public institution should be "using its status as a place of authority to serve as

one more advertising tentacle of corporate America. With the taxpayers subsidizing it." (501)

Tells Jane "Don't you think (the soda contract is) totally unethical and underhanded?" (501)

Wants Jodie to intercede with the superintendent of schools to complain about the Ultra Cola advertising. Jodie

is uneasy about the advertising, but likes the money it brings in for the school. Jodie finally tells Daria that

if she doesn't like it, she can complain. Daria answers, "I don't complain", but Jodie says "That's all you

ever do." Daria: "I mean, I don't get involved." Jodie: " Then I guess you really don't care that much, do you?"


When Daria asks Tom if she complains a lot, Tom joking says, "What are you bitching about now?" (501)

Daria says the reason she doesn't take action is because she's considered "a square peg and a malcontent" and

that she seems to be the only person troubled not only by the money, but where it's coming from (501)

According to Superintendent Cartwright, Daria has an impressive academic record, but "very little in the way of

extracurriculars" (501)

Daria: "...as little affection or respect I have for my fellow students, they don't deserve to be treated as a demographic

in their own school." (501)

Does not remember how long she's been going out with Tom (502)

"All that matters in a relationship is that you like the same pizza toppings." (502)

Daria (on Tom): "He treats me more like a piece of furniture than his girlfriend. I know I shouldn't care whether or not

he gives me presents or remembers our anniversary, but I think I do. And then I hate myself for caring.

I can't say anything because then he'll nkow I care, and it won't be the same as if he thought of it himself and, oh God, listen to me....it's just that we never go anywhere." (502)

Unhappily fantasizes that she's become a recliner chair after Tom tells her she's "comfortable" when he rests his head

on her lap (502)

After she reveals her anger to Tom and talks with him, she tells Tom that big celebrations aren't important to her -- but

that they can celebrate, anyway. (502)

Takes up betting with Jane -- each gives the other the chance to win back a bet -- the bets go to as high as $40 (503)

Daria uses reverse psychology on Quinn (partially to win her bet with Jane) by saying that the new Quinn Morgendorffer is willing to stick by Sandi, even if Sandi's weight gain might make hanging out with Sandi

a risky proposition for Quinn and her popularity. Daria says "a more shallow" friend might try to help Sandi

lose weight and "return life to normal", but not Quinn (503)

Has no interest in returning to Camp Grizzly -- "why would I want to return to a place where I was flatteringly

referred to as 'the weird kid'?" (504)

Was not invited to the "end of summer" campfire by the lake at Camp Grizzly (504)

Horse with Daria on it ran off at Camp Grizzly, had to have nine stitches (504)

Daria tells Amelia that one of the things she hates about Camp Grizzly is that it allow the rise of dictatorial

personalities like Skip Stevens -- she tells Amelia that these "artifical societies" produce these types

because the people belonging to these "artifical" groups would normally never keep company -- "Camp.

School. Life." (504)

Daria states that half the people at Camp Grizzy can't stand Skip, but no one wants to challenge him and risk

social alienation. She states that the Camp Grizzy experience is an example of people following the

herd and leading lives of "quiet desperation" (504)

When Amelia states that both she and Daria are examples of "not following the crowd", Daria points out to

Amelia that she's done nothing but follow Daria since her arrival at Camp Grizzly. She says that she

not only doesn't want to follow a crowd, she doesn't want her own crowd either. She tells Amelia

to find a quiet corner someplace and practice being an individual. (504)

Amelia states that she thought she and Daria were friends and that she looked forward to seeing Daria at Camp Grizzly. The truth, according to Amelia, is that Daria just doesn't like anybody. Daria has a

pained expression on her face when Amelia angrily leaves. (504)

When she notes Amanda sitting alone and dejected, Daria comes to the table, sits down and makes a sarcastic

remark about Skip Stevens. Amelia, however, leaves the table to interrupt Skip's speech to the camp

and give her own speech. (504)

Amelia refers to Daria as "someone special", a "role model" and an "inspiration" (504)

When Amelia names Daria Morgendorffer, no one at Camp Grizzly remembers the name. When Amelia reminds

them that she was "the weird kid", everyone remembers. (504)

Amelia stats in her address to Camp Grizzly that Daria is "unpleasant", "antisocial", and says what's on her mind

without regard for anyone else's feelings. She says that Daria marches to her own drummer, and even

if she ends up with no friends, like Daria, she wants to do the same thing. Amelia: "I don't care if I

end up like her, with no friends." (504)

Amelia is talking with Daria at the end of the reunion again. Amelia states that she hopes she didn't hurt Daria's feelings.

Daria says that words can't hurt her, unless they're truthful and exceptionally observant words -- like

Amelia's. (504)

Almost misses movie date with Jane because she's been working on a short story she's thinking of submitting for

publication -- but doesn't want Jane to read it. (505)

Allows Jane to read her short story -- when Jane says that story is "muddled" and has "too many styles", Daria is

quick to condemn her own story, saying dejectedly, "in fact, I don't even like it. It stinks." (505)

Daria doesn't want Tom to read her story, because it's "too intimate". Jane reminds her that the story is about a

flesh-eating virus. (505)

Morgendorffer, Daria

Asks Tom to read her story (505)

Tom says her story is great: he says it is not "muddled" but "varied", that it changes voice and challenges the reader.

He says that it's better than a story his English teach submitted to Musings Magazine, and suggests that she

submit it there. (505)

When Tom asks Daria (rhetorically) why she doesn't submit her story to Musings Magazine, she answers "the rejection, humiliation, and lasting humiliation?" (505)

Daria states that she doesn't want to submit her story to a magazine because it's "too much like trying", and

besides, her story might not be good enough. Tom convinces her by telling her that she can let Musings Magazine decide if it's "good enough" or not, and besides, no one has to know that she submitted it. (505)

Reading list: “Walden” (106), “Moby-Dick”, “The Iliad” (110), “Catch-22” (203).

“The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Stories” (208), “Heart of Darkness” (208), “On Moral Fiction” (213), “The Chess Garden” (301), “The Leopard”, “Howl” (302), “Nausea” (308), "The Prince" (412), "Fifth Business" (414), "A Journal of the Plague

Year" (414), "Animal Farm" (504)

Morgendorffer, Jake : Father of Daria Morgendorffer

drives Lexus-type car (101)

alumnus of Middleton College (103)

dorm room on upper floor (103)

would yell obscene comments to Helen (along with his dormmates) as she walked

through the courtyard at Middleton College. (103)

extremely clueless and inattentive to conversation in (106) - first time in series?

consulting business implied in (106) - “I gotta call that baby formula guy!”

first mention of military school upbringing (107)

tried out for football in military school, but was taunted - kids said he “ran funny”


“My teen years...a nightmare of shame and guilt. They didn't call it self-love

then, Kevin...they called it self-abuse!” (107)

used to keep a journal (107)

likes martinis (108)

attended Altamont concert (111)

still frisky with Helen in (111)

has had problems with stress before (112) - has had vessels in eye burst, MD

stated that he needed to cut down on stress (112)

used to go camping with Helen before children born (112)

much like a hippie in early days, still had problems with anger - espoused radical

slogans (112)

first expressed hatred for his father, in tears - “why couldn’t he just love me for

who I was?” (112)

was still wetting the bed at fifteen (112)

implies that life has led to boring town and boring entry-level job (112)

Morgendorffer, Jake

according to Helen, has always wanted to work on his cooking (201)

first mention of work as a self-employed consultant (“Jake Morgendorffer

Consulting”) (201)

was shipped by Mad Dog to military school the day after Jake stepped on his contact (202)

had “the same neighbors!” as DeMartino, figuratively speaking (202)

implied that he may have made sex call on telephone (203)

stated that “I told you I’m no good at this parenting crap!” (203)

was in Boy Scouts with Paul Myerson (204)

aggressive frustration evidenced even when a young man - tried to make the

Pentagon rise through “positive energy”, ends up kicking building (205)

lived in a group house with Coyote and Willow at one time when younger - house

had at least eight people (205)

states that at one time, he could keep all of his possessions in his backpack,

including a copy of “Steal This Book”, by Abbie Hoffman (205)

wore a beard at one time (205)

implied by Ethan Yeager that Jake and Helen once spent a night in jail, but were

never charged with anything - Daria asks why Jake and Helen spent a night in jail in Boulder, Colorado in August 1969 (205)

implied by Helen that Jake does not have fond memories of his childhood (206)

“get back on the bike, Jake”, “big boys don’t cry”, “crying’s for girls, Jake”,

“Jake, Jake, quiver and quake” - all said by Mad Dog to Jake (206)

Jake can be at the school from his consulting office in “eleven minutes” (209)

Implied that Jake is an agressive driver when in a crisis. (209)

Snores (209).

Played the role of Guildenstern in college, but froze and the crowd laughed him

off the stage. He said the teasing subsided after a few months. (210)

Likes “Ziggy” (210)

Alternate Jake in Daria’s story: Has retired and seems to be getting younger

every year, according to Helen. Has had triple bypass surgery, foreshadowing

(309). Feels that his daughters have turned out just the way he hoped they would.


Morgendorffer, Jake

Alternate Jake in Daria stories still angry about the time he asked his father to

play “gold fish” - both Alternate Daria and Alternate Quinn remind Jake of his

triple bypass, which stops the story. As Daria is writing from life, the story is

probably true. (213)

Implied that only went to one dance on campus in (304) and was stood up by his

date for “Mr. Campus Hot Stuff”, but went anyway.

Makes a castle out of potatoes stuff on dinner plate -- Helen suggests that he

make a guest house later in episode (304)

Consulted for national office of “It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World” (306)

Helen considers Jake’s consulting contacts “sleazy” (306)

Does not know even rudimentary facts about his loved ones - guesses Quinn is

“eleven...ish” and thinks that Helen’s middle name may have a “K” in it.


Likes to watch basketball on TV (308).

Regarding childhood: “a dark, depressing place, the air thick with oppression,

and the constant threat of....” (308)

Waited for loved ones to “acknowlege his existence” - states he remembers

sitting alone in the dark, “craving the love of a heartless man who keeps you in a constant state of fear and-“ (308)

According to Helen, Jake’s doctor told Jake something about cheese (309)

Has mild heart attack while in Morgendorffer kitchen with family, taken to

Cedars of Lawndale (309, confirmed in 401)

Does not like oatmeal (309)

States that Mad Dog tried to ship Jake to military school the first chance he got -

Ruth reminds Jake that Jake had asked for structure in his life, but Jake

corrects Ruth when Jake had only said that he might like to go to tennis

camp: Jake’s claim is that Mad Dog twisted Jake’s words around (309)

Was not taught to shave by father - Ruth reminds Jake that Mad Dog had

“razor phobia” - Jake was taught to shave by Corporal Ellenbogen. (309)

According to Jake, Mad Dog tried to mold him into a soldier, but wouldn’t let him

have a G. I. Joe - didn’t want him playing with dolls (309)

Morgendorffer, Jake

Jake states that Mad Dog always pointed out Jake’s screw-ups, which made him

screwed-up - does not want his children to feel inadequate or less

intelligent (309)

Feels that Helen is not interested in his career -- gets into an argument with Helen

when Helen is not paying attention to one of his stories in (312) -- "Jake Morgendorffer

doesn't repeat himself!!"

Calls himself "The Invisible Man" at the kitchen table after the argument in (312)

Claims while intoxicated that he will buy a boat and "sail it around the world -- twice!" (312)

People who own consulting office threatening to repossess Jake's parking space (401)

Implied that eyesight might be poor -- has to hold cereal box at arm's length to read it in (402)

At a loss for conversation when spending time with Helen in log cabin in (402)

Helen: "Oh dear! Your father's braking with his angry foot again!" (403)

Makes bad grocery decisons when he shops "angry" (403)

Implied that Jake dreams of a "condo on the golf course" for retirement (403)

Eating heart smart chili in (406) -- implied that it is responsible for Jake running out of toilet paper

"God forbid I should count on anyone! Little Jakey has to learn to be self-sufficient -- it's weak to

depend on other people!" (Thoughts Jake verbalizes after Helen bows out of attending the

conference with him.) (407)

Verbalizes that Dad asked him to stay at the barracks during Christmas -- "Hey, you don't mind spending the

holidays in the barracks, do you son? The janitor will keep an eye on ya!"

"Merry Christmas, Dad...in HELL!!" (Jake then breaks down, crying.) (407)

"Why am I the one who's always deserted? The one there's never room for in the car?" (407)

Scared of getting to know his daughter better. (407)

Is afraid of heights (407)

Morgendorffer, Jake

Has thoughts of not blaming his father for his problems and trying to be the best father he can be, and reaching

out to Daria, but doesn't follow through (407)

Daria thinks that Jake is not only afraid of heights but is "afraid of being afraid -- that's what's so heartbreaking" (407)

Flashbacks to time at Buxton Ridge when he could not climb the vertical rope, remaining suspended in mid-climb: the

tough-looking instructor tells Jake that the other cadets have turned in, tired of laughing at his cowardice -- he

told Jake's father about it, and Jake's father gave the message not to bother coming home for Easter (407)

Shoe size is 10 D. (407)

Called "a confused man" by Arno in (407).

Required right arm sling and cane briefly after balloon crash in (407) -- stated that "it was painful having that branch

removed", but the experience helped him conquer his fear of heights.

Begins drinking milk for the relaxing tryptophan content until told to knock it off by Helen (408)

During counseling session, states "Stressed? Why do people keeping telling me I'm stressed? If I weren't stressed,

I'd get stressed by everyone telling me I'm stressed!" (408)

When asks if there's any milk around, counselor asks Jake how long he's had this "chemical dependency". (408)

Daria's analysis of Jake: "Dad's guilty about being less driven than Mom, but thinks it's wrong to feel that way, so he hides behind a smokescreen of cluelessness." (408)

During his roleplay of Helen, Jake's issues are that Helen drops everything whenever Eric calls, that Helen has to act the

part of a superwoman and be "very very important and very very stressed" so that she doesn't have time to

listen to anyone else. Jake (as Helen): "But I can pretend I care...can't I?!" (408)

During her roleplay of Jake, Helen's issues are that Jake will not confront his issues and blames everything on his father,

and is either in a rage or in a fog most of the time, never saying anything revelant, and he can't understand how

his behavior keeps him from having any clients in his consultant business. (408)

Daria states that Jake has to feel neglected, because that's how he stays the center of attention. (408)

Jake states that if he can't pick up Quinn at the mall, Helen will never trust him with any important task again (410)

Jake: "Don't polish your father's boots, Jake...you haven't earned the damned right!" (410)

Jake rants at the kitchen table that he wasn't allowed to have a cat by his father: "cats are for girls, dogs are for boys!"


Morgendorffer, Jake

Wears robe monogrammed with "J M" (412)

Implied that Jake is on a diet (414)

Helen implies that Jake can't tell the difference between a joke and a statement of fact (414)

Helen tells Jake that when Tom comes over for the first time to meet Helen and Jake that she wants Jake to

"stay cool and relaxed and not embarrass her by getting all nervous and crazy." (414)

Finally learns to make jokes by the end of (414)

Complains to Helen that he has to spend another Super Bowl with "a bunch of freakin' lawyers" with their

"lawyer highballs" and "lawyer cigars", called the lawyers "stuck-ups". Helen gets Jake to go to the

party by calling in some favors around the office and finding "five people who promised they'd talk to

(Jake)" (501)

Helen feels that Jake would be qualified as a "Senior VP of Sales and Marketing" for a cardboard manufacturing

company. (502)

"Dammit, Helen! I'm a man with my own business. I'll never work for someone else again!" (502)

Hired by Buzzdome.com in (502)

Snores (502)

Jake (on getting a copy of "Das Kapital" one year after his commitment ceremony with Helen) "Long live the proletariat! I'll bet you this thing will appreciate like crazy!" (502)

When the computer seizes up the night before Jake's Buzzdome.com presentation -- destroying the labor-intensive

visual presentation he had planned -- he is forced to resort to buzzwords. When caught, he complains about

the computer eating his presentation and that the computer is a "crappy piece of crappy crap", and breaks

down in front of the staff. (502)

Loses his job at Buzzdome.com as a result of his failed presentation, but immediately hired as a consultant due to

Jake's innate understanding of the frustrations of a computer user. (502)

When Jake wakes up from a nightmare in (502), Helen comforts him by telling him, "Your father's dead and

Corporal Ellenbogen's far, far away."

When Jake wonders if it bother's Helen that he's a "failure", Helen says that he's not a failure -- he's the same kind,

decent intelligent man she fell in love with years ago. (502)

Usually orders his meat well-done, but states that man once in a while wants a slab "of bloody red steak!" (503)

Had taken diving school classes to be scuba certified in preparation for a two-week cruise to the Carribean with Helen, but a) suffered from chlorine poisoning, and b) Helen was unable to go due to work. (504)

Morgendorffer, Jake:

Jake and Helen had at one time in the past planned a ski vacation, a camping trip and a bicycle tour, but were never

able to take those trips because Helen had a case of some sort. Helen explains to Jake that she can't always

take the trips, but Jake points out the clutter in the garage and angrily points out that Helen has never been

available (504)

While cleaning the garage together -- and complaining that Helen is always working on weekends and never has time for him -- he finds a black negligee in one of the boxes and angry asks Helen what kind of work the negligee was for. Helen responds that she bought the negligee for Valentine's Day, but Jake was attending the Dot Com Dot Com convention and had to cancel. Jake realizes that Helen isn't always the one at fault in their inability to find time together. (504)

Thinks Helen is beautiful when she's angry (504)

When Daria believes that she can't write and expresses the thought to Jake, Jake immediately sticks up for her, "who

says you can't write?" Jake first thinks the culprit is a "busybody teacher", but goes off on a tangent on

Corporal Ellenbogen who criticized the song he wrote for a military academy musical ("Cadet Guys Ho!") (505)

While drinking martinis alone, tells himself that he could have been a broadway lyricist if it weren't for Corporal

Ellenbogen's criticism. (505)

Morgendorffer, Helen: Mother of Daria Morgendorffer (101)

alumna of Middleton College (103)

almost gives away that she is 47 years old in Season One (103) - states that she

was a “young mother - too young, really” but that might be an exaggeration.

states that she was “pretty wild” in college (103)

lawyer - mentioned first time by Jane in 103

first time Eric (Schrecter) is mentioned (104)

tells Quinn “you’ve done enough shopping for this quarter”, giving clue as to how

Morgendorffer budget is organized (105)

very short with Jake’s cluelessness in (106), suggesting that power dynamic tilts

toward Helen in relationship

attends couples workshop (Jake calls it “couples therapy”), hosts on at least one Saturday which is a “Focus on Teens” night (108)

main priorities from (108) 1. Spend more time with family, 2. break through the

firm’s glass ceiling, 3. beat the pants off Carly Fishback in the library

board elections, and 4. window treatments for the living room - (note that

4. was “put the spice back into my marraige”, but changed since Quinn

was in the room - “spice” was moved to #1 later in episode)

office first seen (110)

states that she “did her share of partying” when she was young (111)

still frisky with Jake in (112)

saw periodontist, has to have six months work of gum work, cost $800/hour (112

used to go camping with Jake before children born (112)

Daria surprised that she would take a Friday off (112)

much like a hippie in her early days, very laid back (112)

Morgendorffer, Helen

dumps “penne a la pesto” on Jake’s head, blames PMS (201)

Implies again that she is 47 (“so do I look forty-s - uh, four?”) (202)

States that she wanted “more than anything” to join the swim team in high school


First introduction to family: mother is still alive. Sisters are Rita and Amy. Erin

is Rita’s child and Helen’s niece. (204)

“Years of bitterness and resentment” between Helen and her sisters. (204)

According to Amy, Rita and Helen are very competitive. (204)

Implied that mother is alive. (204)

Father gave Rita an M. G. and gave Helen a Dodge Dart, Amy asks if Helen

is still resentful (204).

Amy states that Helen was “a tightly wound pain in the ass” as a child. (204)

Able to tell Rita that she loves her, when both are drunk. (204)

Was famous for her “oatmeal pumpkin-seed loaf” in her hippie years (205)

lived in a group house with Coyote and Willow at one time when younger - house

had at least eight people (205)

implied by Ethan Yeager that Jake and Helen once spent a night in jail, but were

never charged with anything - Daria asks why Jake and Helen spent a night in jail in Boulder, Colorado in August 1969(205)

implied by Ethan Yeager that Helen once punched out a cop (205)

sympathetic to government social assistance, or “welfare” (208)

total labor time during Quinn’s birth was two hours, twenty minutes - implied

that Quinn’s delivery was by natural childbirth (210)

stands up for Daria sitting out of Ms. Morris’s class - felt that Ms. Morris was

sending the message that a woman’s purpose in life was to please men by

holding a cheerleading practice for gym class (211)

Has three different credit cards : platinum, gold, and green - in descending order

of purchasing power. See “American Access” (211)

Has to have her coffee in the morning (212)

Morgendorffer, Helen

Apologizes for comparing Daria to Quinn (213)

Amy sends her a letter from Hawaii suggesting a vacation, then writes that

“beautiful sun...only thing is, you’d have to take a vacation...sorry I

brought it up (301)

Threatens to come over to LHS and drop by Daria’s class if Daria doesn’t give

her the results of the career aptitude test (306)

According to Helen, does not do criminal work (306)

Implied that Helen is aware that she’s “addicted” to work in song “Don’t They

Know I Can’t Leave Yet?” in (307), and that she realizes it’s unhealthy

“Speedwalks” to catch up with Jane in (308) - is not known if Helen exercises

regularly or if exercise is just a ploy to speak with Jane

Decorated the house herself (309)

Implied that Helen cooks rather infrequently - Daria is surprised to see Helen

cooking; Ruth Morgendorffer comments that Helen is trying to make

“Chinese Chicken with Pea Pods” by using fish (309)

Claimed she was allergic to crepe paper to get out of LHS school events (312)

Knows how to play poker (312)

Before (402), had been seeing intimacy counselor -- stated to Jake that it was easier to

schedule if she went alone -- Jake unaware of visits

When Daria tries to jack up the price of the bribe for the field trip, Helen tells her, "I gave you

life, Daria -- I can take it away." (402)

At a loss for conversation when spending time with Jake in log cabin in (402)

Tries to smudge address labels after Lawndale Shopper (and others) claim that Lawndale is a

"loser" school/town (403)

Morgendorffer, Helen

Implied by Daria that Helen makes "obsessive" business calls (405)

Forbids Quinn to date while she and Jake are out of town (407)

Tells Jake to buy himself a new set of golf clubs to get over her not going with him to the conference in (407)

she tells him he can think of her while he's hitting the ball -- "really whack it!"

Agrees to let Sandi and Tiffany overnight with Quinn when Quinn mentions that she would ask Linda Griffin

if the three could stay over -- Helen: "Like I would give (Linda Griffin) the satisfaction!" (407)

Asks Fashion Club for dating advice in a hypothetical way -- "what if what was once a hot relationship is not

sort of a drag?" -- clearly referring to her relationship with Jake -- has same conversation with

Three Js next day at dinner table (407)

Asked to attend Quiet Ivy by law firm to see if she is a possible candidate for partner (408)

States she doesn't like how she looks in hats (408)

Arms crossed, someone stressed during word-association test in (408) -- responses quick and generally good, but

answers "waste of freaking time" when counselor says "relaxation", then asks if she can do that one over

Daria's analysis of Helen: "Mom's resentful because she works so hard, which obscures her guilt about actually wanting to work so hard." (408)

Jake, with Helen and the counselor: "She's always interrupting me like my opinions don't count!" (408)

Jake: "She thinks just because she's the big fat lawyer she can run right over me!" (408)

Takes offense when Helen tries to interrupt, and counselor says, "we'll get to your control issues later", Jake replies,

"Damn straight! She tells me what to do, how to drive, what to eat!" (408)

During his roleplay of Helen, Jake's issues are that Helen drops everything whenever Eric calls, that Helen has to act the

part of a superwoman and be "very very important and very very stressed" so that she doesn't have time to

listen to anyone else. Jake (as Helen): "But I can pretend I care...can't I?!" (408)

During her roleplay of Jake, Helen's issues are that Jake will not confront his issues and blames everything on his father,

and is either in a rage or in a fog most of the time, never saying anything revelant, and he can't understand how

his behavior keeps him from having any clients in his consultant business. (408)

Helen initially concludes from roleplay (sadly) "Everybody hates me...I've given everything I've got, but it's just

not enough. Well, I've got nothing left to give." (408)

Morgendorffer, Helen

"(Jake) feels completely neglected and resentful. I've shut (Daria) out so many times (she doesn't) even try to talk

to me, and Quinn...well, I can't even think about what happened there, not right now!" (408)

Results of retreat from Quiet Ivy: "Helen Morgendorffer suffers from overarching competitive agression, unhealthy

self-involvement, an gross insensitivy to other's needs, and an overriding convinction that she is always right." (408)

Helen put on fast track to partnership after law firm figures unflattering assessment from Quiet Ivy shows Helen has

the ability to put work and career ahead of family. (408)

Daria: "(Helen works)14 hour days helping giant corporations find loopholes to skim on their taxes." (411)

Takes call from Eric at 1 AM, lies and says, "of course, you didn't wake me!" (412)

Quinn says that Helen has been working "eighteen-hour days" during events in (413)

Tells Daria that life is just a matter of telling ourselves that everything's under control, even if it isn't, since the

alternative is not living at all. She tells Daria that things between Tom, Jane, and Daria will work out. Helen

doesn't know how, but they will." When Daria asks if Helen needs to get back to her highly important case,

Helen smiles and says, "oh, don't worry about that. It's completely under control."(413)

When Quinn comes up to talk to Mr. O'Neill in (414), O'Neill asks if it's about "your mother" -- "she seems

awfully stressed...." (414)

States that she has no intention of letting Daria (or Quinn) "sit around (the house) all summer" (414)

Doesn't let Tom get a word in when she initially greets him (414)

Chuckles uneasily after David Sorenson states that Jasmine did so well in tutoring because her parents were

involved (414)

Volunteers Daria for "Okay to Cry Corral" camp --Helen: "You need to be more tolerant...you keep hiding your

face behind that anitsocial mask, and one day the mask will be your face. I'm not letting that happen." (414)

Implied by Daria that Helen's politeness to Katherine Sloane during the Starry Night Ball conversation is an example of

sucking up to someone wealthy (414)

Interested in attending ball, but is stunned to find that tickets are $1000 a couple -- makes the excuse to Katherine

that the Starry Night ball weekend is the time of the office retreat. (414)

Tells Daria that she and Jake have to go to Eric's Super Bowl party, "or I'll look like I'm not a team player". (501)

States that she can't concentrate on her work at night WITHOUT hearing Jake snore (502)

When Daria comes to Helen and says that it's about Tom and Daria's anniversary, Helen tells Daria she shouldn't

expect anything from Tom, because if she does, she'll be setting herself up for disappointment. (502)

Tells Daria that the only thing that's important about an anniversary is how the two people feel about each other,

not about gifts. However, if your partner forgets the anniversary completely, "show no mercy". (502)

When Jake wonders if it bother's Helen that he's a "failure", Helen says that he's not a failure -- he's the same kind,

decent intelligent man she fell in love with years ago. (502)

Helen keeps somewhat melted Hobbit candle in the drawer to remind herself of why she married Jake -- it was

a candle Jake gave her on the first anniversary of their commitment ceremony (when she shows it to Jake

several years later, Jake goes, "what the hell is that!?") (502)

Morgendorffer, Helen

Jake and Helen had at one time in the past planned a ski vacation, a camping trip and a bicycle tour, but were never

able to take those trips because Helen had a case of some sort. Helen explains to Jake that she can't always

take the trips, but Jake points out the clutter in the garage and angrily points out that Helen has never been

available (504)

While cleaning the garage together -- and complaining that Helen is always working on weekends and never has time for him -- he finds a black negligee in one of the boxes and angry asks Helen what kind of work the negligee was for. Helen responds that she bought the negligee for Valentine's Day, but Jake was attending the Dot Com Dot Com convention and had to cancel. Jake realizes that Helen isn't always the one at fault in their inability to find time together. (504)

Claims that Erin's ideas about sex are outmoded, but aranoid that Daria and Tom might engage in sexual behavior if left alone together (505)

Helen (about Daria and Tom): "If I say I don't want them in (Daria's room) alone, I might give them ideas...."

Morgendorffer family: various entries

has lattice which can be climbed (110)

neighborhood security people drive by to watch neighborhood (110)

suggested that family has hard time paying bills - up in debt up to Jake’s

“disappearing hair” (112)

Quinn and Daria shared a room when they were younger, they hated it (112)

on Morgendorffer refrigerator door: DMV Violation notice, crayon drawing

(Daria’s work as a toddler?), essay by Quinn

implied home is mortgaged (208)

home does not have a “rec room” (209)

home has a dining room - Daria states that family never eats there (305)

answering machine message voice by Helen:

“Hello! You've reached the Morgendorffer residence! No one's home

right now....” (307)

Have “taco Tuesday” which Daria states is similar to an earlier “taco Thursday”


Have garden gnome in front yard (309)

Jake’s Lexis has license plate “B1W-52U” (310)

Helen contacts the stockbroker (405)

Pick up second phone line before (407), as both Quinn and Helen are on different phone lines -- in (110), a plot point

was that Jake and Helen couldn't make calls as Quinn was tying up the phone.

answering machine message voice by Quinn:

"Hi! I'm not here, but if you want to schedule a date, please leave the time and day desired and your car's

year, model and color and maybe I'll get back to you! Bye!" (407)

Have fire insurance, which pays per diem, will cover for at least two weeks -- "Dutchman Inn" is within budget limits

of per diem policy (412)

Items in Morgendorffer garage: skis, waterski, scooter, tennis rackets, scuba gear, painting of sad clown, scooter (504)

Morgendorffer, “Mad Dog”: father of Jake Morgendorffer. Deceased. Implied by his son, Jake that nothing that Jake ever did was enough to earn his father’s love.

suggested that Mad Dog enjoyed roughing it in the woods (112)

Jake remembered Mad Dog sitting by campfire in middle of night, drinking whole

case of beer, alone - “the selfish old bastard was wasted, again” (112)

shipped Jake to military school the day after Jake stepped on his contact (202)

Jake states that Mad Dog was a “heartless man” who kept him in a

“constant state of fear” (308)

Jake states that, in Mad Dog’s case, “expressing emotion requires a soul!”(309)

Ruth sees Mad Dog as “a decent, caring man!” (309)

States that Mad Dog tried to ship Jake to military school the first chance he got -

Ruth reminds Jake that Jake had asked for structure in his life, but Jake

corrects Ruth when Jake had only said that he might like to go to tennis

camp: Jake’s claim is that Mad Dog twisted Jake’s words around (309)

According to Ruth, father had “razor phobia” (309)

Jake states that “no matter what I did, he’d “always done it better” (309)

Only gave wife $50 a month allowance (309)

According to Jake, Mad Dog tried to mold him into a soldier, but wouldn’t let him

have a G. I. Joe - didn’t want him playing with dolls (309)

Jake states that Mad Dog always pointed out Jake’s screw-ups, which made him

screwed-up - does not want his children to feel inadequate or less

intelligent (309)

Morgendorffer, “Mad Dog”

Was dead by Jake’s current age in (309)

Verbalizes that Dad asked him to stay at the barracks during Christmas -- "Hey, you don't mind spending the

holidays in the barracks, do you son? The janitor will keep an eye on ya!"

"Merry Christmas, Dad...in HELL!!" (Jake then breaks down, crying.) (407)

Implied that Mad Dog excused himself from Jake's wedding on the excuse that the dog needed his nails clipped. (407)

Tells instructor to tell Jake not to bother coming home for Easter after instructor tells Jake of Jake's cowardice in

climbing vertical rope (407)

Jake: "Don't polish your father's boots, Jake...you haven't earned the damned right!" (410)

Jake rants at the kitchen table that he wasn't allowed to have a cat by his father: "cats are for girls, dogs are for boys!"


When Jake wakes up from a nightmare in (502), Helen comforts him by telling him, "Your father's dead and

Corporal Ellenbogen's far, far away."

Wrote a song for the school musical at Buxton Ridge Military Academy, but Corporal Ellenbogen told him his song

stank. Jake believes that he wrote a good song, and Ellenbogen knew nothing about musical comedy. (505)

Morgendorffer, Quinn : Daria Morgendorffer’s younger, cuter, more popular sister.

passes Mrs. Manson’s psychological test (101)

“movie-burger-backseat” speech in (101)

asked to be in Pep Club, phoned by Booster Society (101)

becomes vice-president of Fashion Club (101)

asked by young man with romantic interest if she has any brothers and sisters -

states “I’m an only child” (101)

states that she will not choose Joey, Jeffy or Jamie as her boyfriend because

“that would be like eating the first pancake off the stove - you have to

feed one to the dog”. (102)

claims to parents that she asked Daria to do her homework for her - and Daria

made her pay! (102)

Daria tells Quinn that there’s no such thing as a “making out” scholarship after

she tells her parents that Quinn has a “date” with the instructor of the

“Push Comes to Love” course. Quinn answers that the instructor would

be the one most qualified to know. (103)

Knows how to play “Zoom Schwartz” drinking game and

“Quarters” (103)

Named Keg Queen at Middleton (103).

Does not have learner’s permit. (103)

Has ID, probably phony. (103)

First mention of an “Emergency Meeting of the Fashion Club!” (104)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Implied that Quinn is a freshman in (104), when Ms. Li mentions the freshmen

volunteers attempt to raise money for the coffeehouse and Quinn barges

in, her pockets stuffed full of bills.

Implied that grades could be better in (105), when Helen states that she cannot

shop until her grade-point average is raised (105)

Quinn states that Claude from Amazon Models said “(her) boobs were perfect!”

(106) and Ramonica calls Helen to tell her that Quinn would be one of a

select few girls to be instructed on stage and that Quinn is “a pearl in a

bed of oysters”.

In high demand: “and then the day was almost over and only two guys had asked

me out!” (107)

Likes Kevin Thompson (107)

Implied that Quinn can cook in (107) - serves Kevin a steak and chocolate-layer


Willing to date guys older than her - states that she is “dating” Kevin and states

that dating Roderick, who is older than her, is not out of bounds (107)

Has “babysitting job”, babysits for Guptys at $6/hour (108)

Daria states that “she’s well liked among classmates of both sexes” (108)

main priorities in (108): 1. dating, 2. shopping, 3. bouncy hair, and 4. school

states at unknown young age, “I’ll be allowed to date in 4 years” in Daria

flashback. (108)

implied that Quinn has persuasive power - phone card sales in (104), able to talk

school nurse into not only letting Quinn go home but to have Daria take

her home. (109)

Daria reluctantly tells Quinn that her looks are “perfect” (109)

Quinn states that she is “always” out late in (110), implied that she sneaks in and

out after hours frequently.

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Thinks “squarish” teeth are hotter than round teeth. (110)

Call psychic hotline (110)

Family wanted math tutor for Quinn - cost $50/hour (112)

First sign that the rivalry with Sandi is mutual in (202).

Quinn doing poorly in Language Arts in (203), Mr. O’Neill states that Quinn will

have to get an “A” on her next essay to keep a passing grade.

Has cut classes (math) before (203)

Is a freshman during Season Two (203)

Contents of Quinn’s locker: “Fashion Dos and Don’ts” list, ribbons, stylized “Q”,

teddy bear with heart on stomach, large hand mirror, pictures of guys and

two pictures of Quinn (203)

Cuts science class in (203)

Is set up by Mr. O’Neill to tutor Kevin in English (203)

Somewhat tenderly tends to Garrett in (204).

Daria describes her as “superficial, narcissistic, self-absorbed” (206)

Described by Daria to Helen as “lively, photogenic...’bubbly’” (206)

Daria states mornings are “not her best time” (206)

Does power yoga (206).

Has dimples (206).

Moment of self-reflection in (206) - “who are these girls? Can’t they talk about

anything but guys and clothes and cars?”

Had own web page in (207) - had “over 2500 hits in last three hours” - created by

one of the “cuter” technical types at Lawndale.

Last time left in house alone before (208), threw keg party.

Remembers to bring “smudge proof” lipstick when meeting boys (208)

Unenthusiastic about spending time with Stacy: order of preference among

friends seems to be Sandi, then Tiffany, and Stacy as a last resort. (208)

Afraid to be home alone in (208)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Shoe collection is based on “guys being three inches taller than me, or more”


Thinks cat paintings on shopping network are pretty and wouldn’t waste money

on art. (208)

Contents of backpack: moisturizing cream with aloe, Hydro-Eight (the ultimate

pimple medicine), Poxicil (for non-specific blemishes), Salosocilin (for micro-zit conditions) and multiple other makeup products (209)

Attracted to Dr. Phillips (209)

According to Daria is “always” home late from school (211)

When asked to spend time with Daria, “I can’t sacrifice any more for her mother,

I just can’t!” (211)

States that she would “just die” if she were seen at the library (211)

Alternate version of Quinn is seen in Daria’s story in (213). Quinn is married to

“Jamie” (probably Jamie White) and has at least four children.

States she has “a talent” for accessorizing. (302)

States “I need a shower” after seeing Helen and Jake embrace on the couch. (303)

Surprisingly unperturbed by holidays crashing in Daria’s room (303)

Says “only a LOSER would go to a dance without a date” not long after Jake’s

story of being stood up at a dance (304)

Does not introduce Fashion Club to parents, Jake asks Helen and Daria why

Quinn never introduces her friends to her parents. (304)

Does not slow dance until after the fifth date. (304)

Implied that she likes it when guys fight over her - Quinn: “Boy, those guys must really like Brittany a lot to fight over her. (304)

Aptitude test suggests career as “neck model for jewelry catalogues” (306)

Gets job at “Our Furry and Scaly Friends” (306)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Allergic to pistachio (306)

Suggested that Quinn is aware of her obsession with shopping in song, “Don’t

They Know I Can’t Leave Yet?” in (307), and that she realizes it’s unhealthy

Carries beeper (307)

States that just because a guy has a girlfriend, doesn’t mean that he’s off limits -

unless SHE’S the girlfriend (308)

Implied that she frequently uses visualization techniques (308)

Cries after learning that Jake had a heart attack (309)

Attempts to study to become a doctor after Jake’s heart attack (309)

Does NOT answer the phone when Marianne calls - says “I’m studying” as she

works patiently with the “Operation” game (309)

Goes with Daria on road trip to free Jane in (310) - asks “what if something cool

happens” while she’s not there?

Knows how to drive in (310) - implied that she learned how to drive during dates

Characterized by Daria as “reckless” (310)

Not a fan of country music (310)

Has been to bars before - implied that she was taken there on dates (310)

Quinn: “Daria, all guys are all alike. The secret is knowing how to ask them...you

just can’t be meek and respectful!” (310)

Quinn: “I may be reckless, but I’m also a problem solver!” (310)

Sandi on Quinn: "Just because she was acting completely weird and not confiding in her dearest, most loyal friends is no reason to decide she'd finally given up her sad charade and revealed herself as a two-faced, little...." (311)

Cries when stood up by Marco in (312).

First appearance of Quinn in long sleeved pink "butterfly" shirt (401)

Temporarily voted out of Fashion Club in (402)

Forbidden to date while Helen and Jake are out of town (407)

Likes band "Boys are Guys". (407)

Chooses Stacy as person to invite overnight while parents are away in (407) -- it is unknown whether Quinn asked

Stacy first because Stacy is now much closer as a friend, or if it is because Sandi and Tiffany were more likely

to have dates.

Has CDs from "Boys are Guys", "Backyard Boys", "Boys-from-the-Street", "Boys-in-Suits", "Gang-of-Boys".... (407)

Room telephone is covered in fur (407)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Has nightmare about Sandi cutting off her hair (407) -- looks sad in bed before returning to sleep

Daria's analysis of Quinn: "Quinn wears superficiality like a suit of armor, because she's afraid of looking inside and finding absolutely nothing." (408)

"hypnotized" into believing that she's Cleopatra, gets most of the facts of history wrong -- it is not know if Quinn really

is hypnotized, or trying to impress Daria's counselor. (408)

steals Daria's bootlace when the drawstring on her purse breaks (409)

Has cell phone (410)

Emotionally moved by show about a "guardian angel", crying (411)

At beginning of (411), Quinn tells Daria that she shouldn't joke about angels, saying, "angels are everywhere...they can

hear you!"

Helen is surprised Quinn is reading a book -- "The Angel in My Life". Helen: "Quinn! Is that a book you've got?" (411)

Comes to believe in guardian angels for a short while until bad circumstances at Brittany Taylor's party -- helped by coincidence involving falling light fixture (411)

Did not do homework in Mr. DeMartino's class, does not know what "Roosevelt's Big Deal" is (411)

Tells Daria that it felt "really nice" in believing in a guardian angel, that it was nice to know that there was something out

there that would do things for her. When Daria replies that the male population of Lawndale High School

serves the same purpose, Quinn says that it's not the same feeling (411)

Says "that's so sad!" when Daria tells Quinn that she believes that there aren't any supernatural forces watching over

us all (411)

Tends to sleep in T-shirt with shoulder straps and snug drawstring pajamas (412, probably also in 407)

Tries to share her fears with her parents at poolside over the possibility that Bobby might be a stalker -- but Jake and

Helen are more napping than listening (412)

Established that Quinn has red hair (Jane: "You wouldn't do anything to hurt me." Daria: "Not unless you grew long red

hair and began keeping a lip gloss database.") (412)

Aghast that she almost went out with "a computer geek" after the truth about Bobby Stuart is revealed. (412)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Eats Model Krunch cereal (413).

When asked by Daria if one should tell one's best friend that you've kissed her boyfriend, Quinn answers, "why would

I do that?" (413)

Scored 955 on her PSTATS (414)

Bothered by the fact that her fellow Fashion Club members got similar scores -- she feels she should have done

better than they did (414)

Claims to Mr. O'Neill that her Fashion Club duties keep her from studying (414)

Took a class called "European History" at Lawndale "last year" (414) (Most likely, this refers to a Season 1-2

class instead of a Season 3-4 class. We know that Quinn has had a class with Mr. DeMartino in

Season 4, but it's unlikely that Mr. DeMartino would be teaching about Roosevelt's New Deal

in a European History class. -- JRB)

At beginning of tutoring sessions with David, initially takes calls from Fashion Club members until David finally has

enough. (414)

David (to Quinn): "Hey, the only reason you're popular is your looks...you have nothing to say and no

intellectual curiosity whatsover." (414)

Quinn admits to David that she can do better on the PSTAT test but "it's not like I care or anything". When David

asks why he's there then if she doesn't care, Quinn is forced to admit that she does care and turns her

outlook around with regards to tutoring. (414)

When Tom calls Daria, Quinn shouts, "Daria! It's that Tom!" (414)

Helen tells David that she's never seen Quinn have so much fun studying. Quinn replies that they only teach dull

stuff in history, but not David. (414)

Asks David if he would take her to Chez Pierre sometime. "And it would be kind of educational, since we're

studying French history and stuff." (414)

Asks Daria if she thinks David is cute. (414)

Quinn states you can't judge someone by their family, and almost uses her family as an example until she stops

herself. (414)

Tells David that she "likes" him. She means that she likes him in a romantic way, but David doesn't get it...at first.

She says that initially, she never thought she could "like" someone who wasn't really cute, not that

David is "uncute". (414)

When Quinn comes out with the fact that she "likes" him, he tells Quinn that he's really flattered, but that Quinn is

not his type. His type of girls are those with "a certain amount of depth" and is not impressed with

Quinn studying just so she could get into a party school. David accuses Quinn of having low self-esteem.

Quinn says she has plenty of self-esteem, but David points out that she hangs around with brain-dead

"losers". David: "Quinn, you and I are in to different places, way too far apart to go out." With a

perfunctory "keep studying and good luck", David walks out of Quinn's life. (414)

Morgendorffer, Quinn

Daria tells Quinn that Quinn feels the need to emphasize the "moronic aspects" of her personality to fit in with the

"fashion drones". Daria thinks that Quinn's vacant personality is a mask she wears because Quinn fears that

people wouldn't like her otherwise. (414)

Is not intimidated by Sandi, and dares to answer Mr. DeMartino's question on Manifest Destiny in (414). When Sandi

say she wonders if Quinn is turning into a brain, she answers, "just because someone can answer a simple

question doesn't mean they're turning into a pedagogue." (414)

Flower delivery boy wants to go out with Quinn, despite not knowing who she is (502)

Quinn never asks guys to buy her presents, she "merely suggests" (502)

Claims that "how big a fuss" someone makes over your anniversary shows how much they care. If a guy forgets an

anniversary, that means he's taking you for granted, or lat least, that's what Stacy tells her (502)

Calculates Daria and Tom's six-month anniversary not from the "sleazy backstabbing" which occured the night of the

Fashion Club Blushathon Finals, but from the night of her "split-end refusing regimen". (502)

Angrily hints to Tom that he might be forgetting an important day (the day in question is the "six month anniversary" of

Daria and Tom's relationship) (502)

Changes from fur-covered phone to extended range phone in room with flower stickers. (503)

Refers to "fat" as "the F word" (503)

When Sandi resigns the presidency of the Fashion Club (and believes Quinn will be the new president), says "I'm

just grateful I'm being replaced by someone who truly excels in accessorizing." (503)

When Quinn tells Sandi that she could never replace her (as president), Sandi breaks down in tears, believing that

Quinn is resigning the presidency out of respect for their friendship together. Quinn is unable to accept the

Fashion Club presidency, not wanting to injure Sandi's feelings (503)

Has "All About Me!" poster on wall of room (503)

Begged by Stacy and Tiffany to return to the Fashion Club...Quinn says that she'll think about it (503)

When Daria claims that Quinn's friendship with Sandi is over "because she can't fit into a size zero", Quinn says, "Daria,

I am not shallow." (503)

Daria uses reverse psychology on Quinn (partially to win her bet with Jane) by saying that the new Quinn Morgendorffer is willing to stick by Sandi, even if Sandi's weight gain might make hanging out with Sandi

a risky proposition for Quinn and her popularity. Daria says "a more shallow" friend might try to help Sandi

lose weight and "return life to normal", but not Quinn (503)

When Sandi says that "her life is over" because of her weight gain, Quinn says, "Sandi, you're not thirty!" (503)

When Sandi tearfully tells Quinn that she loves her for trying to help Sandi lose weight, Quinn says, "Oh, Sandi! I

love you too!" (503)

Looks forward to going back to the Camp Grizzly reunion to meet her old friends; reminds her of a simpler time

before high school when her relationships weren't so competitive. (504)

Initially did not want to go to Camp Grizzly (seen in flashback in (504)) until she sees another girl wearing her

backpack. (504)

First started calling Daria her "cousin" upon meeting Cindy, Tracy, and Tatjiana (504).

Reminds Cindy, Tracy, and Tatjiana at Camp Grizzly that there were hikes -- but none of the four actually went on

them. (504)

Sunned self at lakeside in swimsuits when campers chased the greased watermelon. (504)

When Rita reveals to Helen that Erin never loved Brian and that he gave her herpes, Quinn is put on the phone with

Rita while Helen checks on Daria and Tom -- Quinn thinks that Erin should divorce Brian, because "he's short!"


Owns laptop computer (505)

Morgendorffer, Ruth: Wife of “Mad Dog” Morgendorffer, mother of Jake Morgendorffer, grandmother of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer. First seen in (309), visiting Morgendorffer household.

504Once offered Daria $100 if Daria would “change her hair” (309)

505First comment to Helen after hello is “still haven’t settled on a decorator, I see” (309)

506States “girls as pretty as you don’t need to become doctors” (309)

507Ruth sees Mad Dog as “a decent, caring man!” (309)

508Received only $50 a month “allowance” from Mad Dog: “As if keeping his house spotless and raising his children was only worth the price of a couple of girdles!” (emphasis mine - JRB)

509(Note: Some fans have interpreted this line to indicate that Jake has siblings. The line could be used in a figurative sense. Nothing else in the series indicates that Jake has any brothers or sisters.)

510Ruth wanted Jake to have the G. I. Joe doll (or “action figure”) that Mad Dog

wouldn’t let him have. (309)

511Wishes that she had stood up to her husband more on behalf of Jake (309)

512Feels faint, has to lie down after getting excited in (309) - “My chest!” - doctor said it was just gas from Helen’s lima-bean cupcakes.

513Ruth: “Wouldn't it be easier just to marry a nice doctor? Then you could stay home with your children and have dinner on the table for your husband every night.” (309)

514Shamed by Daria when Daria sarcastically congratulates Ruth for making all the right decision in her life. (309)

Ms. Morris: Gym teacher at Lawndale High School. First seen in (211)

515Sneaks cheerleader practice drills into gym class.

516Had Summer and Penny Lane as students at one time.

517Threatens to flunk Jane out of gym class if she refuses to rejoin the track team.

Second Season Gym: Daria, Brittany, Dawn, Jane, Andrea.

Motel 7: Hotel seen advertised on a billboard - you’ll need to press “pause” - while Quinn and Daria are driving in (310). The billboard reads “TV, Pool, Ice”.

Undoubtedly, this is a reference to the Motel 6 hotel chain in America, very low priced hotel rooms that offer cleanliness, if little else.

"mouth to mouth resuscitation": Earlier name for cardiopulmonary resusciation (CPR). It is a technique to resusciate someone who is not breathing and whose heart has stopped by chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Kevin calls the technique "mouth to mouth regurgitation" in (414). Kevin and Brittany get too amorously caught up in the mouth to mouth part while teaching the technique as lifeguards and are fired by the head lifeguard.

(Thank goodness Kevin never got to the chest compressions part. -- JRB)

Moviefone: According to Moviefone “the largest interactive movie listing guide and ticketing service in the country”. Founded 1989. Jake states that he tried calling Moviefone in (203).

Muffler Mo's: Store seen on Lawndale parade route in (406). Only the sign is visible -- probably a muffler shop..

("silencer" for you Brits -- JRB)

"Murder, She Snored": Forty-third episode of the series (404). Daria dreams that Kevin is murdered, and that the mystery must be solved.

Implied by Mr. DeMartino that his filing cabinet was broken into on Monday afternoon.

"Murder, She Wrote": Crime drama starring Angela Lansbury which ran on CBS television in America from 1984 to 1996. Lansbury played a mystery writer who frequently found herself involved in crime mysteries involving her friends.

The title of Episode 404, "Murder, She Snored", is a play on words involving this drama. There is also a scene where Daria is riding a bicycle while a piano plays in the background, which imitates the opening of "Murder, She Wrote". (404)

Museum of Medical Oddities: Located near the conference center where Terry Perry Barlow will give his keynote speech in (407). Daria asks Jake to drop by the gift shop and get her a skull crusher.

* Has "sliced man" exhibit. (407)

* Daria begs off of balloon ride, stating that she has a date at the museum with "a salivary gland tumor".

Musings Magazine: First mentioned in (505). Tom suggests to Daria that she submit her story about a flesh-eating virus to Musings Magazine. He says that he read a story his English teacher sent to Musings Magazine, and that Daria's story is much better.

* Daria submits story to Musings Magazine (505)

Myerson, Paul: Beau of Rita in (204). Was a boy scout with Jake.

518Claims he was offered a Vice Presidency of a company at age 29.

519Has a sailboat. (204)

520Erin thinks Paul is “pathetic”. (204)

521Very well off, able to pull off several hundred dollar bills off a roll and offer to policemen as a bribe. (204)

“My First S.A.T. Study Guide”: Book that Ramona wants Helen to read to her while they visit her academically-inclined parents, Doug and Susan. (103)

“My So-Called Angst”: Essay written by Daria Morgendorffer sometime before (305). Timothy O’Neill submits this essay to Val Magazine and catches Val’s attention. The essay won the “Spend a Day with Val” contest.

Mystery Date: Board game created by board game company Milton Bradley. First version in 1965, newer electronic versions exist as of 2004. Created for girls, players moved their pieces across the board with a role of the die. A card representing the date would be revealed by opening a door - the highlight of the game - and players hoped their date would be a “dream” and not a “dud”.

Daria volunteers to work on Quinn’s dance committee for free, and sarcastically adds that they can play Mystery Date and have a taffy pull afterwards in (304).

Mystik Spiral: Perpetually unsuccessful alternative band. Manned by Trent Lane and his friend Jesse on guitars, with Max on drums, and Nick. First mentioned in (111).

522Banner spelled as “Mystik Spiral” in (205).

523Trent wrote illegible note to change name of band to “Something Something Explosion” in (308).

524Has a sound board for gigs -- Nick also runs the sound board (411)

525Play at Brittany Taylor party (411)

526Described as "cute" by Ashley-Amber taylor with later agreement by Brittany (411)

527Increased stress in band in (504) -- Jane says that the stress is simply caused by the members of the band occasionally getting on each other's nerves.

“My Day With D”: “A disturbing true-life look at today’s underground ‘bummer’ culture.” Article written by Val after Val concludes her visit with Daria in (305). Val is undoubtedly still angry after Daria let Val know exactly what she thought of her.

“My Personal Goals and Aspirations”: An informational sheet that “Push Comes to Love” sends to over 600 schools. On the first question, the one about who you really are, Daria suggests to Kevin that he put down “cross-dresser”. He thanks her. (103)

“Name That Tune”: American game show that ran on various networks between 1953 and 1997. Contestants could win prizes by identifying unnamed tunes played by a house orchestra. In one game, contestants challenged each other directly by stating that after certain clues were given that they could name an unnamed tune played one-handed on a piano after a certain number of notes, starting at seven and bidding down. One of the Crewe Neck residents states that he can name Daria and/or Jane’s tune in three notes (102).

Jane also asks Daria to “Name That Tune”, i.e., the tune that she’s whistling while sitting on the curb in (303).

Napeline: A garbage scow. It is struck by the Princess Fairy in (312).

National High School Cheerleading Championship: Actual yearly event where various high school cheerleading squads compete. From the varsity.com web page:

To qualify for the NHSCC, cheerleading squads must compete in one of the 50 NHSCC Regional Tournaments or their NFHS-endorsed state competition. Approximately 350 high school cheerleading squads from around the country will compete for national titles at the National High School Cheerleading Championship. Teams are placed in categories based on their grade level, squad size, and type of squad (all girl or coed). They will be judged on their tumbling, partner stunting, and pyramid skills as well as their ability to lead a crowd in a cheer.”

Brittany lists winning this championship as one of the few things she’s ever wanted in life. (106)

Natural Science: Store at Mall of the Millenium. (105)

“Nausea”: Work written by French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (q. v.) in 1938. The autobiographical work deals with a writer who finds that given the contrast between the real world and the world of his imagination, he finds the real world and concrete existence frightening and disturbing.

Daria is reading this book at the kitchen table in (308).

nausea delight: Nickname given by waitress to Jesse’s order of meat loaf and open turkey with fries. (111)

netlag: Time delay over the Internet. Nora's presentation at Buzzdome.com states that "adopting these new protocols" means bye-bye, netlag. (502)

Neve: Friend of Val’s in (305). While on the phone, Val refuses to receive an honorary doctorate unless Neve is there to present it to her.

Knowing the name-dropping Val, Neve is undoubtedly Canadian actress Neve Campbell (1973-present).

New Deal: An attempt by American President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945, US President 1933-45) to end the Great Depression by government intervention in the United States economy. The New Deal consisted of several projects designed to promote employment and intervention in the American economic system. However, it would take World War II to finally pull the United States out of the Great Depression.

Quinn is asked about "Roosevelt's Big Deal" by Mr. DeMartino in (411). According to Quinn, Quinn stalls for time, and Mr. DeMartino gives up and asks Corey instead.

New England Patriots: National Football League professional team, located in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Kevin is asked about the Teapot Dome Scandal by Mr. DeMartino in (404). Mr. DeMartino asks him who the principal players in the scandal were, and Kevin answers, "the New Orleans Saints". When Mr. DeMartino reminds Kevin that this is the Teapot Dome and not the Superdome, Kevin answers "the New England Patriots", undoubtedly thinking of the Boston Tea Party.

New Orleans Saints: National Football League professional team. When asked by Mr. DeMartino who the main players in the Teapot Dome scandal were, Kevin answers "The New Orleans Saints?" (404)

“The New Kid”: Twentieth episode of the series (207). A new student interests Daria.

“New York, New York”: Song written for the 1946 American movie musical “On The Town”. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green and music by Leonard Bernstein.

The first lines go: “New York, New York it’s a hell of a town/The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down” Jane mutters the first part of this song under her breath while passing Daria and Val in the hallway during (305)

NFL: The National Football League, an American professional football sports league. Founded in 1920. When Kevin gives the names of two football teams as the main players in the Teapot Dome Scandal in (404), Daria asks Jane how many football teams there are in the NFL -- she wants to know how long this is going to take.

(There were 31 NFL teams as of March 17, 2000, the date that "Murder, She Snored" aired. A 32nd team was added in 2002. -- JRB)

Nick: Member of Mystik Spiral. First seen, collectively with band in (205). Bass player.

Nicky: One of the Lawndale cheerleaders. First named in (405). Nicky wears her hair in a high ponytail, and the hair cascades down from the band she uses to tighten it.

“No Life, No Hope, No Future”: Original work by Daria Morgendorffer. Daria decides not to read the work at the opening of the new Lawndale Coffeehouse. (104)

Nonie: Friend of Val’s, according to Val, in (305). Val drops Nonie’s name while eating with the Morgendorffers. Nonie and Drew suggested to Val that she start Val Magazine so that everyone could know Val as well as they did.

Nonie also calls Val while Val and Daria are in Principal Li’s office. From the one side of the conversation we can hear, there are undoubtedly romantic intrigues afoot with some guy and “that slut”, Gwynnie - undoubtedly, Val is headed for a romantic crisis.

“Nonie” is undoubtedly Winona Ryder, American movie actress (1971-present). Ms. Ryder is known as “Nonie” to her close friends.

Nora: "Information architect" at Buzzdome.com. First seen in (502). Jake offers to shake hands with her, but she can't--she has carpal tunnel syndrome and must wear braces on both wrists.

North Avenue: City street in Lawndale. Members of the Lawndale football team stormed down North Avenue at the end of 104, in an attempt to stone the Russian Embassy. Of course, there are no embassies in Lawndale.

"Nothing to Lose But His Chains: The Life of Karl Marx": One man work in progress partially presented by Mr. O'Neill at the "rally for peace and understanding" in (311). It starts with "the year is 1848...."

Oakwood: Rival high school to Lawndale in football, possibly the primary rival.

524first mentioned in (107), by Upchuck

525Oakwood defeats Lawndale at least 27-0 in football game at Lawndale (403)

526School colors are dark red and gray (think Tampa Bay Buccaneers) (403)

527School colors changed to brown and gold, with "OAKWOOD" written across jerseys (501)

528Name of football team is the Oakwood Taproots (501)

"Of Human Bonding": Forty-sixth episode of the series (407). Daria follows Jake to a franchising conference.

* Part of conference takes place on Saturday.

* Room number for Daria is 511.

* Daria agrees to wake up at 4:30 AM in time for Barlow's offer of a balloon ride at 5 AM.

"Okay to Cry" Corral: Summer camp run by Mr. O'Neill in (414). Mr. O'Neill describes it as a camp for "sensitive children, or those who would like to be".

* Still had openings for counselors at the last day of school in (414).

* Implied that O'Neill was calling homes for counselors as late as July (414).

* Travel to camp is by bus (414)

* Counselors are Daria and Mr. DeMartino. Mr. O'Neill is called "Uncle Timothy", DeMartino is called "Uncle Anthony", and Daria is just called "Daria" (414)

* Implied most (nearly all) activities are indoors, about 15 kids in total (414)

* Indoor activities: lanyard making, painting (414)

* Blackboard in background has statements to the effect that it's good to feel bad sometimes and that it's bad to

pretend that you feel good (414)

* Counselor T-shirts are yellow, with smiling boy crying tears surrounded by words "IT'S OKAY TO CRY" (414)

* Paper carried by DeMartino states that his goals for the campers are "To help make this a pleasurable experience

for all. Let's learn to love ourselves together!" (414)

* Daria has four children in her group, including Link (414)

* Implied by Kristin that there is a lake nearby (414)

* Mr. O'Neill refuses to let campers swim or hike, siting various concerns -- implied that the camp experience is

mostly indoors, and quite dull (414)

* In Mr. O'Neill's office, a small blackboard in the background has "cry out loud", "discover time", "roleplay" and

"share feelings" as activities (414)

Students at camp: Kristin, Link, Josh, Curtis

“The Old and the Beautiful”: Twenty-eighth episode of the series. Daria and her classmates perform volunteer work.

525Ms. Li states that 100 percent participation will earn her special recognition from the superintendent of schools.

526Final jobs: Jane works in the children’s ward at the hospital, Daria, Kevin and Brittany read to senior citizens, and The Fashion Club collects clothes for the homeless.

“The Old Man and the Sea”: Story written in 1952 by Ernest Hemingway (q. v.). The story of the epic battle between a Cuban fisherman and a marlin he encounters while out at sea. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. The title is one of Hemingway’s works listed on the blackboard by Mr. O’Neill in (304).

the Olsen Twins: American actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (1986-present). The twins became famous for their role on the show Full House, an American situation comedy running on the ABC Network from 1987 to 1995. Together, the twins played the infant daughter of one of the principal characters -- it is a common practice on American television to hire twins to play extremely young parts, as American law limits how much time the very young are permitted to spend at work. By the time the show ended, the Olsens were already school-age children. Oddly enough, the twins are "fraternal" twins, meaning that they are not identical, but were merely born on the same day. However, they are remarkably similar in appearance.

The twins have since become the cornerstones of an entertainment market estimated at over $100 million, with their own games, books, movies, and clothing lines. Jake complains that while trapped in the bathroom in (406), he's read the same article about the Olsen Twins in Teenage Superstars magazine five times.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest": Book written by American author Ken Kesey (1935-present) in 1962. A con man enters a mental institution to escape being sentenced to a prison work farm. He tries to improve the quality of life of the patients but runs afoul of Nurse Ratchet, who runs the ward with an iron hand. The movie ends with the con man being lobotomized. This was made into a 1975 movie starring Jack Nicholson playing the con man.

When the Morgendorffers arrive at Quiet Ivy and the staff cautiously approach the car (due to how Daria filled out her questionnaire), Daria says, "Uh oh, four flew into the cuckoo's nest". (408)

Mr. DeMartino's act of ripping the sink out of the floor, throwing it out the window, and escaping the indoors parallels the end of "Cuckoo's Nest" when the quiet mental patient known as "the Chief" -- who has been faking illness so that the system will support him with room and board -- throws a water fountain out of the institution's window and escapes after he learns what has happened to the con man.

O’Neill, Timothy: Ineffectual English teacher at Lawndale High School.

first appearance with Self-Esteem Class (101)

not initially identified as “Timothy” (101)

meets for at least four weeks (101)

course material includes lectures, at least one video - there are at least two

classes including a role-play session, and a session where female

counselors talk to the girls about body image and male counselors talk to

the boys about nocturnal emissions (101)

meets at 3:30 PM (101)

requires graduation test (101)

does not remember Daria’s name initially - refers to her as “you” in Self-Esteem

Class (101)

first indication that Mr. O’Neill is an English teacher in (104), as Mr. O’Neill

takes a break from discussion of “Romeo and Juliet”.

forced at one time to recite the Gettysburg Address while wearing a rainbow wig

and panties that said “Tuesday” in an attempt to join a fraternity. (104)

identified as “Timothy O’Neill” in article in Lawndale paper. (104)

Thoreau discussed in class (106)

Breaks down into tears (113)

Helen says “that man is just so - creepy!” (202)

Wanted to be on high school gymnastics team, but could not master the high bar


Implied that he broke arm(s) sometime during high school - “that winter I learned

how to write with a pencil in my teeth” (203)

Attended “Food in Film Festival” in (206)

“King Lear” is topic of class discussion (209)

Discusses “War and Peace” in class (210)

Implied that Mr. O’Neill is head of Drama Horizons (210)

Makes out with Mrs. Barch in fortune-telling booth (210)

Has incredible capacity to say positive things that make Daria feel less better and

not more better - praises Daria for “taking command of her appearance”


Has class do essays on Hemingway (304)

Teaches about Minimalism (304)

Uses mirror to practice asking Mrs. Barch to the dance (304)

Describes himself as “Daria Morgendorffer’s writing mentor” (305)

Is Lecturing about “The Sound and the Fury” in (305).

Board topics: “table kaleidoscope - POV’s (4); “A TRAGEDY”

1. Benjy, 2. Quentin, 3. Jason, 4. Dilsey (“Omniscient”)

Reading from “Hamlet” in (309)

Board topics: “Hamlet’s Address: c/o.....”

Watches "The X-Files" (311)

Helen: "that man...has a screw loose!" (311)

knows hot to play poker (312)

Board topics: "Marshall McLuhan -- 'The media is the message' -- 'Does multimedia imply a multimessage?' 'BTW, has anyone seen my kelp extract tablets?" (313)

Daria uses the phrase "inspiring instructor" sarcastically in reference to O'Neill (313)

Obviously takes kelp extract tablets (313)

Board topics: "The Virginian", "Death Valley Days", "The Land That Time Forgot" -- on board during multimedia project (313)

Discusses "The Call of the Wild" in (402)

Implied that O'Neill has asthma -- is allergic to pollen, carries an inhaler (402)

Ms. Li: "Mr. O'Neill, you're artistic...!" (402)

States that allergies are seasonal, usually taken care of by fast-acting inhaler (402)

Wears sinus ice pack mask to bed, listens to soft rushing water noises in background while sleeping (405)

Snores softly while sleeping (405)

Daria implies that O'Neill has done class exercise where students have to guess each other's identities just by touching

hands (405)

Board topics: Famous Failures, The Edsel, The Challenger, the Bay of Pigs, The New Mary Tyler Moore Show (written three times)" (405)

Board topics: "Successful People Have Happy Names -- Write 500 words on "Happiness in My Name?": the rest of

the board has a list of authors with letters picked out of each authors name and arranged to make a happy

word (Ernest Hemingway = grin) (405)

Breaks down and cries when class "failure" project goes wrong in (405) -- he believes that his students' self-esteem

has been "horribly scarred" by the assignment

Board topics: "Reading Assignments (Choose one)" -- the rest of the board is covered with titles that Mr. O'Neill

has altered in his despondency over the failure project -- examples: "Useless" crossed out and replaced with

"Ulysses", "Death of a Teacher" has "Teacher" crossed out and replaced with "Salesman", etc. (405)

Cries in class a second time in (405): "I'm a failure as a teacher! As a mentor! Nay, as a human being!" (405)

Lives in an apartment complex. (405)

Address can be found on the Lawndale phone book.. (405)

Plate on door has four winged cherubs holding up the name "O'Neill". Door also adorned with a "Save the Whales"

sticker. (405)

Very sixties/new age motif to apartment furnishings -- lots of lit candles, low to ground furniture, has picture of

Ms. Barch on bookshelf. (405)

Eats organic prunes. (405)

Offers Daria and Jane St. John's Wort tea with a gem tincture. (405)

Still crying in apartment about failure of "failure" assignment -- initially when Daria and Jane tell him to come to the

same conclusion O'Neill tried to teach them -- that failing is okay -- O'Neill answers, "what kind of

psychobabbly mumbo jumbo is that?!" (405)

Wears the Lawndale Lion mascot costume in (406)

States that when he "cuts loose", he always "goes overboard". It is not known if this applies to his day-to-day life,

or just when he wears the Lion mascot costume. (406)

Tries to ask Mr. Thompson about Kevin's grades. When Mr. O'Neill objects to simply passing Kevin so that Kevin

can play football, Mr. O'Neill is ordered off the Thompson property. Mrs. Barch stands up for him. (409)

Board Topics: "Julius Caesar", "'Et tu, Brute?'""History vs. Fiction", "Popular Culture", "Orange Julius Caesar?", "Caesar's Palace", "Little Caesar", "Sid Caesar Comedy Hour", "'I hardly knew her'" "heh heh" (411)

Board Topics: "The Red Badge of Courage", "color symbolism". (412)

Teaches from "The Red Badge of Courage" in (412)

Board Topics: About having a "How can I have a Healthy and Happy Summer?" "Sunscreen, hats and umbrellas!", "Jellyfish vigilance!" "Don't forget the bug repellant and remember -- Keggers are for Beggers!" (414)

Called "the poor man's Kathie Lee Gifford" by Daria (414)

Calls himsef "Uncle Timothy" while at the "Okay to Cry" corral (414)

Does not want to let campers swim or go hiking, siting various dangers (414)

When Link tells "Uncle Timothy" that he wants to go to a REAL camp, and O'Neill brings up his flaky safety concerns,

Link tells O'Neill that he really doesn't care about making kids feel better. When O'Neill denies this, Link

replies then, well, it must be that O'Neill cares but just really sucks at his job. This almost brings O'Neill to

tears. (414)

Other campers overrule O'Neill giving the closing speech at the "Okay to Cry" Corral -- they want DeMartino to do

it (414)

Realizes, in the end, that "I've been doing more harm than good". However, DeMartino arrives and tells O'Neill that

O'Neill has kindled his spirit to teach again (414)

Board Topics: "Doctor Faustus", "Deal with the Devil -- Getting to Yes with Map(illegible)" "Would you buy a used

car from Satan?" "Ouch, that's hot" (501)

Called "Mr. O" by Kevin in (501)

In the midst of an argument: O'Neill (sobbing) -- "If you can't figure it out, I'm not going to tell you." Barch -- "Everytime we have a little argument, there you go, turning on the waterworks." (502)

Promises Daria that he will not reveal that she has submitted a story to Musings Magazine (505)

Imagines himself as Daria's "mentor" (505)

Season One: attending Mr. O’Neill’s English class: Kevin, Jodie, Mack,

Brittany, Cindy, Andrea, Jane

listed on Mr. O’Neill’s “Second Period Seating Chart”: Bob, Zack, Jennifer,

Mack, Kelly, Jennifer, Jennifer, Brittany, Rob, Jodie, Daria. Some names

are obscured but the canon characters are indeed seated as the chart


seats slightly different; Andrea, Jane in class in (113)

listed on Mr. O’Neill’s “Third Period Seating Chart”: Glen, Anna, Mark, Mark,

Joey, Jeffy, Jamie, Mark, Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany, Charles, Cindy, Paul,

Ruby, Skyler, Roger, Nicky, other names obscured.

Season Two: Jamie, Jeffy, Quinn, Stacy in one class (203). This class is called

“Language Arts”

other class: Daria, Kevin, Brittany, Jane

Season Three: Brittany, Kevin, Daria, Jane, Burn-Out Chick, Shaggy,

Jodie, Andrea. (301), Upchuck (313)